Track-by-Track: Purple Decades’ “Journey Test”
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Track-by-Track: Purple Decades’ “Journey Test”

As an album title, Journey Test sends my ideas skittering in numerous instructions, however as a real album, I discover calm and focus within its mild motions and warm radiance. Cincinnati-based author Tristan Eckerson has actually launched numerous albums of modern-day symphonic music, however with Purple Years, he exposes something cocoon-like and reflective. Utilizing a very little scheme however moving into more electronic passages than his normal solo work, Journey Test ends up being an ever-growing dot on the horizon. This music handles to be close and extensive all at once, covering us in its charm while pulling us even more into the open. Through duplicating passages and emotive plans, Journey Test stands apart as an album worth costs significant time with.

For me, Journey Test was initially about making an album that actually seemed like a development of art, without any real objectives or expectations beyond that. That may sound weird, however I had actually sort of backed myself into a corner at the time, making modern symphonic music with the frame of mind of requiring to earn money from my releases, as any artist does. And it was beginning to end up being sort of a drag since the desire to earn money from my art was sort of driving me to make music that I wasn’t actually enthusiastic about. Therefore I felt that I required to make something that actually simply felt excellent to make which I would take pride in when it was ended up. So I set out to make Journey Test, actually considering developing something blissful, immersive, and cathartic- both for the listener and for myself. I took my time in producing this music and taking notice of information of sound style, environment, and textures, in addition to my normal compositional procedure. I wished to make something that seemed like you were within it, actually immersed in it, and the procedure of which would be satisfying, warm, and simple and easy.


Throughout the procedure of developing another piece of music a couple of years back, I established a sort of scheme of noises that I actually got connected to. Therefore I utilized these noises, and even the harmonic development of the piece I had actually been dealing with, to establish forest. I actually like the concept of tape hold-up, foley, and atmosphere developing an immersive and natural noise- something that wasn’t actually foreseeable in musical terms however rather seemed like it was originating from someplace far. And after that, putting the chords and tune over that in an extremely washed-out method, I produced the noise of Forest, which to me is extremely deep and heavenly, and actually sets the tone of what I wished to achieve with Journey Test as a whole.

Journey Test

The majority of my music beyond Purple Years is piano based, and I understood I wished to have a couple of tracks on this album that were still piano-centric. Journey Test is the title track of this album since I believe this track actually summarizes the concepts I wished to communicate. This tune is a journey, however not always a positive one. It’s sort of that sensation of when you understand you require to go out and check out and make a modification, however you’re uncertain what is going to take place. You simply require to evaluate it out. That was actually the concept that I had going on in my head at the time I was composing this piece. So, naturally, it begins at a plodding kind of rate, extremely very little and primarily piano based. Which as it goes on, it sort of divides open and broadens into something unidentified and keeps reaching till it simply ultimately disappears, back to where it began. I utilized a great deal of layers and sounds on this track to move it forward, and I’m actually delighted with the method everything came together.

Sort of Like Breathing

This track simply sort of taken place by itself, which is my preferred kind of tune. I was certainly going somewhat more in the instructions of psychedelia on this one, attempting to make something actually deep and relaxed, practically like the consistency was coming at you in waves. I likewise felt a bit of Flaming Lips impact when I was making this one. I simply desired it to have a favorable sensation, something actually reassuring and cathartic to listen to. This may be among the most synth-based tracks on the album also, as I utilized a great deal of various tracks to develop a thick and warm noise, with a great deal of mild distortion and area included around the tune and bass line.


This was the other piano-led track and among my individual favorites from the album. I was certainly taking some impact from Jon Hopkins and Ryuichi Sakamoto on this one. The piano part is actually very little, so the entire concept was simply to develop a sonic world for it to live within. The method resembled the production of the other tracks, however for Kagami, I didn’t require it to take a trip anywhere. It’s not a lot a journey as it is an area in time. It’s simply sort of drifting there and gradually establishing, ending in the very same method that it started. I actually like the interaction in between stress and release on this track and how the easy piano part is moved forward by all of the ambient noise behind it.

Shinseki Main

This is among the album’s most drone-esque tracks, where I disrobed whatever and simply concentrated on sound style and area. There actually is no tune or forward harmonic development. I think you might state this is among the album’s most truly “ambient” tracks. I was actually simply aiming to develop a big open area for all of these noises to live within, with glittering and undulating noises occurring throughout. I believe this track likewise takes you on a journey, however a various kind of one. My objective was for you to close your eyes and lean back into this tune, and let it take you to some sort of meditative area.

Everthus the Ether

This track was essentially a substantial rework of a previous piano track that I had actually launched under my own name. It’s most likely among the most melodic tracks on the album. Still, I wished to take it in a totally various instructions than solo piano, actually dealing with synthesizers and ambient to develop an alternate world for the structure to live within. The tune and harmonic modifications are actually minimalistic, however I attempted to include a great deal of orchestration to the piece to submit the noise and include more depth. I approached it like I was composing string and woodwind plans to the initial parts, however then made those parts sound more like natural electronic noises, where you weren’t sure if it was an instrument or a synth doing the work.


Path is what it seems like- an extremely drone-oriented path that unfolds over 7 minutes. The method here was just like Shinseki Main, however I wished to take it an action even more and actually look into sound style. This is likewise the only track on the album that actually presents a little distortion. I in fact truly like dark and extreme music, however the majority of the music I produce nowadays is actually the reverse of that. So I wished to present a little stress and darkness into completion of this track, although in general, it is still extremely unwinded and ambient in nature.

Unusual Dream

This is the last track on the album and was likewise the last track I composed and produced for the album. So it actually resembled the more detailed for the session. I visualized this simply covering whatever up on the album. Like whatever had actually currently been stated that I wished to state, and now you simply needed to sit with this track for a couple of minutes and simply sort of exist. The concept of noises can be found in waves, practically like breathing, is main to the structure of this tune, with a lot of the others on this album. I didn’t desire you to make any effort to listen or comprehend it, simply sit and experience the tune, unwinding the journey.

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