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BTS pilgrimage tour guide to Busan, Seoul (even for non-ARMY) – The

BTS recorded their Dear Class of 2020 speeches and efficiencies at the National Museum of Korea. Images by Nikko Dizon

Not able to get a table at Otsu Seiromushi, Jin’s sibling’s Japanese dining establishment, the author’s mama and sis go for an image. (Image by Nikko Dizon)

ARMY is a faithful and dedicated fandom so that we commemorate Bangtan Sonyeondan even while they might be performing their enlistment responsibilities in 2023 onwards. It’s likewise our method of letting RM (Kim Namjoon), Jin (Kim Seokjin), Suga (Minutes Yoongi), j-hope (Jung Hoseok), Jimin (Park Jimin), V (Kim Taehyung), and Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook) understand that we are constantly thinking about them and ARMY will be prepared for them when they regroup in 2025.

My last BTS trip remained in October 2022, in Busan and Seoul, right after Bangtan’s impressive Yet to Come show in Busan.

I made an entire Busan-Seoul travel plan for my sis, mama, and me, however we handled to cover just half of it. Lesson found out: Be reasonable with your schedule. There’s a lots of BTS- associated locations to go to, and as Namjoon has actually revealed us, let’s value and take in the charm that we see anywhere we go. Attempt to have some Namjooning time while you remain in Korea.

Because my last journeys to Busan and Seoul were pre-pandemic, I needed to feel my method once again in these cities, such that we either got lost or I wound up making incorrect calls that screwed up our program. However in general, I believe we did a respectable task of making the most out of our journey, which was the very first time, too, that the 3 people took a trip together, making it additional unforgettable.

In Busan:

We wished to go to the areas of Geumjeong and Mandeok, where Jimin and Jungkook, respectively, matured. However since of time restraints, we chose to go to Mandeok, Tycoon, the café owned by Jimin’s daddy, and the Busan People Park, which Taehyung checked out when BTS had their 5 th Muster in June 2019.

I asked the motorist (chauffeurs value it if you resolve them as “kisa-nim”) to drop us off at the Mandeok Duck Folk Town. I believed we might have lunch there since blog sites explained it as a “popular food street”. It ended up, the street was a winding hill, and offered our ages, we could not stroll up without needing to capture our breath and running the risk of a leg cramp. We chose not to check out the town and hailed another taxi, driven by a kind woman. We wished to go to the Baekyang Grade School which Jungkook went to. Fortunately, she understood where it was since her child went there, too!

Baekyang Grade School which BTS’ golden maknae, Jungkook, went to (Images by Nikko Dizon)

Baekyang Grade School

12 Sangni-ro 18beon-gil Buk-gu Busan, Busan, 46611

It might make you feel a bit classic that JK, BTS’ youngest member, invested his early years in this school. The woman informed us that much has actually altered around the area, however the school’s façade has nearly stayed the very same.

Baekyang Intermediate School which Jungkook went to prior to transferring to Seoul and turning into one of the world’s most significant stars. (Image by Nikko Dizon)

Baekyang Intermediate School

70 Sangni-ro, Mandeok-dong, Buk-gu, Busan

It’s a 30-minute walk from the primary school to Baekyang Intermediate school, where JK studied up until he relocated to Seoul to be a Success student and registered in a school in Gangnam.

While we were taking pictures in front of the school, 2 Japanese girls got here. “ARMY!” we informed each other, chuckling. Might lukso ng dugo.

Right throughout the school is the little Baekyang park. It’s a good area to sit and possibly listen to JK’s Ecstasy and My You, his tune for ARMY throughout Festa week last June.

The Mandeok Lego town is not linked to JK at all, however it’s still good to see these rows of homes with intense colored roofings. The location is simply a five-minute walk from the school. We could not discover our method to the suggested raised area, where we might have had a bird’s eye view of the roofings that form what looks like vibrant Lego blocks, however we had the ability to stroll along the streets of the peaceful area.

Busan People’ Park

103 Simingongwon-ron, Busanjin-gu

Taehyung went to this park when BTS had their 5 th Muster in Busan in 2019. He took an image along a course, which immediately ended up being such a preferred amongst ARMY that the park needed to set up a marker on the area where he stood.

