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How Much is All the Gold in the World Worth in 2023?

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Here’s a concern from a reader:

” The number of United States dollars is all the gold worldwide worth?”

How Do You Determine the Overall Worth of All the Gold worldwide?

Initially we require to understand what is the overall quantity of gold worldwide. Then we just increase that by the present area rate of gold.

Just How Much Gold exists worldwide?

There are really a number of websites currently keeping an eye on the overall worth of all the gold worldwide.

Here is among them:

Presently they note the worth of all the gold worldwide as $9963917897634.299. Or to conserve you needing to count up all those digits, that’s simply under US$ 10 Trillion.

It appears their worth is based upon an overall quantity of gold of 140,000 tonnes. This being all the gold ever mined worldwide considering that the start of human history.

Nevertheless the World Gold Council states:

” The very best price quotes presently readily available recommend that around 197,576 tonnes of gold has actually been mined throughout history, of which around two-thirds has actually been mined considering that 1950″.


This might seem like a lot, however simply under 200,000 tonnes uses up a remarkably little area. See the pictorial representation of it listed below from As they state all of the world’s mined gold would comprise:

” … one cube with measurements of 20.5 m. If it was all melted, it would fit within the boundaries of an Olympic Pool.”



Here’s the Worth of All the Gold worldwide in United States Dollars

To identify the worth of this World Gold Council quote, we require to transform the overall tonnes into grams. Then increase this by the present gold area rate in dollars per gram.

For that reason the estimation would be:

197,576 tonnes x 1000kg x 1000gm x $61.97 (gold rate per gram) = $12,243,784,720,000.00 11,076,110,560,000.00.

That is practically US$ 12.25 trillion. Up US$ 1.16 trillion considering that we last did this estimation in March 2021.

So it depends whose numbers you utilize. The overall mined gold is simply a price quote in either case. This fascinating BBC post has some figures much lower than those above. It likewise has a greater figure too.

However let’s go someplace in the middle of the 2 figures mentioned above. We get a worth for all the gold worldwide of around US$ 11 trillion.

How Does This Worth Compare to all the Financial obligation worldwide?

Whichever figure we utilize for the overall quantity of gold, in either case the overall worth of the gold is a lot!

However not as much as all the financial obligation worldwide presently. S&P reports that since June 2022 international financial obligation is approximated to be $300 Trillion:

3 hundred trillion dollars. That is the record financial obligation which international federal governments, families, monetary corporates and nonfinancial corporates owed in June 2022, as approximated by the Institute of International Financing


That is up from $281 Trillion in 2021.

Below is a chart demonstrating how low the worth of all the gold is compared to international financial obligation levels.

Chart of Total Value of All the Gold in the World vs Total Value of all the Debt in the World

Or stated in another method, the worth of all the gold is presently 3.67% of all the financial obligation worldwide ($ 11 Trillion/ $300 Trillion).

This previous post of ours goes over the previous times gold peaked. When in 1933 and once again in 1980. On both events, the financial obligation to gold worth in the U.S.A. reached around 26%. That is, the worth of the United States federal government gold reserves reached 26% of the United States federal government financial obligation. See: Gold Support to Financial Obligation Ratio: A Reset Like in 1934 and 1980 Would Mean $25,000 Gold

To go back to a comparable level once again on an international basis, either the financial obligation needs to drop, or the gold rate needs to increase by a fair bit– around 7 times in truth.

Here’s the estimation for that increase: Worldwide financial obligation is $300 trillion. For gold to back this financial obligation, like it performed in 1933 and 1980, would indicate a gold worth of 26% of $300 Trillion which is $78 trillion. So $78 trillion divided by $11 trillion is an increase of over 7 times for the rate of gold. Or at today’s rate of US$ 1930 per oz is a gold rate of $13,685.

Simply a fascinating thing to think of– no warranties it would occur obviously. However it does reveal a historic precedent. It likewise reveals gold is most likely still extremely underestimated.

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Editors note: Very first released 23 March 2021. Upgraded 1 February 2023 with newest charts and numbers.

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