There appears to be a lot confusion in the gardening area when it pertains to LED Grow Lights and I wish to clear that up in todays video. The bottom line is that when you are growing veggie seedlings its finest not to make complex the requirements of the grow lights you are utilizing. Follow the recommendations I offer you in todays video to purchase the light thats best for you without breaking the bank.TOP 5 GROW LIGHTS ON AMAZON. 1. Spider Farmer SF2000 – 2. Mars Hydro TS-1000 – 3. Spider Farmer SF4000 – 4. HGL Lighting – 5. VIPARSPECTRA 300W – HERE. Merch Shop! –********* GET IN TOUCH WITH United States! *********. Discord Chat Server! More!. Current Uploads:. Videos: and Cacti:. ASSISTANCE United States. You can contribute to the channel to aid with brand-new plants and gardening materials that assist us make brand-new videos! your Garden Products Here – Indoor Plants on Amazon – Seasonal Flowers – Books on GARDENING! – on Amazon through our affiliate links will assist supply us with a commission that will assist keep this channel and my gardening pastime sustainable!! Thank you beforehand for your assistance!Thank you all a lot for viewing, make sure to stay for more fantastic GARDENING EXPERIENCES!