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Short Sleeves & Short Sleeve “Kurtahs”

Brief Sleeves & & The Un-Islamic Short Sleeve ‘Kurtahs’

It is Makrooh Tahrimi (prohibited) to expose the elbows throughout Salaat, and it remains in dispute with Islamic Murawwat (Culture) to have actually the elbows exposed in public. It never ever was the design of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) nor of the Sahaabah nor of the Ambiyaa nor of the whole Ummah down the long passage of Islam’s history to carry out Salaat with kurtahs with such brief sleeves which expose the elbows. This direct exposure is likewise amongst the designs of the western kuffaar whom Muslims are replicating.

In Fataawa Siraajiah, Fataawa Qaazi Khaan in addition to other Kutub of the Shariah it is pointed out that it is Makrooh to have actually the elbows exposed throughout Salaat. It is rude to the Salaat. However Muslims nowadays being addicted to the designs of the western kuffaar stop working to comprehend the prestige of this misbehaviour. When carrying out Salaat, one stands in the existence of Allah Ta’ala and communicate Him. For that reason it is not acceptable to be in the Divine Existence in a rude way. Such Salaat is declined by Allah Ta’ala. In Fataawa Mahmoodiah, the restriction is specified as follows:

” Using a qamees (kurtah) with half-sleeves is not told from Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Such a qamees remains in dispute with the Sunnah.”

Whatever remains in dispute with the Sunnah, is Makrooh Tahrimi, the repercussion of which is the Fire of Jahannam.

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