Design Sprint Meet Scrum – Scrum Jakarta (CiKemPon) 3rd Meetup
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Design Sprint Meet Scrum – Scrum Jakarta (CiKemPon) 3rd Meetup

Group image after the meetup

Hey there Scrum lover in Cilandak– Kemang– Pondok Indah– (and around) location!
Thank you for those who concerned our last meetup. (Thursday, November 23rd 2017)
Thank you likewise to PT Asuransi Astra Buana (Pak Iwan) for a terrific place.

There wasn’t a typical meetup that we had some speakers to shared a talk, we just did an open area. Open area is a session when we talked about whatever based upon what we wish to talked about within the timebox. So, this is how we hold the session:
1. We are divided into 3 various group (each group will be assisted in by somebody: Mas Aditya Suryomurtjito from Sepulsa, Mas Tommy Fadillah from Aleph Labs, and me)
2. Every member of the group got chance to share the subject that they wan na talked about, utilized a post it
3. Then we focused on the subject to being talked about based upon vote from member of the group, suggests the subject that we select is the subject that still puzzling by the majority of individuals
4. Let’s talked about! (do not forget to keep the timebox!)

Objective of the session: say goodbye to complicated on the most subject, and can you visitor what is that? it’s standard Scrum:”)

Yeah, we talked about whatever associated standard Scrum, it’s all right, there’s constantly a session to construct the state of mind initially.

Then we went over about Style Sprint– Scrum.

Misconception that typically turned up:

1. Style Sprint is sprint that held by item individuals (designer and PO) and ought to be held precisely prior to (Scrum) advancement sprint

Style Sprint include everybody whose in charge or communicate with the service, it can be individuals outside tech and item group, it can be within (designer). So it’s not just for designer and PO although PO and designer may take a significant function in the session.

Precisely prior to Scrum sprint? obviously no, it’s not a tiny waterfall for designer and PO. So, what is the objective of having a Style Sprint? please examine next response.

2. Style sprint is REQUIRED prior to we begin a Scrum sprint, suggests no Style Sprint == no Scrum sprint

Objective of Style Sprint is to produce high quality stockpile. High quality suggests verified and checked thought about human desirability, service practicality, and technical expediency. So, it can assist PO in regards to produce the stockpile, however is it constantly needed? the response is: it can assist however not constantly required For quite simple service and more technical function, having a Style Sprint may overkill.

Then what is needed to begin a Scrum sprint? obviously not constantly having a Style Sprint prior to it.
It is Item Stockpile and Sprint Objective

3. Style sprint is kept in sprint preparation

Keep in mind, the number of hours optimum for sprint preparation? 4 hours. Then 4 hours for having a style sprint? obviously insufficient

4. Extra time required in style sprint suggests less time for all member of the group to established and provided the function

Not all member of the group needed in Style Sprint. It can be changed based upon possibility scope of the service. If it’s most likely affecting front end then we can just welcome among front end person (not all fronties from that group). It’s likewise used to stakeholder, if it’s only touch operation concern, no requirement to included marketing person isn’t it?. Work!

Then, do not forget to think about %capability of the group that most likely included on Style Sprint so we can include it into capability estimation throughout a sprint preparation.

5. There’s no any other approach aside from style sprint to produce a terrific item stockpile

There’s no silver bullet.:-RRB-)

Sharing session after open area

Sharing session after open area

Sharing session after open area

So, what is the very best method to accommodate Style Sprint into Scrum?

Style Sprint is among fantastic method order to produce high quality stockpile, which is something that Scrum structure not truly informed much deeper. So, it’s complementary Simply do Style Sprint individually with Scrum sprint so our item stockpile pipeline will constantly filled with a terrific one. And simply do Scrum sprint as typical as long we have list of item stockpile and Sprint objective.

Hope those can assist. If it’s still puzzling? let’s meetup in our next meetup!

Scrum Jakarta (CiKemPon) 3rd Meetup

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