It’s rather a long walk from the train to the park; you can take a taxi to conserve time. Ensure to ask the motorist to drop you off at the park’s entryway along 103 Simingongwon-ron, where you will discover a details cubicle and the park’s map.

Stroll towards the gazebo on the ideal side of the park entryway and it will lead you precisely to where Taehyung took his picture.

The park is stunning. It’s good to set up a journey where you can walk leisurely and delight in the solitude.

At the Tycoon coffee shop, owned by Jimin’s daddy, in Busan. Very first picture taken at 11am, with a snaking line of ARMY waiting to enter. 2nd picture taken later on that day at 6pm, the line was reasonably much shorter however the night was cold. (Images by Nikko Dizon)

Tycoon Café

135 Jinnam-ro, Nam-gu, Busan

Tycoon is worthy of a different story. Jimin’s daddy, a warm and jolly male, is a hands-on owner. Mr. Park mans the cashier, takes orders, and even makes the coffee himself. By the time we arrived, the café had actually lacked pastries. Good idea, coffee was still readily available and their choice was genuinely worth the long haul in line.

Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach is understood to be among South Korea’s most popular beaches. It’s a popular website for K-dramas. For the Yet to Come show, it was among the 2 live play places and where Taehyung took a gorgeous night picture after the program. It’s good to take a walk by the beach, with its spectacular shoreline. There are huge sculptures that appear to drift in the water, making the view two times as intriguing.

Visit the Haeundae strip where there are a number of rows of dining establishments and delight in the music of buskers during the night. Right by the strip is the Street Grocery store where dining establishments provide standard Korean food. ARMY still question what’s yummy in Busan– Jungkook had just whispered the response to his Hobi-hyung throughout one fan fulfill years back. In the meantime, I will state it’s the tasty food like the delicious yachaejeon (veggie pancake), bibimbap, fried fish, and hotteok we had for lunch and supper.

There are dining establishments in Busan where BTS ate or more, however which we weren’t able to check out any longer. They are the Gopchang Hair salon, stated to be a favorite of Jungkook and his household, and Dongre Milmyeon where Joon ate after BTS’ 5 th Muster fan conference in 2019. They suffice factors to go back to Busan for a BTS trip.

In Seoul

HYBE Structure

42 Hangang-daero

Yongsan-gu, Seoul

This is the house that BTS’ success constructed, a 19-story high-rise building in Yeongsan, Seoul. Opened in March 2021, BTS have actually offered us a look of their brand-new workplace through their livestreams and dance practices. The location looks both enormous yet pleasant, and based upon videos we have actually seen, looks like the food at the lunchroom can offer Michelin star dining establishments a run for their cash.

I actually want ARMYs are permitted to stop by the café where we can get some Bang egg tarts, which includes Jungkook’s now renowned caricature of the BTS creator.

Found in the structure is HYBE Insight, the museum that showcases BTS souvenirs from their decade-long journey to turning into one of the world’s most significant and most gifted musical acts.

On our journey, HYBE Insight paved the way to the Evidence display (there was likewise one in Busan) which ran up until late November in 2015. It was a sentimental journey down memory lane with primarily their collection of BTS’ pictures (some taken by the young boys themselves) and messages composed on the walls that advised us it wasn’t a simple course to success for the septet.

The display was a Chronicle of Evidence, composed on the wall. It “remembers and thinks back days of old, a presentation of how BTS and ARMY got rid of the constraints of the world to create their own course.” Another message specifically stated that BTS “withstood bias and injustice … through their music.”

It was impactful to check out these frank and sincere messages. I hope ARMY who saw these take them to heart.

On display screen, too, were the clothing BTS used in a few of their videos and performances– which provided ARMY a concept of how high and fit the young boys are.

In these pictures it was touching to see how they have actually grown– a number of the pictures were taken by the young boys themselves. I gained from other ARMY that numerous wept while at the Evidence display in HYBE the day after it was revealed that BTS were employing in the armed force.

