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Tasker Update (App Version 4.19.0) – The Tasker Blog

We made some updates to your Tasker app! Have a look at the areas listed below to see what altered.

March 2023

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Item Updates

1. Classification merges

  1. What this implies:
    1. The Deep Cleaning up classification has actually now been combined with our primary Cleansing classification.
      1. Note: We will likewise be presenting job scoping in the future so that Taskers decided into particular jobs will have a much better understanding of what their customer requires.
    2. The Shopping, Errands, and Shipment classifications have actually all been combined with our Errands classification.
    3. If you were formerly chosen in to any of the classifications that are being combined, you have actually been instantly moved to the enduring classification. (i.e. if you remained in the Deep Cleansing classification, you have actually been instantly registered in the Cleansing classification.)
    4. Your evaluations, job history, and efficiency aren’t going anywhere, no matter what abilities you’re chosen in to. Your pictures from any merged classifications will likewise be rollovered, and you’ll keep Elite status if you have actually made it in the previous classification.
  2. Why we did it: Information reveals there’s a great deal of redundancy in these classifications today which results in customers to be puzzled about where they need to be scheduling their jobs. This upgrade will offer customers more clearness when they’re scheduling tasks and make it simpler for you to scope your jobs.

2. Expenditure topping

  • What this implies: The quantity you can charge for costs is now topped in several classifications, consisting of Errands ($ 250), Cleansing ($ 300), and Executive Assistant ($ 350). Discover more about how to cost products here.
  • Why we did it: Expenditure caps ended up being essential to assist safeguard both you and customers from deceptive activity.
Bug Repairs
  • We have actually made a couple of technical bug repairs to enhance your Tasker app experience.

Tasker Pointer

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Got concerns you wish to have responded to? Reply in the remarks listed below!

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Paul, A Member of the Thurm Throng in Bremer County, Iowa

Recently, some visitors entered our museum from Bremer County, Iowa. I needed to ask, “Do you understand any Thurm’s?” Their eyebrows soared and the guy stated, “Among my next-door neighbors is a Thurm.” I was not stunned, however he was shocked by my reference of a Thurm. In a previous post on this blog site, That Thurm Crowd, it was pointed out that 5 members of a Thurm household from Perry County wound up living in Bremer County. Today, you will check out the story of one member of that Thurm Crowd in Iowa.

Paul Gerhardt Thurm was born upon February 15, 1889, the boy of Gerhardt and Johanna (Kutscher) Thurm. Paul had the exact same names as his daddy, however his daddy passed the name, Gerhardt. There were 10 kids born into this Thurm household, and 9 of them were kids. The only child passed away in infancy. I think you might state that the Thurm kids are another group of 9 that might comprise a baseball group (or a dartball group). Paul was baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Altenburg. We can have a look at his baptism record listed below.

Paul Thurm baptism record– Immanuel, Altenburg, MO

Paul is discovered in his very first census in 1900. His year of birth is erroneously offered as 1888, so he likewise is called 12 years of ages when he was just 11. His daddy was a farmer on The Ridge, which in some cases was called Friedland in days passed. The term, Friedland, is utilized in the above baptism record for Paul. You in fact see the only child, Lydia, in the entry listed below. She was born in 1900 and later on passed away that exact same year.

1900 census– Brazeau Municipality, MO

As it ends up, that would be the only census in which Paul is discovered residing in Perry County. When the 1910 census was taken, we discover the 21 year-old Paul living in the Jefferson Municipality in Bremer County, Iowa. That area is discovered not far from Denver, Iowa. He was an employed hand on the John Griese farm.

1910 census– Jefferson Municipality, Bremer County, IA

Now, we turn our attention to the female who would end up being Paul’s bride-to-be, and she takes place to be our birthday lady for today. Rosa Anna Maria Schade was born upon February 6, 1891, so today would be her 132nd birthday. Rosa was the child of Robert and Elizabeth (Engert) Schade. She was # 2 of the 7 kids born to her moms and dads. A previous post on this blog site, Engert # 21, informed the story of Rosa’s moms and dads. Rosa, like Paul, was baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Altenburg. Her baptism record is revealed here.

