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How to eat an Elephant?

” If you state there is an elephant in the space, you imply that there is an apparent issue or tight spot that individuals do not wish to speak about.”

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Have you had an elephant in the space? We have, for sure. For us it was developing a brand-new GUI. That job itself is possible to forecast, strategy and ultimately carry out. However considered that the GUI is an extremely main piece in our item, there is lots of dependences to it. So the effect a brand-new GUI have on other parts is extremely difficult to forecast, and ” touching the GUI” ends up being extremely dangerous.

I was offered the job that should, among other things, produce a brand-new GUI. I had various conferences with individuals from all parts of the organisation, however got no place closer to a brand-new GUI. We simply walked around in circles, till one day I understood, the organisation considers it’s nearly difficult to develop a brand-new GUI. I, as being the job leader, was completely stuck……


I have a previous coworker, his name is Alexander and he will quickly retire after a long and extremely effective profession. Alexander is very smart, an individual that you discover when, or perhaps two times, throughout your whole work life. If there was a concern, he understood the response, no matter what the concern had to do with. I have actually found out a lot from Alexander, however perhaps the most essential knowledge is the one I will now inform you about.

How to consume an elephant?

When, Alexander and me, had the following discussion:

  • Alexander: “Tomas, how do you consume an elephant?”
  • Tomas: “Well I’m not exactly sure… … Typically I do not consume elephants.”
  • Alexander: “You consume it in pieces, Tomas. IN PIECES!”

This, for me, is the most essential part in Agile! In the job we now have actually resolved the very first piece that was considered most essential, now we are preparing to deal with the next. I, as the job leader, feel great once again, and we are making development!


The knowing from the discussion above, is that the only possible method to assault a substantial issue is to simplify into pieces, and to deal with the specific pieces.

When you have actually done this for a long time you have either ” consumed the entire elephant”, or a minimum of a lot that you are pleased.

All the very best,
Tomas from TheAgileist

P.S. I have actually never ever consumed a genuine elephant, and I never ever will … 🙂 D.S.

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