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Video Premiere: Mol Sullivan “Bury the Hatchett”

Mol Sullivan isn’t going to let us off the hook. “Bury the Hatchet” is an earworm constructed around unanticipated structures and innovative pop-infused tunes. The Cincinnati-based songwriter’s brand-new EP, A Little Hi, took a circuitous course through battle and healing to discover its footing in an area where difficult concerns do not get buried, and her voice is prepared to, as she puts it, “wail a bit.”

” Bury the Hatchet” checks out how avoidance and intimacy conspire to cause yearning and heartbreak. Sullivan is pointed, asking in the opening verse over emotive guitar leads and resilient keyboard plans, “How can we bury the hatchet when you’re keeping it concealed? How can we discover the fact and still discover space for forgiveness?” Provided through a story that sees a wide-eyed variation of Sullivan impersonated a cowgirl, browsing a bright-hued world where the fractures are starting to reveal. It’s an unbelievable, strangely-moving video directed and produced by Sullivan.

As she duplicates the chorus, “What an embarassment,” over and over, the awareness that this desire for openness isn’t going to be returned sets in. Her expressions increase the lyrics’ psychological effect. “I was simply attempting to get across you,” she croons, “However it ends up, I think, that was too difficult to do.” It’s uncomplicated, however the lilting tone of her voice makes it struck so difficult.

When scenes move to Sullivan’s opposite, we are large awake. A sharp-edged guitar solo and traditional “Yeehaw!” send us into the range. Sullivan used something ageless and memorable on “Bury the Hatchet,” utilizing grit and nerve to reveal a lot vulnerability that it’s difficult not to feel a deep connection.

Ruination Records will launch A Little Hi on cassette and digital formats on February 3 Pre-order HERE.

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