christina vantzou’s Worlds of Sound
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christina vantzou’s Worlds of Sound

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For as long as I have actually been listening to it, christina vantzou’s music has actually been a mild, immersible force. Her capability to craft sonic environments that are all at once tactile and ephemeral develops remarkable eyeglasses where the edges are soft, and the horizon never ever ends. Psychological depth underlies the extensive acoustic pictures of her most current album, no. 5, imbuing the instinctive plans with a captivating sophistication. I wish to vanish into these soundworlds, wandering through unidentified universes gleaming with interest and marvel.

no. 5 is out now on Kranky. She can be reached through her site.

I constantly like to begin at the start, so what are a few of your earliest memories or experiences associated with music or sound? What are a few of the developmental things from when you were young that have stuck to you?

Records and cassette tapes around your home are a strong early memory. My moms and dads enjoy music and had a dining establishment, so there was music in your home and at their work. I’m a huge Tina Turner fan. I ‘d play her music and dance around the living-room. My father snuck me into The Classy for a Tina Turner performance at an extremely young age. I remember him persuading the bouncer to let me in by stating she’s my preferred artist on earth. The environment in the club was smoky and magical. It was the sequined mini-dress age, and she did outfit modifications in between tunes. Her efficiency was unbelievable. It truly blew my mind.

Just recently, I kept in mind a Japanese puppet theater efficiency I viewed as a kid on the island of Hydra. It had an extreme environment too. There was low lighting, a dark grey set, and dark outfits. It’s a fuzzy memory, however the environment truly pleased me.

My Greek household likewise deeply affected my method to music, however more unconsciously. My great-grandmother sang “Miroloi (Lament Tune),” an ancient oral custom that endured the ages in some parts of Greece.

Did you constantly wish to be an artist or an author?

Yes, however It took a long time to recognize it, to specify of composing. I began making records around age 30.

What was the very first incentive to begin playing music and developing your own noises?

Recording and having fun with sound begun by method of a portable recorder, really delicately. I went to any ages reveals every weekend in my teenagers and the majority of my 20s. Kansas City and Baltimore had quite active scenes.

In the video department at MICA, I made basic noise structures for videos and animations. I played electrical bass in a band for a hot second. After art school, I worked a number of tasks as a video editor. Sound modifying is still a huge part of what I do, so that duration was developmental too.

Next was 7 years with The Dead Texan. We signed up with Sparklehorse on a trip in 2007. I played vibraphonette, sang support vocals, and played keyboards. The time invested around Mark Linkous was life altering. He’s modest and wonderful. I experienced genuinely indescribable events around him several times.

Prior to entering your most current solo album, I wished to briefly inquire about Multi-Natural, as it’s an album I have actually gone back to typically in the last 2 years. Even with as much time as I have actually invested with it, it never ever feels settled, as though the music is continuously progressing or there are brand-new information and sensations to constantly be discovered. I’m generally simply curious where the concept for this album initially originated from, and why did you choose to call it something various, i.e., not a numbered album?

Multi Natural is a preferred. It comes from an invite by Lieven Martens to make an album for his imprint, Edições CN, loosely around the style of travel and field recording. The invite was truly generous; it assisted me listen more carefully to the world around. It spent some time to determine how to approach that record. It came together through a great deal of exploring, experimenting with basic instrument parts and field recordings, plus including some JV-1080.

It’s truly good to hear you feel the motion and moves that method.

I have actually been thinking of those words recently, “settled” and “unclear.”

In symphonic music, typically, the objective is to settle, be stiff, and reach a state of excellence and conclusion through virtuosity.

In my experience, music is truly far from that; it’s felt, shared, it’s truly flexible. Noise is taken in by bodies. I enjoy dealing with artists, dealing with basic plans, and working by feel and by ear. Prevalent noises, musicality in speech, the noise of an aircraft engine, the wind, they’re all musical.

OnI, I was influenced by minutes when a remote noise, like a faint radio signal, combines with the wind, or traffic, or a next-door neighbor talking on the phone. It can be truly sensuous, these haphazard orchestrations.

