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ANTWERP | FOMU photography museum reopens on 16 February 2023

Currently FOMU, Antwerp‘s photography museums is closed for restorations and setting up 3 brand-new exhibits. FOMU will resume on Thursday 16 February 2023 for unique visitors and resume for the public on Friday 17 February.

The museum at Waalsekaai is preparing brand-new exhibits. These are …

Grace Ndiritu Reimagines the FOMU Collection

For ‘ Grace Ndiritu Reimagines the FOMU Collection‘, British-Kenyan artist Grace Ndiritu constructs an initial photographic universe of paintings, fabrics and interior decoration motivated by woman artists O’Keeffe, Modotti and Albers It represents an extreme and holistic reinterpretation of the timeless collection exhibit.

Ndiritu’s photographic setup ‘ A Mission for Significance: Painting as a Medium of Photography‘ (2014) formed the springboard for her expedition of the FOMU Collection and the taking place exhibit.

Ndiritu utilizes totally free association to integrate pictures and coloured walls. Her unexpected amalgams provide fresh significance to works by, to name a few, Alexandre, Bianca Baldi, Samuel Bourne, Dirk Braeckman, Alvin Langdon Coburn, Lynne Cohen, Gilbert Fastenaekens, Gertrude Fehr, Geert Goiris, Willy Kessels, Rinko Kawauchi, Male Ray, Auguste Salzmann, Filip Tas, Nadine Tasseel and Wolfgang Tillmans

An emphasize of the FOMU Collection, the ‘ Keizerpanorama‘ will likewise be on display screen after going through a total repair and has actually been incorporated into the style of Ndiritu’s program.

The gadget was a contemporary piece of automated equipment when it was made in 1905 and provided a 3D photographic phenomenon to the general public. Twenty-five individuals at a time can rest on stools circling around the seeing cabinet and take pleasure in the magic of three-dimensional images.

Susan Meiselas– Meditations

For almost 5 years, Magnum professional photographer Susan Meiselas ( United States, 1948) has actually been utilizing her electronic camera to attest and to get in touch with individuals. Meiselas has actually taken a trip the world and took on a vast array of topics, from the sex market to war and human rights infractions.

She accentuates what is typically covert or disregarded by the public. Susan Meiselas continuously looks for direct contact and discussion with individuals she represents. Her method is collective and includes her topics’ viewpoints.

Meiselas’ work is driven by immediate concerns about who photographs serve, not just what they reveal. Today, Meiselas is thought about to have actually led the way for both photography that is politically engaged, methodically recorded, reviewed and contextualised, which which carefully includes the topics in the work.

Melanie Bonajo– ‘When The Body States Yes’

When The Body States Yes‘ is an immersive video setup by Melanie Bonajo ( The Netherlands, 1978). The artist thinks that touch can be an effective solution for the solitude that has actually ended up being endemic in our society.

Bonajo united a group of global genderqueer individuals, numerous with a bicultural identity, to cast a cumulative spell in the kind of a pleasure-positive camp where “skinship” is commemorated. Do you understand the sensuous measurements of your “No”? How do you feel when your body states “Yes”? When the body states Yes is a mild invite to let yourself be transferred on a journey of discovery.

Melanie Bonajo (they/ them) is an artist, filmmaker, sexological bodyworker, somatic sex coach and teacher, hug workshop leader, and activist. Their videos, efficiencies, pictures and setups examine topical concerns emerging from the industrialism system. Bonajo highlights styles such as seclusion and the disintegration of intimacy in a significantly sterilized, technological world. They then offer anti-capitalist techniques for reconnecting and for uncovering sexuality, intimacy and sensations.

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