Very first Majestic Silver’s CEO Keith Neumeyer goes over why he keeps back offering his mined silver when it strikes these costs. He kept back over 1 million ounces of mined silver in 2021. With 2022 silver area cost drops, is he keeping back more mined silver in 2022. This is mined silver predestined for market through the bank brokers through the COMEX. Not to be puzzled with the First Majestic completed silver items offered at their online bullion shop. I integrate my own individual interview with Mr. Neumeyer carried out in December 2021, with a breaking news interview carried out by Daniela Cambone in July 2022. In between the 2 interviews you will see Mr. Neumeyer go over 00:00 Meet Keith Neumeyer 01:40 Not Offering Silver 2021 04:00 Eliminating the Bank Intermediary 05:24 Mining Silver Gold Ratio 06:30 Daniela Cambone, Silver Rates Summer Season 2022 08:44 Not Offering Silver 2022 09:16 Outlook Silver second Half 2022 ———————————————– I am not sponsored by First Majestic Silver, however for your benefit this is a link to their silver bullion shop: Do you stack silver bars or silver coins? Are you discovering the items you desire in stock? At a great premium? Have you ever purchased physical silver from Keith Neumeyer’s First Majestic Silver Business? They have excellent items that they cost their own bullion shop ———————————————– Complete Interview with Daniela Cambone and Keith Neumeyer: Q2 2022 Introduction with Keith Neumeyer, CEO First Majestic Silver —-. Being a stacker has to do with being independent and about individual obligation, so it may make good sense to not even purchase rare-earth elements at this time. Having an emergency situation money cost savings fund is essential in addition to settling financial obligation. Just you understand your own monetary circumstance. DISCLAIMER: I am not a monetary coordinator, so this is not monetary suggestions. This is for illustrative and home entertainment functions just. Please perform your own research study prior to purchasing gold, silver, or other financial investments. Subjects gone over in this video consist of:. Silver Break-in, silver, silver stack, 999 fine, 9999 fine, one ounce silver, cost savings, silver coin, area cost, premiums, silver area cost, diversifying financial investments, silver bar, silver ingot, 10 ounce silver bar, First Majestic Silver, silver bullion, Keith Neumeyer. #firstmajesticsilver #silverbullion #silverstacker