The title originates from several locations. It was drifting around the dance neighborhood in Brussels and a buddy, Ezra Fieremans, stated it aloud at a supper celebration. It stuck in my mind and ultimately seemed like a great suitable for this research study.

Is that a world, or a compositional area, you believe you’ll ever go back to?

Yes. Multi Natural has actually been so favorable in a lot of methods. The contributions from Minna Choi, John Likewise Bennett, Marilu Donovan, and Adam Markievicz (from LEYA) were truly generous. The making up took a very long time, however the logistics of that record felt truly supported.

So let’s talk a little about No. 5 I enjoy your description of a location of “soft borders,” and for me, this sort of liquid, amorphous sensation of remaining in between worlds penetrates the record. Of all your records, this one triggered the greatest psychological reaction for me. What were a few of the distinctions with this record when you were making it that caused it being something more susceptible and autobiographical?

Prepared however insufficient.

Soft borders, liquid, amorphous– I enjoy those words. In the procedure of making No. 5, I stayed a lot on the concept of softening, safe passage through borders, or stress softening.

In the part of Greece where my household originates from, there’s an abundant folk music custom. It’s prevalent to think of noise in relation to its results on the body. Christopher King, who blogs about Greek mountain folk in English, describes the villagers stating the music “enters them.” An artist may play truly near to the body or ear of somebody in the audience to assist the music ‘get in’ and produce a recovery result.

On seaside drives in Greece, my daddy utilized to state, ‘no one owns the sea.’ Even if there’s a home with personal access to a beach through a personal course, he liked to mention that the personal ownership does not extend into the sea. And regularly, in Greece, an independently built course ends up being shared. I considered those shared paths a lot.

Another circumstances in Greece that affected the record comes from a see to a natural warm spring in the North. While soaking, I observed the sides of the rock basin were soft, like flesh. That softness, not rather difficult and not liquid, more like plasma, produced a sensation that stuck to me.

Normally speaking, I desired the album to seem like an area for the listener to stroll through. The track titles explain a trajectory– Get In, Greeting, Range, Reclining Figures, Red Eel Dream Each track is storied. The record consists of a set of concepts formed in the oral custom. It’s ambiguously autobiographical and individual. In regards to building and construction, I believed a lot about molds and casts. The sculpture on the album cover, from approximately 200 BC, is made from modular molds. This building and construction design felt comparable to the method the music was put together.

The record begins with the noise of drips in a cavern and gets more liquidy towards the middle, in “Red Eel Dream

” Kimona I” is a homage to bank tellers. I enjoy the custom of paying homage through tune. One day in Brooklyn, I went to a lot of banks looking for funds, and throughout the day, I jotted down the names of the bank tellers: Kimona, Aleidy, Genesis, Laetitia, Edwin. I brought these names around for a long time. Some months passed, and throughout the No. 5 residency, I asked opera vocalist Lieselot De Wilde to sing the names. Lizzie Borden’s Born in Flames, a function movie about an employee’s revolt, is the video for “Kimona I.” Styles of labor, inequality, and transformation were/are quite in mind.

” Memory of Future Tune” integrates cello, played by Vincent Werbrouck, with synthesizers carried out by John Likewise Bennett. We talked about a palace area, a lake, another time, centuries back– a huge outdoors event with an unusual duo serenading the visitors.

The last track, “Surreal Existence,” is devoted to Fred Moten and Saidiya Hartman, whose work I considerably appreciate and whose books, poetry, and lectures have actually made a huge effect. Lots of things I was pondering discovered their method on the record, like little sound altars.

Image by Julie Calbert

What were a few of the greatest obstacles you needed to conquer in making No. 5? Existed any part of the procedure with this album that truly shocked you?

No. 5 was rough and difficult at lots of points. I feel highly about ensemble work, about artists and visual artists getting together to exchange. The group part of the numbered records, particularly with 4 & & 5, was prepared with sharedness in mind. However there are entanglements, and there can be problems and stress. In some cases a private desire enters dispute with the sharedness, and in these stress can be a great deal of discomfort, which discomfort can remain in the body for a long time.