Former Success Home entertainment workplace

208-14 Nonhyeon 2( i)- dong, Gangnam-gu

Train: Hakdong Station, Exit 7

Success Home entertainment’s previous office complex is another popular trip website for ARMY. Do not puzzle it with BTS’ old dormitory, which was included (the façade a minimum of) in among their most current Run BTS episodes. We got to the old office complex at around 8 p.m., after having supper at Yoojung Sikdang, a preferred dining establishment of the young boys. I saw that much of ARMY’s messages that filled the walls and stairs, and which I saw in 2019, had actually currently been scrubbed off. However brand-new ones were being made. We saw a handful of ARMY composing messages for the young boys.

We didn’t get to go to BTS’ old dormitory any longer, which has actually been transformed into a café because– we ignored it! I blame it on the call to have bingsu at the neighboring Garosu-gil. This dormitory was extremely unique and crucial to the young boys so that it’s even discussed in their tune, Run BTS It was likewise where they stated they had some ghostly encounters. The address is 16 Nonhyeon-ro 119-gil Gangnam-gu.

Yoojung Sikdang

14 Dosan-daero 28-gil, Gangnam-gu

Train: Hakdong Station, Exit 7

Yoojung Sikdang is BTS’ preferred dining establishment when they were Huge Struck students and even after they had actually debuted. When we went there days after the Busan show, the dining establishment was still filled with ARMY. It’s a brief walk from the old Success office complex.

There was a brief line in the dining establishment and my mama, Consumed Michelle, our pal, Kaethy, who has actually made Seoul her house for the previous 5 years, and I waited just for a couple of minutes prior to we got in. Kaethy and I had actually existed, however it was the very first time for my mama and sis– and they were fortunate that we got to sit at the young boys’ preferred table! The owners had actually positioned sticker labels on the table which suggested where each member sat.

Yoojung Sikdang is covered with BTS’ posters and other souvenirs from flooring to ceiling. The young boys had actually stated they liked the dining establishment since it served food that advised them of house. At Yoojung Sikdang, you can delight in Korea’s finest meals and they are tasty. We had grilled black pork tummy and the black pork stone bibimbap, understood to be Bangtan’s favorites in the dining establishment.

The Gyeongbokgyung Palace and the Gyeonghoeru Structure (ideal) where BTS recorded ‘Idol’ and ‘Mikrokosmos’, respectively, for their efficiencies for The Tonight Program starring Jimmy Fallon in 2020. (Images by Nikko Dizon)

Gyeongbokgyung Palace

61 Sajik-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

This sensational primary royal palace of the Joseon dynasty is a gem in the middle of the city. It’s a must-see for anybody checking out Seoul. For ARMY, the included emphasize is that this was where BTS recorded their Idol and Mikrokosmo s efficiencies for The Tonight Program starring Jimmy Fallon in 2020. It was a gorgeous display of standard Korean culture combined with modern music.

BTS recorded Idol right at the façade of the primary palace. Behind it is the Gyeonghoeru Structure where the young boys carried out Mikrokosmos and notoriously cheered with a weeping Bang Si-hyuk on the phone after they got the news that their tune Dynamite debuted at No. 1 on the Signboard Hot 100, making them the very first Korean act to win that difference in the popular United States chart.

National Museum of Contemporary History

198 Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul

The time pill that BTS provided to then-South Korean president Moon Jae-in in September 2021 marking the nation’s Youth Day is on display screen at the long-term exhibit hall of the National Museum of Contemporary History. The purple box, positioned in a glass case, is on the 5 th flooring of the museum, which is a five-minute walk from Gyeongbokgyung Palace and the United States Embassy.

In the purple box are messages from the BTS members and products that represent their musical journey and accomplishments, in addition to those which they think represent the youth. Package will be opened in 2039, the 20 th year of Youth Day.

What took my breath away was seeing BTS’ own wax seal on package. It was the sign that binds these 7 boys with the countless fans who are touched by their music, their artistry, and their merely being great human beings.

National Museum of Korea

137 Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu

Take Line 4 or the Jungang Line (Munsan-Yongmun) to Ichon Station. Take the exit that links to the museum.

The National Museum of Korea is rather near the HYBE structure. It was here where the septet recorded their part for the Dear Class of 2020, an online start workout for graduates who didn’t get to have their events since of the pandemic.