Rosa Schade baptism record– Immanuel, Altenburg, MO

Rosa is discovered in the 1900 census at the age of 8. The census taker for that year should have been having a bumpy ride. He erroneously states that Rosa was born in 1892. Rosa was most likely 9 years of ages at that time, not 8. Her daddy was a farmer in the Brazeau Municipality.

1900 census– Brazeau Municipality, MO

Like it was with Paul, the 1900 census was the only one in which Rosa was discovered living in Perry County. In the 1910 census, we discover Rosa residing in St. Louis and working as an assistant in a nursery. Not just was Rosa operating at that nursery, however likewise her more youthful sis, Ida Schade.

1910 census– St. Louis, MO

In 1913, we discover both Paul Thurm and Rosa Schade back in Altenburg for their wedding event on May 11th. As you may anticipate, that wedding event happened at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Altenburg. We can have a look at the church marital relationship record for this celebration in 2 images. This is another location where we see The Ridge described as Friedland.

Thurm/Schade marital relationship record– Immanuel, Altenburg, MO

The marital relationship license for this couple can likewise be seen.

Thurm/Schade marital relationship license

Based upon an ancestral tree on assembled by our pal, Diane Anderson, this set had 5 kids. Diane is likewise our regional specialist on the Thurm household, so I believe in the realities discovered on her ancestral tree. The very first 3 kids were born in Altenburg and baptized at Immanuel. Later on obituaries state that the Thurm’s relocated to Tripoli, Iowa in 1917. Paul then had a World War I draft registration finished in 1917. He was a farmer utilized by Bernhard Everding and residing in Tripoli.

Paul Thurm– WWI draft registration

In the 1920 census, we discover the Thurm home living in the Fredericka Municipality in Bremer County. There were 3 kids in the home, and Paul was a farm worker.

1920 census– Fredericka Municipality, Bremer County, IA

The last Thurm kid was born in 1925 and baptized at St. John Lutheran Church in Tripoli. The 2 earliest Thurm kids were verified at St. John Lutheran Church in Plainfield, Iowa. If you do a search on for cemeteries in Bremer County, Iowa, there are 7 outcomes that have the name St. John, all of them Lutheran. It is so complicated. I am going to position a map of a part of Bremer County, Iowa which contains numerous of the places included in this story so you can monitor the Thurm’s throughout the years.

Areas in Bremer County, IA

In the 1930 census, the Thurm’s were residing in the Douglas Municipality. All 5 kids were now noted in their household’s entry.

1930 census– Douglas Municipality, Bremer County, IA

Prior to the 1940 census was taken, Paul and Rosa relocated to Denver, Iowa where Paul ended up being a janitor at a public school. Simply one teenage child stayed in their home.

1940 census– Denver, IA

Paul’s The second world war draft card finished in 1942 offers another information about his task. He was utilized by Denver High School.

Paul Thurm– WWII draft card

We can see the Thurm’s in another census. The 1950 census entry reveals Paul and Rosa with an empty nest. Paul continued as a janitor.

1950 census– Denver, IA

Rosa Thurm passed away in 1983 at the age of 92. We can check out Rosa’s obituary that was released when she passed away.

Paul Thurm passed away in 1985 at the age of 96. We can likewise read his obituary.

Paul and Rosa Thurm are buried together in the St. Peter’s Lutheran Cemetery in Denver, Iowa.

Paul and Rosa Thurm gravestone– St. Peter’s, Denver, IA

I do not believe the relocation by the numerous kids who belonged to Altenburg’s Thurm Crowd to Bremer County, Iowa was a total mishap. Bremer County was the birth place and head office of the Iowa Synod of the Lutheran Church. Immanuel Lutheran Church in Altenburg was likewise part of the Iowa Synod back in those days. Members of Immanuel, Altenburg most likely heard plenty about Lutherans because part of Iowa.

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Red – Weekly Prompt’s Colour & One Word Sunday Challenges

This post remains in action to Weekly Prompt’s blog site with the subject today of Weekend Colour Difficulty. This is likewise my entry for Debbie’s, One Word Sunday difficulty.

I have actually collected a list of difficulties and their hosts. So if you understand a difficulty host, please direct them to my blog site. Do not hesitate to call me anytime. I hope everybody will have the ability to utilize my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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FOTD – February 6 – Orchid

Welcome to my Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD).  Please use your archived photos or find some old favorite photos if you like. Feel free to post every day or when you you feel like it. 

