First Conversation with the Scrum Team
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First Conversation with the Scrum Team

This interview structure is adjusted from the sample concerns from The Very First 90 Days, page 176 (1 ).

  • Meet each direct report in turn and ask the following concerns
  • By asking the very same concerns of everybody you can see where resemblances and distinctions lie, which will assist you comprehend what sort of group gamer everyone is a little bit more.
  • As soon as you have actually gone through all the information of the interviews, collect the entire group together and discuss what you have actually discovered through the interviews and have an open conversation.
  • What are the strengths and weak points of our existing usage of Scrum and complementary practices?
  • What are the most significant difficulties and chances facing us in the short-term? In the medium term?
    • In regards to our Item and supplying our consumers with worth
    • In regards to our Scrum group’s procedures and methods of working
  • What resources could we utilize better?
    • In regards to our procedures
    • In regards to our tools
    • In regards to people in our group
    • In regards to our interactions inside and outside the group
  • How could we enhance the method the group collaborates?
  • If you remained in my position, what would your top priorities be?


  • How do you believe the abilities and obligations are stabilized in the group?
  • If there is an error/ failure within the group, is it honestly talked about in group occasions? What about with external stakeholders?
  • Exists anybody inside the group or externally who has a huge impact en route we work or what/how we establish, and why?

Ground mine

  • What was the most current surprises that detonated and put us off track?
    • What is the most typical?
  • What possibly harmful cultural or political errors must you prevent?


  • Exist any Scrum or complementary practices that you understand about that you believe would benefit us as a group?
  • What are the most current enhancements that were made to our practices?
    • Who lead the modification?
    • Do you believe it succeeded/ rewarding?
    • Existed any opposition to the modification?
  • What present parts of our procedure irritates you the most?

  1. The Very first 90 days by Michael D. Watkins

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