Training facilitation – Talk less, make more sense
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Training facilitation – Talk less, make more sense

As an Agile Coach assisting software application groups discovering methods to enhance their methods of working and provide much better services with greater quality, I have an obligation to do exacly the exact same with my own services. This is a post on how I have actually dealt with enhancing my training sessions.

I have actually carried out rather a variety of training sessions in numerous settings. The more courses/classes I teach, the more I understand that I require to talk less. Not since I do not have the understanding, however since individuals do not discover so well, simply by hear me talking and seing a slide deck forecasted on the wall.

Therfore I have actually pertained to value a couple of concepts when developing training sessions:

  • Individuals do not gain from listening to me, so talk less and engage them physically and verbally in the knowing procedure.
  • I am not smarter than everyone in the space integrated, so use the understanding in the space.
  • I do not understand the subtleties of my individuals context, so let them find out how theory uses to their context.

I have actually pertained to understand that I utilize these concepts in all training session I perform, regardless if it’s a set scope course (eg. SAFe), a session about “Agile” I developed myself, and even in dance classes.

With the last complete day nimble training session I established and carried out, my goal was to allow the individuals to act in a different way to enhance their workplace towards a more nimble style, without informing them specific the procedure they should follow. With the concepts discussed above I developed a complete day workshop, where I just did 3 10 minutes discussion throughout the day. The remainder of the day had to do with understanding it, and share insight within the group. Liberating structures was the tool to assist in sensemaking and sharing.

The Knowing 3.0 Circulation by Alexandre Magno

Here is how the session was arranged:

The session had to do with “Circulation in Item advancement” and It was based upon the material of Donald Reinertsen. D. Reinertsen’s work act as basis for lots of (if not all) of the SAFe concepts, and given that my organisation were currently utilizing SAFe, this session was likewise about linking and understading the theory behind these concepts.


  • Discussion (10 minutes just): Revealing to imagine standard ideas of circulation and lines, to set the phase from an easy-to-understand and relateable context
  • Impromptu Networking– Sharing preliminary insight about why this matters for particpants and their context.
  • Discussion (10 minutes just): A short walkthrough of the 12 issues of the existing orthodoxy, which Donald Reinertsen explain in his book, “The concepts of Item advancement circulation– 2nd Generation Lean Item Advancement”
12 Issues of Present Orthodoxy By D. Reinertsen– imagined by me
  • Gallery Stroll– To debrief the discussion. What puzzles you the most? What do you feel greatest about? What provided you the most significant insight?
  • TRIZ– To recognize the issues that individuals might identify in their own context, while having a good time
  • Discussion (10 minutes just): Presenting some concepts from Reinersens book. It might appear frustrating with 175 concepts, and given that we were currently dealing with SAFe, I chose to connect it to the 10 SAFe Concepts to make it more digestable.
  • ” Make a Concept Poster”. Each group chose a SAFe concept to imagine. Poster meaning of done:
    • Concept name and number in a heading
    • What issue( s), from the existing orthodoxy is this concept attempting to fix?
    • An illustration
    • A stement to discuss how you in your function can work by this concept “As a [role/jobtitle] I will [do this action to live the principle]
Standards for making the posters (Sorry for
  • Shift and share– To share insights and offer feedback to posters throughout the group
  • 1-2-4-all– To go over and link concepts to components in the SAFe broad view, to construct understanding of the function of the SAFe Process
  • Eco-cycle preparation (and 1-2-4-all), to examine how the organisation was presently living the SAFe concepts, and to figure out where enhancements might be made.
  • 9 why’s– To recognize and articulate why it matters to the individual to work by the SAFe Concepts.
  • 15% Solutions– To assist the individual recognize, where and how they might act, to begin enhancing, without getting lost in how challenging it may be.

Knowing and findings

  • It worked incredibly well to have just 3 × 10 minutes discussions for the entire day
  • Individuals were engaged and energised throughout the entire session.
  • Laying the eco-cycle on the flooring, developed an incredible group dynamic. Keep in mind: Make certain the products are color coded in such a way that makes it simple to get a summary from the range, without needing to check out.
  • To conserve time throughout the workshop I explore individuals providing feedback on sticky-notes throughout the Shift&& Share of posters. This didn’t work as meant, and felt akward and ineffective, given that there was no time at all to act on that feedback. Rather the groups simply provided a couple of posters in the big group, with feedback from the big crowd. This worked much better, however didn’t engage everyone as intented.
  • The Gallery Stroll led to rather a great deal of individuals being alone on among the 12 stations, leaving them with no-one to speak to, about the pormpts. Rather groups of 3 were formed and the triggers talked about in those groups. That worked rather well, keeping everyone engaged.
  • The 15% service actually made actions concrete. One individuals revealed it in this manner: “I will leave the space without any hope, since the job to repair these difficulties appears so frustrating, and will include the entire company. However the 15% services provided me insight, that I can begin acting in a different way, to affect others. I leave now, complete with energy, and figured out to perform my self-defined action”

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