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What’s New at RŌNIN?! – Sunday’s Grocery | Buy Our Goods Online

What’s New at RŌNIN?!

By Tara Babins .

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It’s time to deal with the realities: spring is here. The humidity has actually embeded in, the air conditioning’s are leaking, and coats are being stored. BUT, spring in Hong Kong isn’t all bad. In truth, this season supplies a few of the very best fruit and vegetables for our regularly altering menus and we have some tasty brand-new meals at RŌNIN that you will not wish to lose out on! Check out listed below to read more:

Wild Spring Veggie Tempura with Leek Salt
Seasonal mountain veggies from Japan are tempura damaged, gently fried, and served with a house-made leek salt. The choice of veggies in this meal differs daily however consists of standard Japanese mountain veggies like Fuki (Butterbur), Kogomi (Ostrich Fern), and Yama Udo (Mountain Asparagus).

Udon with Chorizo, Chilli Leaves, and Tomato Miso
Hand pulled udon from Fukuoka is prepared with chorizo, a seasonal Taiwanese sweet tomato miso, mitsuba, and regional chili leaves.

Market Fish Nanban with marinaded jalapeño and Kumquat Tosazu
Everyday market fish is fried karaage-style and tossed with a spicy kumquat tosazu. This meal is our handle an escabeche, which is among the very first foods that the Portuguese presented to Japapan.

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