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Renovation Diary: Our house one year on – From Evija with Love

I ca n’t think it has actually been almost a year considering that we relocated our brand-new house. So what have we in fact performed in the area of time? Although it might seem like very little has actually altered and we do not have the remarkable prior to and after reels/photos to show you right now, we have in fact done a fair bit in the regards to things that actually required doing. Thanks to everybody’s votes on instagram I have actually likewise chosen to share approximate expenses of whatever that we have actually invested up until now throughout the procedure. Please remember we reside in the Island of Male so costs/planning/building and so on will be various from the UK therefore please constantly talk to your city government or council concerning costs * This post includes affiliate links *

This was our very first task when we relocated, we needed to get specialists in to do this part as we were not touching this. ALWAYS look for expert aid if you presume your home might have asbestos!! Asbestos elimination expense will depend upon just how much requirements eliminating and for how long it would require to do this in addition to what part of the nation you are. This expense us around ₤ 1,500 and took the business a number of days to do. We didn’t need to vacate your home as the 2 spaces impacted were sealed.

Your home was covered in a many coloured and patterned carpets. As it had actually not been resided in for rather a long time, we felt that if we get rid of old carpets it would raise the moldy odor, we likewise required to get access to under the floorboards to figure out the radiators and pipes, so we got rid of all carpets. Even from the restroom! Expense– ₤ 0 as we did it ourselves.

Prior to we purchased our home, we performed a moist study which suggested we might have some woodworm in the upstairs eaves. The quote for woodworm treatment was over ₤ 4,000. I chose to do it yourself this utilizing the exact same items that the woodworm treatment business would have utilized and conserved us a fair bit of cash as it just cost us around ₤ 200 by doing it ourselves (this consisted of the woodworm treatment option, sprayer and security devices). If you choose to do it yourself, please ensure you use protective equipment and check out the guidelines thoroughly.

The study didn’t show there was any increasing wet or any severe wet concerns ( phew), nevertheless, we still had some apparent wet concerns originating from the eaves and all the method down the chimney breast into the fireplace. As it had actually been covered and disregarded for months/years, instead of remedied, it had actually done a bit of a damage. As we were changing the ceiling and the walls anyways, it suggested we needed to get rid of all the harmed debris/walls/ceiling that was coming off anyhow. We got rid of the mdf board that was mouldy and was utilized to cover the “leakage” from the roofing system tiles. I got rid of the old render and blended a fresh batch and rendered the couple of loose tiles, which has actually arranged the issue. As we are remodeling the bed rooms (see listed below), we will be sealing all the tiles to ensure there are no future concerns. Arranging the wet– expense of sand and cement for render.

This home required a complete re-wire, the electrical box altering and all sockets and changes relocated to the appropriate heights to follow the brand-new guidelines. As we were likewise constructing an extension we required to prepare where the brand-new sockets/switches will go and re-arrange them basically around the majority of the spaces as the old sockets were integrated in the skirting boards. This is still continuous and has actually not finished yet, however the expense will remain in the area of ₤ 6,000 ( not consisting of the sockets/switches) Keep in mind the expense will depend upon the size of your home and just how much work will require doing. The switches and sockets cost around ₤ 850 for the entire home as we purchased a mix of less expensive ones and more pricey ones for downstairs

All the radiators in your home were old and to be truthful, the majority of them were eliminated quite not long after we relocated to arrange our preliminary boiler issue and to enable the pipes work to start. We needed to raise all carpets and the majority of the floorboards to enable the plumbing technician to do their work.

As the brand-new boiler was fitted (see listed below expense and information) and the radiators got rid of, we chose to entirely alter the old pipelines to ensure we do not have any concerns in the future once the floorings were laid. A few of the pipeline work was likewise a bit dodgy to state the least, which likewise wound up arranging among the boiler issues we had! This was a pricey task however it needed to be done, part one is total (consisting of pipes the restroom) and the entire thing will cost simply over ₤ 6,000 ( minus the expense of radiators/appliances and so on). We acquired radiators for the entire home online and the expense was– ₤ 3,359 (this consists of the feet for all radiators) and around ₤ 504 for the brass radiator valves.

Even at the seeing phase, we understood we would not keep the gas heating unit and had actually allocated to have the heating unit transformed to oil. As the gas costs kept increasing and increasing and we were slapped with a 971 ₤ expense, we chose it was time to get this done earlier instead of later on. We had this done early 2022 and a brand name brand-new boiler, water cylinder and oil tank was set up. At this phase we were still waiting on the preparation to come through and never ever believed that we would require to make brand-new strategies ( read later). Expense for this was ₤ 5,200. This does not consist of the expense of an oil tank, which we got totally free, which was not consisted of in the charge. We constructed an area around the oil tank and utilized metal sheets, which cost ₤ 122 and the plumbing technician needs to return to alter the momentary plastic pipelines outside your home (when we restore the course and extension).