There are some contradictions to handle when making records with an ensemble. It’s a long-lasting undertaking with lots of moving parts. When it comes to No. 5, a great deal of time was invested in financing and getting ready for the group time. The complete scope of No. 5 was 4 years, with the recording sessions right in the middle. Leaving area, lowering control, and considering what the record is sending ways there’s a great deal of unnoticeable work going on. Clear interaction and trust are at play, and they end up being crucial elements of the work.

I discover that a lot of value this method and get influenced by the time invested being innovative together. In the worst cases, control is presumed, discussions are bypassed, and a private desire, or disappointment, or conviction takes control of this sharedness.

It’s unusual to witness this when there’s a lot group magic going on. It’s hard to reveal all this in words, however it begins to be apparent that we play in a different way depending upon who is around. The area and the spatial filters we’re utilizing play their function, and the concept of remaining in homage contributes. A few of the emerging qualities of the sound come from this group magic. Christine Verschorren, the sound engineer who tape-recorded No. 4 && 5, has an unique approach about band magic. She thinks magic can happen at any time, so she tape-records constantly.

A current surprise, and an actually favorable one, has actually been the efficiency. Together with Lieselot De Wilde, John Likewise Bennett, Ben Bertrand, and quickly with Holland Andrews, and some pals who have actually leapt in to support the work, the album keeps growing and altering. It resembles a constant blossoming. It’s cool to witness the work getting more powerful, preparing to participate in the body of future audiences because soft method.

Something that has actually typically struck me about your work is how it transfers listeners through moving, interconnected state of minds and abundant noise worlds. What are your ideas on the transportive element of noise and how it, as a medium, can produce areas for shared experience?

Listening to traffic, acoustic instruments, field recordings, bugs, electronic noises, frequencies … They can all be sort of like swimming. The entire body changes. With field recordings, we can send out details from a particular location, possibly together with a memory and/or a minute of extreme creativity. That we can send out details to the entire body through dispersing music is truly amazing to me.

The oral custom, by meaning, is a kind of interaction in between generations, and it’s a method to give knowledge. When there’s awareness of music as a shared experience, it’s possible to be more totally free. Dreaming, thinking of, exploring, or just thinking in the capacity of noise– all those things have an effective existence.

Last but not least, I wish to briefly inquire about field recordings and natural noises since you have a stunning method of including these noises into your work. Particularly sounds associated to water typically have strong undertones and connections for individuals (a minimum of, it provides for me!). So 2 concerns– how do you attempt to utilize these type of noises as part of your work? Exist specific feelings or sonic textures you intend to attain with them, or is it less particular?

Water has plenty of metaphor. In my life time, the Aegean Sea has actually been a strong, favorable impact. People, animals, and plants require water, and all cultures around the world have water divine beings. Aesthetically, the motion of water has musical undertones. I do not have a particular objective, however like lots of authors, I’m drawn to water, its qualities, and its capability to alter states.

And what are a few of your preferred noises on the planet?

Seafoam and soda bubbles, big gongs, sine waves, birdsong. I just recently downloaded a great deal of open source noises of shaving cream.

To close, given that the year is practically done now … What were a few of 2022’s highlights for you, and what are you eagerly anticipating, or stressed over, in 2023?


Viewing Morocco get to the semi-finals of the World Cup was a current emphasize. The entire circumstance around the globe Cup is a mess, in my viewpoint, however seeing the spirit of that group was truly something. When the Moroccan gamers dropped in prayer at the end of among their early matches, I wept.

Music-wise, it’s been fantastic to fulfill a lot of artists/producers this year. My partner JAB and I were lucky to play in a couple of nations, consisting of Tasmania and Cyprus. It seems like there’s a wave of authors and records bring out typical approaches– sharing a fascinating method to sound, to the possibilities of blending acoustic instruments with daily noises from an individual, recovery location.


More dreaming, more homage, more shared help, more time in typical, more sharedness, more good sense, more nature, less time restrictions, more earth awareness

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