BTS were welcomed by the Obama Structure to sign up with previous President Barack Obama, previous First Woman Michelle Obama, and other A-listers to participate in this landmark effort.

They carried out Young Boy with Luv, Spring Day, and Mikrokosmos, recorded in the museum’s stunning foyer. Their start speeches were shot in the primary corridor. There are markers on the flooring, you will not miss out on the precise area where BTS stood.

We will constantly keep in mind those speeches, each extremely individual and motivating, a mild and warm rally to the youths who felt dejected in the pandemic. Yoongi provided this recommendations: “Take your hands off what you can’t manage, and get your hands on what you can alter. As you and I continue in life, we will discover ourselves in numerous scenarios out of our grasp. The only thing we can manage is ourselves. Get your hands on the modifications you can make since your possibilities are unlimited. After all, I likewise had no concept I would end up being BTS either.”

Like Namjoon, hang around walking around the museum, which houses a huge collection of historical artifacts from various durations and ages.

Jamsil Olympic Arena

25 Olympic-ro, Jamsil 2( i)- dong, Songpa-gu

Train: Sports Complex Station

On their Run BTS! 2022 unique episode Telepathy, the young boys were offered keywords by the personnel that represented particular locations in their band’s history. For the last round, the keyword was “ARMY”, and 6 of the 7 instantly idea of the Olympic Arena. “That’s the only location,” Suga stated. (V, nevertheless, went to where they had their very first display, which was easy to understand since of how substantial it was to them.)

It was at the Olympic Arena where BTS and ARMY communed to have a wonderful music experience. It was where I viewed my very first BTS show in 2019 and saw for myself how spectacular a BTS show might be. Next to the arena is the Music Star Zone, which includes the handprints of artists who have actually carried out there, consisting of, obviously, BTS.

Otsu Seiromushi

30 Baekjegobun-ro 45-gil

Songpa 1 (il)- dong, Songpa-gu

+82 2-419-2222

Not to be missed out on, this Japanese dining establishment is owned by Jin and his older sibling. However on this journey, we missed it, not as soon as however two times since of incorrect choices I made. We weren’t able to consume there initially since of a confusion about the opening hours. When we returned the next day, there was currently a long line of ARMY. We didn’t make it to the cut-off. I was dissatisfied in myself as a BTS trip guide for my mom and eonnie, Michelle.

While Otsu Seiromushi is popular amongst ARMY since of Jin, this dining establishment really serves delicious meals. Seiromushi is a Japanese technique of steam cooking utilizing bamboo boxes on your table. I had supper at Otsu Seoromushi in October 2019, the week after I viewed the Love Yourself, Speak Yourself: The Ending show. I can still keep in mind the tender strips of beef and pork and the sweet veggies. The dining establishment’s minimalist style, with low lighting, permits you to enjoy your warm food over a good discussion. If you wish to stop by Otsu Seiromushi, finest to call very first and ask about the hours. They’re closed on Wednesdays.

Jin’s sibling and sister-in-law had actually revealed on their Instagram that they had actually just recently opened a 2nd branch of Otsu Seiromushi at the International Financing Center in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.


21 Yeonhui-ro 15-gil

Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

+82 8-732-0054

Mokran is the Korean-Chinese dining establishment owned by BTS’ pal, the popular chef Lee Yeon Bok. Through the years, Jin has actually ended up being near to Chef Lee. In his BTS Vlog a couple of months back, the 2 made menbosha, a deep fried shrimp toast. Jin extremely suggests it. On our method to the dining establishment, Kaethy discovered that you need to reserve for the menbosha 3 days prior to your go to. When we arrived, nevertheless, the wait personnel asked Kaethy if we wished to buy menbosha (possibly somebody cancelled their order?). Naturally, we do!

In addition to menbosha, we had jajjangmyeon, tangsuyuk, and fried rice– all tasty! Do go to Mokran for a fantastic meal.

