I ha ve actually been too hectic with mentor and other things to blog site … the majority of my writing is presently being provided for my class, Computational Approaches in the Civic Sphere, which is targeted at trainees in the Stanford Journalism Masters program, however open up to any trainee. It has about 30 trainees presently, couple of with any programs experience, and they’re all finding out how to do things from the command-line.

While I do enjoy the command-line, my intent is to utilize the command-line’s detailed nature, and the Unix approach of “Do something and do it well” to demonstrate how intricate computational jobs can be broken down to a series of discrete, explainable-to-an-eight-year-old actions … though the style and amount of those actions can be daunting.

Among my preferred lessons I have actually composed up until now: Montage the world from the command-line with Google and Instagram, which describes how to integrate information from 2 APIs to produce a montage of any place on the planet … and beginning simply from the simple command-line.

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