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World Cup – A Means To Spread Islam?

Concern: Please talk about the World Cup which is happening in Qatar. The following are a few of the points I have actually been warned of through which Muslims are getting caught into seeing the World Cup as a method of propagating Islam, Dawah, and so on:

  1. Quran Sharief read in the opening event.
  2. No alcohol is permitted at the arenas.
  3. No LGBTQ associated beliefs and assistance permitted at the arenas.
  4. Roughly 600 individuals accepted Islam so far.
  5. Etc.

Response: Shaitaan is the supervisor of ALL world cups of all variations– not just the 2022 FIFA world cup in Qatar Shaitaan is likewise the supervisor of ALL Kuffar sports of all sorts, even the ones dipped into ‘Muslim’ schools. Shaitaan is the ‘mastermind’ behind the whole sports market. Through sports, he has actually accomplished his objective of triggering individuals to lose their Imaan! This is when sport lunatics and enthusiasts take their heroes (absolutely nos, in truth) as good example, gods, idols and even as a religious beliefs. We have actually become aware of Muslim sport fans diing while shouting away the names of sport heroes, calling them their idols and gods prior to breathing their last!

Innaa-lillaahi-wa-innaa-ilaihi-raaji’ oon!

One will not stop working to conclude that sports of all sorts stays Haraam simply by using ones mind. Much Haraam is associated to sports and world cups ‘behind the scenes’! Match repairing, betting, alcohol, suicide, rioting, and so on are all part and parcel of the dangerous spew of Shaitaan called SPORTS. Keep in mind the following Mubaarak Words of our precious Rasool (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam), ” Every sport of a Mu’ minutes is Baatil …”

Relating to the points you have actually discussed, the following are our remarks:

  1. Much Like the Qur’ an Majeed can not read at the opening of a Haraam liquor-den (pub, bar, bar), or at the opening event of a gambling establishment, so too is it Haraam to check out Allah’s Kalaam at a Haraam soccer world cup arena in which nudity, music, hooliganism, and so on is the call of the location. Prohibiting a thing or more (alcohol, LGBTQ) at the arenas does not make the sporting occasion ‘Islamic’, nor does it provide validation for the recitation of Allah’s Pure Kalaam where Kuffaar collect, where naked ladies act in contrast to the Qur’ an Majeed’s Demands relating to ladies, and where music roars.
  2. For a Muslim and a ‘Muslim’ nation, alcohol is not allowed one’s whole life. Prohibiting alcohol at the world cup arenas and consequently getting satisfied regarding how the laws have actually been made that comply with the ‘Islamic culture’ of the hosting nation is not a cause for any happiness. Yes, had the ‘Muslim’ nation declined the hosting of the whole occasion of Shaitaan– the world cup— in the very first location, that might have been a cause for some hope, more than happiness. This is because by declining to host Shaitaan’s cup (the world cup), one might hope it to be a stepping stone for other Shaitaaniyat to be eliminated of such a nation. Simply hosting a world cup by a ‘Muslim’ nation unlocks of alcohol to be brought into such a nation. Whereas, a proper and appropriate Islamic nation would require NO alcohol to be allowed the nation, forget simply outwardly ‘prohibiting’ alcohol at Haraam arenas. Rather, a correct Islamic nation would not even have actually permitted to host the Haraam FIFA world cup in the very first location!
  3. LGBTQ with whatever and nevertheless much more queer alphabets and queer significances it might have, is prohibited and branded as Haraam in the Qur’ an Majeed. The whole episode of individuals of Nabi Loot (Alaihis salaam) highlights the gravity of this LGBTQ motion. Doom and Hell waits for such inhumane activities and beliefs. There is not expected to be any happiness when the hosting nation required limiting the LGBTQ motion throughout the world cup duration. This is a standard Imaani element. The conclusion of point number 2 is completely suitable here also.
  4. Even if a million individuals have actually accepted Islam, however the ways for this was through Haraam suggests, then this holds very little weight! Our current Akaabireen, the similarity Allaamah Yusuf Binnoori (Rahmatullahi alaih) was completely versus television and photography– sadly, a few of the trainees of Hazrat today have actually casted a deaf ear to this position and Fatwa of Hazrat and are gone ‘to town’ with their videos taken in the name of ‘Deen’! Throughout among the last Bayaans of Hazrat, which was so touching and heartrending, individuals commented that if such a terrific Bayaan was transmitted on television, much more individuals would have benefitted. To this Hazrat responded that by someone accepting our message which we provide in a Halaal method is far much better than much more accepting our message which was done through impermissible and Haraam ways. This is the response to this buzz made from counting the varieties of the number of have actually accepted Islam due to the hosting nation’s efforts, and so on. An individual who is truly genuine in accepting Islam and searching for the Straight Course will absolutely be directed by Allah Ta’ala. He will be directed towards a Mosque, or to an Aalim, who will then assist him end up being a correct, appropriate and Baa-Amal (practicing) Muslim and Mu’ minutes, Insha Allah.

In summary, the whole world cup is in fact among Shaitaan’s misleading techniques and baits to draw us into becoming his ardent fans. While individuals are making a sound of the ‘excellent’ that has come out from the world cup, why have they casted a blind eye and a deaf ear to the wrongs and evils through the Haraam world cup?

The following should be concerns we must ask:

  1. Have the Masaajid ended up being emptier or fuller given that the start of the world cup?
  2. What is the roll of Musallis in the Mosque Esha time and Fajr time?
  3. What is the roll of Musallis for Salaah with Jamaat in the Mosque throughout the times the soccer matches are played?
  4. Have Muslims increased their day-to-day Tilaawat and Zikr given that the start of the world cup, or have overtaking ratings, matches and statistics end up being the brand-new ‘Til aawat’ and ‘Zikr’ of sports-Muslims?
  5. Have Muslims end up being more mindful of wearing the style of the Sunnah of Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam), or has the ridiculous style, packages, logo designs, hairdos, etc. of soccer gamers end up being the brand-new ‘talk of the town’?
  6. Have Muslims fallen even deeper into the significant sin of photography/videography by enjoying matches on different channels such as television, web streaming, and so on?
  7. Have Muslims end up being more alert and mindful, and have paid more regard to the Azaan by responding and checking out the Masnoon Du’a after Azaan and by physically reacting to the Azaan by continuing on time to the Mosque (for guys), or have the Azaan fallen on deaf ears given that the attention of the ears are directed to ratings, matches, and so on?
  8. Have the roll of the Masbooqeen (late-comers for Jamaat by missing out on Rakaat/s) increased due to those Muslims who do come for Salaah, however are coming late for Jamaat Salaah by missing out on a Rakaat or more due to finishing the following or enjoying of the video game. As it is, daily, prior to the Haraam world cup, there were and are late-comers to the Mosque for Salaah. A few of them are the ‘anchor late-comers’ much like how one has ‘anchor occupants’ letting (leasing) facilities and homes. Now, due to menstruation of the world cup, the roll of late-comers have increased substantially, or reduced?

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