Sejong Town Food Street that RM and Jin backed as Seoul ambassadors. Image by Nikko Dizon

Sejong Town Food Street

Train: Gyeongbokgung Station (line 3, exit 2, 15 minutes from Myeongdong)

We got here in Seoul from Busan late Tuesday afternoon. After signing in in our hotel, we took the taxi to the Sejong Town Food Street, backed by Jin and Namjoon as Seoul City ambassadors. We attempted to try to find a dining establishment that looked like the interior of where they recorded the advertisement, just to discover a week later on from Seoul City’s main behind-the-scenes video that NamJin recorded it in a studio.

However, we discovered a good dining establishment where we had a scrumptious samgyeopsal supper. The “imo” (auntie) in the dining establishment was kind sufficient to prepare the meat for us. The street is a lovely brief strip of dining establishments.

Faire by Mujin

18 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-du

My sis had not been to a beauty salon given that the pandemic started 2 years back. My brother-in-law has actually been cutting her hair. As Choi Mujin, among BTS’ stylists, provided her a remodeling, I informed him: “She came here to Korea for Bangtan Sonyeondan and you.” He provided a shy laugh and stated “Thank you.” His voice is deep, a bit like Yoongi’s.

Mujin captured ARMYs’ eye since of his great appearances, however beyond that, he’s genuinely a talented stylist. My hair was method beyond my shoulders and he recommended sufficing brief. I informed him my concern with brief hair is it may stress my chubby cheeks. He guaranteed me it would not, and it didn’t. I actually like my wash-and-wear hairstyle. Mujin likewise selected a good deep brown to cover my sis’s gray hair and provided her an actually good cut, too. We both saw how light his hands felt as he dealt with our hair.

Go to his Instagram account, hairbymujin, and you’ll see a brochure of stunning cuts and colors– and pictures of BTS.

It’s simple to schedule a consultation with Mujin. His beauty salon is responsive to questions on Kakao Talk. The costs aren’t bad either, thinking about that he’s understood to be a star stylist. The next journey I make to Korea would more than likely consist of another visit with Mujin.

ARMY will never ever lack locations to take a look at in South Korea for a BTS trip.

Here’s a list of what you need to consist of in your travel plan:

  • BTS bear along the K-Star Roadway in Gangnam

  • Sungnye Gate, considered as South Korea’s No. 1 nationwide treasure. This was where BTS recorded their Consent to Dance and Butter efficiencies for the International Person Live in 2021 that included artists from worldwide.

  • Daeo Book Shop, the earliest book shop in Seoul, which Namjoon checked out two times.

  • Geumdwaeji (or Golden Pig) Sikdang, a Michelin-rated dining establishment where JK and Jimin ate.

  • Geujib, the dining establishment where the young boys recorded their 5th Festa.

  • The Minutes’s, a café owned by 2PM’s Lee Chang Minutes, this is a preferred hangout location of the Tannies. The address is 330 Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

  • I Seoul U in Ttseuksom Hangang Park, where BTS recorded I Seoul U advertisement

  • Bangtan bus stop at Hyangho Beach. This remains in Gangeing, Gangwon, about where they shot the album cover for You’ll Never ever Stroll Alone

  • Deserted Iryeong train station This remains in Yangju City, Gyeonggi Province, where Taehyung shot the opening scene for Spring Day video

  • Shinchon iZone Pop, S&G Tower in Seodaemun-gun. The game was a BTS shooting place.

An essential note: Prior to going on a BTS trip, it is very important to examine not simply online, however likewise with your fellow ARMY, if some locations are still open, or if there have actually been modifications in the websites throughout the pandemic.

I brought my mama and sis to the I’m Fine/Kore, a Jin-focused café (as my mama is Jin-biased), just to discover that it had actually currently closed. Prior to leaving for Korea, I inspected online and the page stated it was still open.

Other BTS-related locations that had actually closed in the pandemic were the && Gather café, where the young boys attempted their hands at being baristas for a day for a Run BTS episode; Laundry Pizza, the shooting place for Love Yourself: Her; and the Myeongdong branch of Line Buddies, that had BT21 product (I’m hoping it has actually resumed!)

I wish to do another BTS trip with my mama and sis this year. And when preparing our travel plan, I’ll make sure to examine ARMY’s most current trip posts on Twitter, which stays for me, the most trustworthy location of online merging for ARMY.

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