Don’t forget that my FOTD challenge accepts gardens, leaves and berries as well as flowers. To see entire list of accepted flowers, click here. Please do not submit photos of trees that don’t show colorful blooms or autumn colors.  Leaf close ups are always welcome.

I’ve gathered a list of challenges and their hosts.  So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I hope everyone will be able to use my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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Grub with Grits? – Or Gruber with Grots

Today’s birthday lady was a granddaughter of among the very first German Lutheran pastors to settle in East Perry County, Rev. Carl Gruber. The Gruber Group that has actually been pointed out on this blog site typically was called after this Rev. Gruber. He was the very first pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown. He was not the only Lutheran pastor in his household. 2 kids, Rev. Theodore Gruber and Rev. Gotthold Gruber, were each pastors that served in a number of areas around the nation. Both of them are buried in the exact same cemetery in Seward County, Nebraska. Below is a brief bio of Pastor Theodore Gruber.

Rev. Theodore Gruber bio

The initial Gruber household is discovered on the guest list of the Johann Georg that landed in New Orleans in November of 1839. Theodore was simply 7 years of ages when he pertained to America.

Gruber household– J ohann Georg guest list 1839

Today, I will inform the story of a child of Rev. Theodore Gruber. Clara Gruber was born upon February 5, 1859, so today would be her 164th birthday. Her mom was Fredericke (Kipp) Gruber. Clara was most likely baptized at Peace Lutheran Church in Friedenberg since her daddy was the pastor of that church from 1857-1864, however there is no baptism details for her in the Friedenberg Remembrances book. Clara is discovered in the 1860 census at the age of 1. Her household was residing in the Cinque Hommes Town where her daddy is called a Lutheran minister.

1860 census– Cinque Hommes Town, MO

Below is an image taken of Pastor Theodore Gruber that is discovered in the Friedenberg Remembrances book.

The bio revealed above suggests this household invested a long time in the cities of California and Washington, Missouri, however when the next census was taken in 1870, we discover the Gruber’s living in the Hampton Town which is discovered in East Moline, Illinois. Pastor Gruber was most likely serving Zion Lutheran Church, which had actually been developed in 1852. Clara was 11 years of ages at the time. Her daddy was called an instructor and minister.

1870 census– Hampton Town, IL

We will now change our attention to the guy who would end up being Clara’s partner. His name was William Grots, who was born upon July 10, 1855, the boy of Conrad and Sophia (Muess) Grots. William’s later obituary states that he was born in Clayton Center, Iowa and pertained to Nebraska at the age of 12 with his household. William was still residing in Iowa when the 1860 census was taken. His daddy was a wagonmaker in the Read Town, which is where Clayton Center lay.

1860 census– Read Town, IA

We discover William in the 1870 census living in Seward, Nebraska. His daddy was a farmer.

1870 census– Seward, NE

William Grots wed Clara Gruber on July 20, 1877 in Nebraska. At that time, Clara’s daddy was the pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Middle Creek, Nebraska. Middle Creek lies in Seward County in between Seward and Lincoln. When I participated in Concordia, Seward, I typically rode previous Immanuel Lutheran Church on United States Highway 34. The 1908 plat map listed below from the H Precinct in Seward County reveals where that church lay. Right around the church and school were some parcels owned by Gruber’s.

Gruber names– H Precinct plat map 1908

Here is an image of Immanuel Lutheran Church that I swiped from their Facebook page.

Immanuel Lutheran Church– Middle Creek, NE

Throughout my more youthful years, there was a time when I did some pen and ink illustrations. I would utilize a photo I had actually taken and effort to draw it. I bear in mind that I had actually taken an image of Immanuel, Middle Creek and had actually begun doing an illustration of it. After a fair bit of browsing with the aid of my other half (who actually understands where things remain in our home), I discovered that insufficient illustration. It is revealed here. I have not discovered the picture, and for the time being, I have actually deserted the search.

My incomplete illustration of Immanuel, Middle Creek, NE

We can have a look at a Nebraska marital relationship record for William and Clara. Clara’s daddy carried out the wedding event.

Grots/Gruber– Nebraska marital relationship record

William’s obituary states that this couple had 5 kids. In the 1880 census, we discover the Grots household living in the H Precinct. They had 2 children at that time, and William was a farmer.

