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Reserve banks have actually been purchasing gold at a record rate, and some have actually been repatriating their gold holdings to keep them safe from jurisdictional threat. That threat handled a brand-new significance this year after seeing Russia get tossed out of the SWIFT system, while a number of its properties were frozen.

It’s practically as if the worries numerous gold and silver financiers have actually had for years about a relocation far from the United States dollar and into tough properties have actually lastly manifested. Which it’s no longer a matter of what ‘might’ occur ‘one day,’ however rather what continues to happen prior to our eyes on a nearly daily basis.

In this program, Chris talks with Jay Martin, host of the Vancouver Resource Financial Investment Conference, about his ideas on what we experienced in 2022 in the gold and silver markets and a few of the patterns he anticipates in 2023 and beyond.

Jay speak about why reserve banks are taking active actions to increase and protect their gold holdings, the existing environment for the mining sector, the issues in the energy market, and how the financiers and fund supervisors he consults with daily are reacting to existing conditions.