We have a lovely and fully grown garden and trees that required some severe attention. All trees are secured in the Island of Male, so if we were even thinking about eliminating any trees, we would need to make an application for an unique licence. I definitely fell for the secret garden and the trees, when we concerned see your home, so we attempted to do whatever we can to keep them. After talking about the choices with the tree cosmetic surgeon, we did choose to get them cut down a little rather of eliminating. They did an excellent task and this has actually made such a distinction. We were extremely amazed with their work and the expense was just ₤ 700. Picture reveals the “in the past”

We are fortunate to have not simply one however 2 fireplaces in our house. Both have actually not been utilized as open fires considering that around 90s (we understand as it was packed with papers from 1991!). They were both chunky tiled monstrosities, so we chose to have one developed into log burner and the other one kept as open fire. I got this marble surround and cast iron fireplace for 50 ₤ from Facebook market.

We destroyed the old fireplaces ourselves to conserve some cash however got specialists in to do the rest, fire and fireplaces are not something I would mess around with. Do not forget if you are utilizing the fireplace and it has actually not been done effectively or according to fire guidelines, in case of a mishap your insurance coverage more than likely will be void! Likewise if you are offering your home, you will be asked to offer certificates and evidence that this has actually been done properly. We are still waiting on the log burner to be set up (we need to render the chimney breast and tile it initially), however setting up the fireplace and the log burner will be around ₤ 4,000 in overall (consisting of the supply of the log burner, hire of the hoist, hire of avoid, re-building the chimney breast inside for the cast iron insert and so on). We kept among the open fire’s which was likewise set up and consisted of in the expense. The marble fire surround, granite hearth and cast iron insert expense me ₤ 90 on Facebook market. At the minute the strategy is to DIY the tiles I desire for the log burner however I keep altering my mind!

We sent our preparation application in December, and after a prolonged conversation with the preparing officer and modification of strategies, our strategies ultimately got authorized in February 2022 for the extension. The initial strategies consisted of a dormer, which regretfully our preparing officer did not assistance, so we chose to ditch this concept and resubmitted strategies without the dormer. Initially we were actually ravaged however it ended up being a true blessing in camouflage. This suggested that we needed to entirely reassess our restroom style as we didn’t wish to jeopardize on anything. Regretfully this suggested the water cylinder we had actually set up a number of months back needed to be moved, costing us additional, which was a little bit of a discomfort however certainly worth it. BUT, by not constructing the dormer suggested, we get to conserve about ₤ 20,000 so silver lining and all that …

Expenses for the preparation application to be sent (Island of Male) and designer charge to draw existing strategies and brand-new prepare for the brand-new extension and brand-new design and extra styles was simply over ₤ 2,500.

The fence on one side of the garden was rotten and was leaning, the bushes were pressing the fence onto the neighbours garden and structure this side of the fence was among our top priorities. Shaun and number of his good friends did an excellent task and constructed a brand-new fence in a number of days on the right-hand man side.

We needed to wait up until we had actually preparing authorized to get rid of the bushes on the other side of the garden, as we had a number of trees on that side and they were consisted of in the preparation application. As quickly as preparation was through Shaun was on it and worked with a small digger to remove the bushes and stumps. We did need to look for the birds as it was the nesting season prior to we began to cut any bushes down. When the bushes were out, there was a lot area behind! Shaun constructed the fence on the other side too.

As we did the majority of the work ourselves (with aid from Shaun’s good friends), the expense was considerably minimized. We spent for all the products such as wood, fence panels and postcrete, labour, hire of the mini digger, the overall expense remained in the area of ₤ 1,000 for the 2 fences. We worked with the small digger to remove the roots on the other side of the garden where we were constructing a fence and Shaun did the website strip at the exact same time to conserve some cash.

Prior to we might begin constructing the extension, we required to get the structure guidelines authorized too. Our designer did state we might do the website preparation in anticipation of this being authorized, however required the approval to anything else. The structure guidelines were authorized in late Might 2022. As we had a wedding event to go to in June in Portugal, we chose to wait up until we return to do anything even more.

Expense for the structure inspector’s examination charge, sending the structure guidelines application and prepares amounted to around ₤ 440, with designers charge in the area of ₤ 1,750 for offering comprehensive prepare for Structure Control.

As the pipes was getting performed in the whole home, we required to get the design and size for the downstairs toilet and the structure integrated in order for the plumbing technician to do the very first repair. We got our pal who is a joiner to get this provided for us.