1880 census– H Precinct, NE

In 1885, Rev. Theodore Gruber left the church in Middle Creek to develop a brand-new church that was likewise situated in Seward County. That church would be called St. Paul Lutheran Church. A history of that parish outlines Pastor Gruber ending up being the very first pastor contacted us to that church.

St. Paul Lutheran Church– Seward County, NE

Rev. Gruber passed away in 1889, and was buried in the St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery.

Rev. Theodore Gruber gravestone– St. Paul, Greshem, NE

An obituary for Pastor Gruber is discovered on his entry.

Rev. Theodore Gruber obituary

Theodore’s bro, Gotthold, would later on be buried in this exact same cemetery. I might need to inform his story on this blog site sooner or later. The map listed below programs the relative areas of St. Paul Lutheran Church (the enigma) and Immanuel Lutheran Church, Middle Creek (the improperly drawn red circle).

Map of St. Paul and Immanuel in Seward County, NE

Back to the Grots’s. When the 1900 census was taken, we discover the Grots family with 5 kids. William is called a property owner in this entry.

1900 census– H Precinct, NE

In the 1910 census, we see simply 2 kids coping with William and Clara. Both William and Clara are called retired farmers. Their boy, Willie, was a bank accountant. William’s mom was likewise in the family.

1910 census– H Precinct, NE

The Grots couple had actually relocated to the city of Lincoln, Nebraska prior to the 1920 census was taken. That is where we discover William, Clara, their child, Ida, and William’s 96 year-old mom living when this entry was made.

1920 census– Lincoln, NE

William Grots passed away in 1929 at the age of 73. His obituary offers more information about a few of his achievements throughout his life which were rather remarkable.

William Grots obituary

Clara Grots is discovered in the 1930 census as a widow living in Garland, Nebraska. She was living by herself.

1930 census– Garland, NE

Clara Grots passed away in 1937 at the age of 78. Both William and Clara are buried in the Germantown Cemetery in Garland, Nebraska. The town of Garland was when called Germantown.

William and Clara Grots gravestones– Germantown, Garland, NE

Rev. Carl Gruber and his 2 kids, Theodore and Gotthold, each had the credibility of developing Lutheran churches any place they went. Along his method, Pastor Theodore Gruber dropped off among his children near Garland, Nebraska, and now you understand her story.

I did get one unforeseen surprise while investigating this story. While scrolling through the pictures on Zion, East Moline’s Facebook page searching for an image of their old church, I encountered the image revealed listed below. The guy in the image was explained in the caption as being Vicar Frank Lucas. Rev. Frank Lucas is the contemporary pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Altenburg.

Vicar Frank Lucas– Zion, East Moline, IL

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Clouds – Weekend Sky challenge

This post is my reaction to Hammad Rias’s Weekend Sky Difficulty.

Chris took this picture previously today of a storm cloud forming. The view is from our garage.

I have actually collected a list of obstacles and their hosts. So if you understand an obstacle host, please direct them to my blog site. Do not hesitate to call me anytime. I hope everybody will have the ability to utilize my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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FOTD – February 5 – Carnation

Welcome to my Flower of the Day Obstacle (FOTD). Please utilize your archived images or discover some old preferred images if you like. Do not hesitate to publish every day or when you you seem like it.

Do not forget that my FOTD obstacle accepts gardens, leaves and berries along with flowers. To see whole list of accepted flowers, click on this link. Please do not send images of trees that do not reveal vibrant blossoms or fall colors. Leaf close ups are constantly welcome.

I have actually collected a list of difficulties and their hosts. So if you understand an obstacle host, please direct them to my blog site. Do not hesitate to call me anytime. I hope everybody will have the ability to utilize my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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Doc’s Wife – Captain’s Sister

The other day’s post informed the story of a grand son of Charles Weber, who had actually been a probate judge of Perry County. Charles was likewise when the mayor of Perryville, and prior to that, was a captain in the Union Army throughout the Civil War. He is imagined as a soldier listed below.

Captain Charles Weber

Today, you will check out a story about Charles’s older sibling, Amalie Auguste Wilhelmine Friedricke Weber. I put Amalie at the front of her name since that is what she was called throughout her life. She got my attention since the German Ancestral tree states that today would be her 200th birthday. After simply a bit of looking, nevertheless, I found that today simply may not be her birthday. I will state this. I discovered both a February fourth or fifth date of birth in the GFT, however I likewise found a German baptism record that offers her birthday as February sixth. Possibly you must read this story today, then read it once again tomorrow, followed by reading it a 3rd time on February sixth. Let’s start by taking a look at that baptism record from Germany.

