EA Sports is launching some updates to the MUT Draft video game mode in Madden 21 on Friday, March 12th according to Madden neighborhood supervisor Kraelo.

Here is what you can anticipate to see in it:

Competitive Season Rollover from Pre-Season 2 to Season 2 on Ranked Income Cap and Ranked Draft will occur on Friday, March 12th around 12:00 AM PT/3:00 AM ET.

Pre-Season 2 benefits are listed below:

  • Elite: 35,000 coins; 350 Series 5 Prizes
  • Gold: 16,500 coins; 175 Series 5 Prizes
  • Silver: 7,000 coins; 85 Series 5 Prizes
  • Bronze: 2,500 coins; 35 Series 5 Prizes

MUT Draft Gamer swimming pool upgrade to assist offer more competitive balance for the upcoming Madden Obstacle. This upgrade need to be going live Friday, March 12th around 7:30 AM PT/10:30 AM ET.

A Draft Play A Pal occasion will be established for the Madden Obstacle that begins on Saturday, March 13th. The Play A Pal Occasion will consist of the following:

  • Madden Obstacle Art Work
  • Pizza Hut Arena
  • All-Madden Trouble
  • 30 2nd Play Clock
  • Previous Play Handicapped
  • Occasion is resettable (You can redraft whenever you desire)
  • 999 Video Game Limitation

Note: The Draft Play A Pal Occasion will be readily available Friday March 12th till Thursday, March 18th. On Friday, March 19th, a brand-new Draft Play A Pal occasion will be established that will have the exact same settings as explained above however the occasion will not be resettable.

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