* Expense of the wood just. 4 × 2 wood lengths were around 21 ₤ per length.

The restroom restoration is most likely the greatest improvement in your home you can in fact see and value. The restroom was a HUGE job and you can overtake my posts here.

Different restroom products, taps, tiles, lighting, plasterboard, wood, velux, radiator, paint and devices exercise around in the area ₤ 5,500. Expenses of labour were around ₤ 3,500 for tiler, roofing contractor, joiner and plasterer (not consisting of plumbing technician or electrical contractor).

As I am composing this, the structure guidelines were authorized and we have actually begun to the website strip and footings (and by we I suggest Shaun). The structures and brick work is getting done as we speak.

We worked with a small digger from C & & C Plant Hire, if you remain in the Island of Male, we can’t suggest Jay enough. Up until now we have actually begun on the structures, and invested in the area of ₤ 2,000 for the concrete, obstructs and bricks ( not consisting of the structure expense). Expense of blocks exercise at around ₤ 108 per pallet.

The entire home is covered in lath and plaster, so each wall and ceiling is challenging to get rid of! I have actually begun eliminating walls and ceiling to the bare wood in both upstairs bed rooms. Shaun and I have actually likewise extended our bed room, by eliminating the eaves and constructing a brand-new stud wall. To guarantee the spaces are warm, we likewise have actually insulated practically whatever whatever, cleared out the old render from the the roofing system tiles (from within) and sealing them utilizing a roofing sealant. I have actually done the woodworm treatment on the woods, as a safety measure. We constructed the stud wall and insulated it utilizing 25 mm insulation boards, these expense us around ₤ 150 for both spaces and 50mm insulation for the ceiling which cost ₤ 130 for both spaces (took around 10 sheets per space). I likewise utilized around 30+ tubs of sealant at ₤ 2.99 per tub.

We bought plasterboard when it was on deal wholesale and got it provided and kept on our drive. Plasterboard was ₤ 776.47 for 80 boards ( from B&Q site online, they had a sale on and likewise we got money back).

As we are putting plasterboard on ourselves we sprinkled out on a plasterboard hoist which was around ₤ 180 ( affiliate) and we likewise updated our tools which were around ₤ 1,290 for Dewalt set, which we obtained from our regional home builder merchant, however amazon has some lots.

It might not look like we have actually attained a lot in a year, nevertheless, we are doing this restoration ourselves, with some aid from specialists (plumbing/electrics). We both have a full-time task and we have actually had lots on this year too, so I believe we are doing quite well.


  • where possible, we did all the work ourselves (consisting of demolition and website preparation)
  • shopping around to ensure I utilized discount rates and any offers/sales when buying things. The failure of living in the Island of Male– whatever costs a lot more when it pertains to shipping.
  • Leading Cashbank ( note this link is recommendation so I might get a benefit if you register)– I attempted to utilize topcashback as much as possible to get get money back. Register here– trust me you will not regret it. We had more than ₤ 300 money back from products we required to purchase for your home anyhow! win win!
  • utilizing charge card for any orders and paying it off completely from cost savings to get perks and coupons from the charge card service providers.
  • search websites such as Facebook market, eBay and regional charity stores or markets to discover things you might utilize on the home, I discovered my deal marble fireplace and some oak doors that cost be 50 ₤
  • save where possible, by discovering discount rate codes, sale products and so on THIS DOES NOT describe trades, never ever opt for the most affordable choice. Ensure you just utilize relied on trades and somebody who understands what they are doing, when you have a great tradesperson, ensure you stick to them. Our tiler is definitely remarkable and we have actually utilized him since he conserved us from the catastrophe in the old home, when our old (less expensive and readily available right away) tiler left us in the ****. We waited on 4 weeks and set up things around to ensure he does the restroom as we trust him 100%.
  • utilize a great designer who understands what they are doing to ensure if any concerns do occur, they understand how to handle it and will not sustain additional expenses and unneeded additions to strategies.
  • prepares modification do not be dissuaded, it will all exercise in the end.
  • sprinkle out on the important things that are very important and conserve where things do not matter as much. We invested more on switches for hallway/kitchen and bought less expensive ones in bed rooms.
  • purchasing wholesale– I bought things such as door manages, changes, sockets and so on once I had actually made a list of what we require to get a discount rate. The majority of business will have either a bulk conserving or discount rate if you purchase x quantity of products. Likewise, the majority of business have the exact same shipment charge whether you purchase 1 or 10 products, so you will save money on postage too!
  • produce a list on your own for each space and document your outright should have product in each space, then exercise things that are not as essential and indicates you can purchase a more affordable option.


Let me understand if you wish to know a bit more about anything in the remarks!

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