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While her Ecstasy character’s love life may be on the rocks, Sydney Sweeney’s engagement ring has her blissful!

News of her engagement to veteran partner Jonathan Davino initially broke when Sydney was identified out and about in Los Angeles on February 28 th, 2022, sporting a spectacular diamond ring on her left ring finger.

The starlet understood for her functions in The Handmaid’s Tale, The White Lotus, and obviously Ecstasy had actually been dating Davino for 4 years. Davino is the sole beneficiary to the Chicago-based Pompeii pizza business. In 2013 he was the co-owner of now-closed Chicago dining establishments Mista Pizza and Pompei Xpress. His household likewise owns vaporizer style and product packaging business, 14th Round and Final Bell

The couple initially stimulated dating buzz in 2018 when they were photographed together at an Emmy celebration at the Wanderer hotel in Los Angeles. Sydney Sweeney has actually infamously kept their relationship personal, though they have actually been spotted revealing PDA a number of times throughout the years.

If you are searching for all the information about Sydney Sweeney’s engagement ring, you have actually concerned the ideal location!

You’ll discover:

  • What design Sydney Sweeney’s engagement ring is
  • What size the diamond on Sydney Sweeney’s engagement ring is
  • Just how much Sydney Sweeney’s engagement ring deserves

Sydney Sweeney’s engagement ring images

In this picture, snapped on the day the ring was initially openly spotted, we can see what appears to plainly be a round dazzling cut center stone, set on what appears like a timeless plain band.

Sydney Sweeneys Engagement Ring First Image

Taking a look at the engagement ring from another angle, it likewise appears to have a rose gold band.

Sydney Sweeneys Engagement Ring Side View

What design setting is Sydney Sweeney’s engagement ring?

Sydney Sweeney’s ring is a solitaire setting with a plain increased gold band. As the ring has actually moved to the side in the close-up image about, we can see that it is an extremely traditional and very little style, without any frills.

Sydney Sweeneys Engagement Ring Example

The prongs of the ring that serve to hold and protect the center stone seem white gold or platinum. This is a typical option as white gold is usually utilized for prongs of rose/yellow gold rings, to guarantee that the diamond does not appear more yellow than it in fact is because of the gold’s color showing through the stone.

Solitaire rings are popular for a number of excellent factors. The classy style lets the center stone take pride of location without any interruptions. Being such a timeless style, they likewise tend to be incredibly well-priced, which indicates that there is more budget plan left for an extraordinary center stone.

What shape is Sydney Sweeney’s engagement ring?

The center stone of Sydney Sweeney’s engagement ring is a round dazzling cut diamond.

Round dazzling diamonds’ entire factor for being is to be the sparkliest stones on the marketplace, and if your diamond has actually been cut well then it will certainly provide the dazzle.

Sydney Sweeneys Engagement Ring Round Cut Diamond

No other diamond shape can take on the fire, radiance and scintillation of a well cut round dazzling stone and the ‘optical efficiency’ of the light being shown can make a stone appearance bigger, enhance the color, conceal defects and flaws and typically make a ring appearance far more outstanding.

Round brilliants are the simplest shape of stone to purchase too, as they undergo one of the most screening by labs. They are the only shape that are provided a ‘cut’ grading by laboratories, which indicates that you can be sure of the quality of the stone that you are purchasing.

The cut grading, going from Poor to Outstanding (with some merchants using a cut above exceptional likewise) is very crucial as it’s the greatest aspect that identifies just how much your stone will shimmer and for that reason how outstanding it is. When purchasing any round dazzling stone online, merchants will allow you to sort by cut grade which indicates that you can mark down any actually bad stones that aren’t going to shimmer well quickly.

The number of carats is Sydney Sweeney’s engagement ring?

Sweeney’s center stone has actually been reported to be a three-and-a-half to four-carat round brilliant-cut diamond.

Davino did a fantastic task choosing a stylish setting to compliment such a lovely big diamond, that certainly draws attention.

Sydney Sweeneys Engagement Ring Dimensions Example

Just how much did Sydney Sweeney’s engagement ring expense? And what’s it actually worth?!

While we do not understand the main cost, we can certainly hypothesize regarding what a comparable ring may cost.

The huge bulk of the expense of the ring would be consisted of the diamond, with the setting comprising a much smaller sized part of the overall expense.

A premium 3.5 carat round dazzling diamond with other than cut quality, color, and clearness expenses around $150,000.

Sydney Sweeneys Engagement Ring James Allen Diamond Option

However Davino didn’t always require to invest that much to get a lovely center stone. By selecting lower clearness and color grades, the ring might be simply as outstanding for considerably less cash:

Sydney Sweeneys Engagement Ring James Allen Diamond Option

Sydney Sweeney’s engagement ring copy

Due to its traditional simpleness Sydney Sweeney’s engagement ring is in fact rather simple to copy. Here are 2 excellent choices to declare a little Ecstasy on your own!

The very first is an extremely close match- a rose gold solitaire setting with a plain shank.

Sydney Sweeneys Engagement Ring James Allen Option

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Successive we have actually an included touch of shimmer to attain the visual effect of Sydney Sweeney’s ring without the big cost. This setting includes a fragile halo around the center stone, imitating the ambiance of a bigger diamond.

Sydney Sweeneys Engagement Ring Blue Nile Option

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