On January 31st, 2021, I joined the 100 Day Project. I chose watercolor painting as my art form. I had no idea what I was doing, but with the help of YouTube, I created 100 paintings.
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Watercolor Painting-Tips and Supplies For The Beginner

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On January 31st, I signed up with a complimentary worldwide art job called #the 100dayproject, and today I believed I would share what I discovered watercolor painting along the method.

On January 31st of this year, I began a journey called the100dayproject

If you’re not acquainted with it, you select an innovative undertaking and repeat it for 100 days, sharing your development on social networks along the method.

I found this job on Instagram, and my very first idea was this sounds enjoyable, however I had no concept what kind of art I ought to select.

As I pondered my choices, it struck me that I had a set of watercolors I got as a Christmas present 3 years ago that I had actually never ever utilized.

So I picked watercolor painting.

Did I understand anything about watercolor painting, you ask? No. No, I did not.

The only kinds of painting I have actually done are finger, furnishings, and walls.

I had an art instructor in the 3rd grade who I now recognize was going through some things in his life, and let’s simply state he didn’t influence me to like art; as an outcome, I would never ever take another art class in school once I had the option not to.

Helen Hayes stated: ” The professional in anything was as soon as a novice.”

There has actually never ever been a much better time to be a novice at anything. You can discover nearly anything by seeing videos on YouTube.

On Sunday afternoon, January 31st, my watercolor painting journey started.

Tips and Material For Beginners

The only products I started with were a book on the fundamentals, paints, a couple of brushes, and a watercolor paper pad. I chose to begin with what I had prior to investing cash on an activity I wasn’t sure I would delight in or be any proficient at.

There are a couple of products I want I had when I began that I got along the method.

I have actually developed a list of what I think about to be the vital products every newbie requires.

( as an Amazon Affiliate, I make a commission)

The preliminary supply financial investment is affordable compared to other pastimes.

You have your products, now what?

I began by seeing Karen Rice’s Watercolour Channel and Alifya Way Of Life. Karen Rice was much easier for me to follow together with as a novice. She’s from London and has the loveliest relaxing voice. Alifya’s tutorials are great; she moves a little too rapidly for me.

I extremely advise seeing as lots of newbie tutorials as possible prior to you put brush to paper. I discovered a couple of lessons the tough method since I leapt in the deep end, however it’s all part of the procedure.

Likewise, I would adoringly inform you not to be too tough on yourself when your art does not appear like you anticipated. I painted more than 100 paintings, counting the ones I included the garbage since I believed they appeared like trash.

As a matter of truth, I painted my last painting two times since there was a regrettable red beach umbrella that look more like a mushroom than an umbrella.

Conserve whatever. Even if you never ever make it to 50 or 100 works, you will be blown away by your development. I flinch when I take a look at my earliest efforts, and this holds true despite what you have actually developed with your own hands.

It’s the method of the artist.

Let me reveal you what I imply.

Can you inform which one was among my very first paintings? It’s quite apparent.

It took me more than 100 days to complete this job. Life tossed a couple of curveballs my method, however I was figured out to complete.

When I completed that last watercolor, I was filled with an excellent sense of achievement. Not since I think myself to be an excellent artist, however since I set out to do a thing for a particular variety of days, and I persevered to the end.

I extremely advise this journey for everybody, particularly if you are somebody like me, who has problem completing what you begin.

Who wishes to join me in January?

You may be stating, 100 days appears like an eternity. I will inform you it’s not.

I now have 2 100 day difficulties under my belt, and the something I have actually discovered is it seems like an eternity, however when you reach completion, you’ll seem like you blinked two times, and it’s over.

The time will pass no matter what you are doing.

Who wishes to join me in January? I’m all in for another round of watercolors, however you can select anything.

You can see all of my jobs in my Instagram Emphasizes.

Would you please let me understand if you choose to join me since I would like to follow together with your journey?

See you quickly,

Lisa (likewise referred to as The Purple Hydrangea)

If you are new to watercolor painting, I've created a supply list just for you, along with a couple of YouTube resources to get you started on your journey.

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