Amalie Weber baptism record– Germany

The above baptism record states that Amalie was the child of Johann Christoph and Johanne Dorothea Weber. Although I might not find Dorothea’s first name in any church records in Perry County, a comparable baptism record to the one above for Franz Ludwig Weber, Amalie’s older bro, states her first name was Schenk.

Franz Ludwig Weber baptism record– Germany

The Weber household became part of the Gesellschaft that left Germany in 1838 and showed up in America in 1839. They made the trip aboard the ship, Republik The members of this household are revealed on the traveler list for that ship listed below. The moms and dads, in addition to the youngest kid, Christian Carl (Charles), took a trip in the fore-cabin of the ship. The others are noted on 2 pages of the steerage area of the ship. Amalie is noted as being 12 years of ages, which does not make good sense if she was born in 1823.

Weber household– Republik traveler list

I will include at this moment that Amalie’s dad passed away in St. Louis in 1839 even prior to this household showed up in Perry County. When the 1840 census was taken, their entry was produced Frederick Weber, the earliest kid because household. They were noted right above the entry for Henry Lober (Rev. Gotthold Heinrich Loeber), the very first pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg.

1840 census– Perry County, MO

Now, we require to take a look at the guy who would end up being Amalie’s hubby. His name has actually appeared on this blog site on numerous events. That is since in the early days of the Lutheran settlement in Perry County, he was the only physician to be discovered. His name was Ernst Eduard Buenger, who was born upon October 10, 1817 in Etzdorf, Germany. He was the kid of Rev. Jacob Friedrich and Christiane (Reiz) Buenger. Ernst Eduard’s dad passed away right prior to the 1838 migration, so his mom was a widow when the majority of this household pertained to America as part of the Gesellschaft Some issues turned up when they were leaving Germany, so the members of the Buenger household took a trip on various ships. Mother Buenger (as I call Christiane) featured a couple of kids to New york city and after that entered into the New york city Group. The really first character to appear in my imaginary book, Mother Buener: Mom of a Synod, was Ernst Eduard. I understand that I have actually pointed out in the past that Christiane Buenger was the very first individual to own the home on which I now reside in Altenburg. (I will likewise state that a Chinese balloon passed right above this home last night so that this historical occasion is recorded on this blog site.)

The Buenger’s are likewise discovered in the 1840 census for Perry County.

1840 census– Perry County, MO

Ernst Eduard Buenger wed Amalie Weber on November 7, 1842 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg. In Chapter 63 of the Mother Buenger book, I discussed how Ernst Eduard and Amalie had a picnic lunch together, with Ernst Eduard strolling her back to her house. It was my method of picturing how these 2 ended up being a couple. The church record for the Buenger/Weber wedding event is imagined listed below.

Buenger/Weber marital relationship record– Trinity, Altenburg, MO

Our German Ancestral tree notes 14 kids born to this couple. Numerous of them passed away in infancy. Even infants of the regional physician obviously did not have a much better survival rate than anybody else back in those days. The very first 2 kids were born in Altenburg. Then, in the mid-1840’s, the Buenger’s relocated to St. Louis for a while. That had to do with the time that Mother Buenger relocated to St. Louis. Another 2 siblings were functioning as a pastor and instructor in St. Louis likewise, which might have led Ernst Eduard to move in St. Louis. When the 1850 census was taken, we discover the Buenger’s living in St. Louis where Ernst Eduard was a doctor.

1850 census– St. Louis, MO

That census was taken simply one year after the terrible Cholera Upsurge struck the St. Louis location in 1849. Dr. Buenger should have been kept really hectic and had actually seen lots of people pass away that he was participating in. Numerous kids were born to the Buenger’s throughout their time in St. Louis. A couple of were baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church and a couple of others were baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in St. Louis. Immanuel is the church at which Ernst Eduard’s bro, Rev. J.F. Buenger was the very first pastor. When a kid was born to Ernst Eduard and Amalie in 1851, the baptism when again occurred at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg, so the Buenger’s had actually returned to Perry County. On the file revealed listed below, Dr. Ernst Eduard and Amalie deed the piece of home that when had actually come from Mother Buenger over to Gottlob Neumueller, who had actually wed Clementine Buenger, Ernst Eduard’s sibling. That deal occurred in 1856. This is the exact same piece of home that I now own. So, I conclude that there was a time that Dr. and Mrs. Buenger most likely lived where I do now.

