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In May 2022, our buddy and coworker Dennis De Roover took a trip for the very first time in his life– solo— outdoors Europe He set his sights on a journey in Florida in the United States He’s so kind to share his story.

The last park I went to was Epcot It’s a sort of utopian city commemorating the accomplishments of humanity. It opened in the early eighties of the previous century. A geodesic sphere real estate the destination Spaceship Earth is the most recognized landmark in the park.

All tourist attractions are art pieces. I wound up preference this park one of the most of the 3 I went to. From the curvatures and planetary figures of ‘ Objective: Area‘ to the structure The Land real estate the destination ‘ Soarin’ Worldwide‘ and ‘ Coping With the Land‘. It’s all so magnificently taken into architecture and design!

Even more down the park you have a huge lake surrounded by numerous structures that form a sort of irreversible world’s reasonable.

Anticipate an extremely United States handle nations like Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Mexico and the UK Thankfully I enjoy a great cliché!

In the American part of the world structures you have a within rotunda slightly recommending the Capitol rotunda. In this best acoustic environment you have the a cappella group ‘ The Voices of Liberty‘ singing patriotic and spiritual tunes. I bewared initially, however in fact truly liked this efficiency.

Florida 2022

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