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Defer a bug ?

Ah. Everybody should understand the bug life process (if not there is a really fascinating short article here ). Likewise, I think all my fellow testers would understand the term delayed bug. However, what is delayed bug? Wish to know. Let’s check out ahead– > >

Bug life process (Drawn from

DEFERRED BUG is a really typical term utilized in the Software application market throughout item advancement and release stage.

Practical screening group typically report great deal of bugs while checking any application and in some cases it ends up being rather tough for the advancement group to repair all bugs in overhead release due to time restrictions or organization requirements.

For this reason, Throughout bug triage conferences, Item management group evaluation the bugs and segregate the bugs which do not require to be repaired right away for the release due to listed below discussed factors and chooses to postpone them for future releases.

  • Low intensity and low concern bugs
  • Bugs affecting existing performance, nevertheless workaround exists for the circumstance.
  • Existing bugs reported in the previous releases
  • UI concerns on particular platform( Os, hardware etc.)
  • Edge cases

If advancement group postpones any bug, its obligation of testers to bring into notification with Item management group to take the decision. Target variation of such problems ought to be upgraded in bug reporting system so that such problems might be thought about and repaired in upcoming or upkeep releases.

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