Scrum Considerations
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Scrum Considerations

Shipment of Worth

Shipment Logistics

  • How regular is shipment to the client?
  • Exists an approval procedure to get to live
  • How are live releases performed? Test clients? Downtime?

Sprint Result

  • Do the group provide the sprint objective?
  • Is an increment provided? (i.e. a ‘‘ done’ possibly releasable action towards the item objective)

Worth Focus

  • Does the group provide what business most requirements?
  • How is ‘‘ most important’ chosen?
  • How are shipments validated as accomplishing worth?

Supporting Process Improvements

  • How are the Scrum group constantly enhancing?
  • Review current retrospective notes (if they exist)
  • What difficulties have they just recently dealt with/ get rid of?
  • Have there been modifications throughout the organisation?

Previous efficiency ( 2 )

  • How has this organisation carried out in the past? How do individuals in the organisation believe it has carried out?
  • If efficiency has been great, why has that held true?
  • What have been the relative contributions of method, structure, systems, skill bases, culture, and politics?
  • If efficiency has been bad, why has that held true? Do the main problems live in the organisation’s method? Its structure? Its technical abilities? Its culture? Its politics?

Scrum Occasions

Daily Scrum

  • Does it occur every day at the exact same time and location?
  • Does the entire group take part? Exist any external individuals that take part/ observe?
  • Are issues/ obstacles emerged?
  • How are obstacles left at the end of the occasion?
  • Is the Sprint Objective utilized as an anchor for the discussion?
  • Does somebody assist in the occasion or watch on the group working arrangements?

Sprint Preparation

  • Does the PO take part? How do they interact what is concern?
  • Do all the designers go to and take part?
  • Does it lead to a Sprint Stockpile and Sprint Objective?
  • Does the entire group think the strategy is attainable?
  • Are any forecasting metrics utilized, e.g. speed from story points?

Sprint Evaluation

  • Does this occur after every sprint?
  • ( For scaling) Is the Sprint Evaluation for the group just, or is it integrated with other groups?
  • Are the ideal stakeholders in the space? Exist observers who do not feedback or concerns left for those outside the space?
  • Is feedback provided and adjustments gone over?
  • What is the format? Is it a working session or a discussion?
  • Are difficulties or adjustments throughout the sprint gone over? Is this finished with openness and security?
  • Is this occasion utilized as an indication off for releases?
  • Exists an evaluation of the Item Stockpile?
  • Is the Meaning of Done utilized to check the increment?
  • Is the increment ‘‘ done’?

Sprint Retrospective

  • Does it lead to concrete enhancement propositions?
  • Do some propositions get carried out?
  • Does the entire group and the PO take part? Exist other observers either in the conference or anticipating notes later on?
  • Exists a chosen facilitator or note taker?
  • Exists an elephant in the space?
  • What are the present enhancements/ obstacles?
  • Are the group totally free to experiment? Is development commemorated?
  • How do they handle failure?


  • For how long is a Sprint?
  • ( For scaling) Does sprint begin/ end times associate with other groups? Are they in sync or staggered?
  • Is Sprint length constant? How are public vacations managed?
  • Are sprints cancelled? Why and by whom?


Sprint Stockpile

  • Where is it? Is it extremely noticeable?
  • Who takes a look at it?
  • Do the group really utilize it, or is it a problem to them?
  • Do external stakeholders utilize it?
  • Do the group own it?

Item Stockpile

  • Where is it? Is it extremely noticeable?
  • Are the PBIs prioritised? How are they prioritised and by whom? Exists a procedure?
  • Are price quotes utilized?
  • How is the Item Stockpile utilized for forecasting?
  • How are the price quotes done?
  • How are the PBIs improved? Who fine-tunes them? Exist any group requirements regarding what improved ways?
  • Does the PO comprehend all of the PBIs and has the ability to prioritise? Is the stockpile puffed up with scrap?

Meaning Done

  • Does one exist?
  • Who composed it/ owns it?
  • ( Scaling) Exist shared requirements/ meanings?
  • Does it progress?


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