Buenger/Neumueller land file

The Buenger home in the 1860 census is discovered residing in the Brazeau Area. Amalie’s mom was consisted of in their home.

1860 census– Brazeau Area, MO

The 1870 census program that the Buenger home had actually gotten substantially smaller sized.

1870 census– Brazeau Area, MO

The 1880 census was the last one in which we discover both Ernst Eduard and Amalie. At the age of 62, Ernst Eduard was still a doctor.

1880 census– Brazeau Area, MO

Later On in the 1880’s and early 1890’s, when Perry County gathered birth records, you discover the intriguing circumstance where a few of these records list Dr. E.E. Buenger as the medical attendant and still others list Magdalena Mueller as the medical attendant. Magdalena was Dr. Buenger’s child who had actually ended up being a midwife, most likely being advised by her dad.

Among my preferred photos of members of Mother Buenger’s household is the one revealed here. It consists of from delegated right, Agnes Fuerbringer, Dr. Ernst Eduard Buenger, Clementine Neumueller, and Herman Buenger. 2 were from Altenburg, one from St. Louis, and one from Frankenmuth, Michigan. I have actually concerned the conclusion that the most likely occasion that got these 4 together was the funeral service for their sibling, Emilie, who was likewise Mrs. C.F.W. Walther. Emilie passed away in 1885 in St. Louis.

Buenger brother or sisters

Here is an image of Dr. Buenger holding among his grandchildren, in addition to another one imagining both he and Amalie holding grandchildren.

We can likewise have a look at Dr. Buenger standing in front of his physician’s workplace and drug shop in Altenburg.

Dr. Buenger in front of workplace and apothecary

Likewise, this photo was taken of Amalie Buenger. Her child, Christiane, had actually wed Rev. Friedrich Wilhelm Stellhorn and resided in Columbus, Ohio. That might describe how Amalie had actually a photo taken by a professional photographer in Columbus.

Amalie Buenger

Amalie Buenger passed away in January of 1892 at the age of 68. Right prior to the turn of the next century, Dr. Ernst Eduard Buenger passed away in December of 1899 at the age of 82. We can have a look at his last will and testimony in 2 images that can be bigger by clicking.

There is a little secret here. This file explains how some cash from his golden wedding event was to be utilized. If Amalie passed away in January of 1892, she would have no longer been around for the 50th anniversary which would have been commemorated in November of 1892. Please keep in mind that the probate judge, Charles Weber, Amalie’s bro, signed this type.

Ernst Eduard and Amalie Buenger are buried together in the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery in Altenburg. They have among those gravestones that has their 2 names etched on 2 opposite sides. The front of the stone shows a big cross.

I made a journey to the cemetery today in hopes of resolving the secret of Amalie’s date of birth. Below is a close up image of a part of her side of the gravestone.

Amalie Buenger gravestone bigger

I believe you will concur that the number inside the red circle is 6. Because the birth date consisted of in our German Ancestral tree is among those that originates from a death record that offers the number of years, months, and days that the individual lived, I believe an error have actually been made doing that. I put more stock in the baptism record and the date of birth etched on the tombstone. I believe Amalie’s 200th birthday will be commemorated on this coming Monday.

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Parsley Color – City Sonnet Color: February 4

Here is my entry for City Sonnet’s, Colors and Letters Obstacle.

I have actually collected a list of difficulties and their hosts. So if you understand a difficulty host, please direct them to my blog site. Do not hesitate to call me anytime. I hope everybody will have the ability to utilize my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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Optimist – RDP Friday

Here is my entry for RDP Friday obstacle.

2 muralists painting dahlias on a wall in Canby.

An adult blowing bubbles. It was simply these 2 individuals and Chris and I seeing the program.

I have actually collected a list of obstacles and their hosts. So if you understand an obstacle host, please direct them to my blog site. Do not hesitate to call me anytime. I hope everybody will have the ability to utilize my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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