Video Premiere: Fordmastiff “Counterfeit”
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Video Premiere: Morgan Garrett “Fall & Walk”

Below ground creep comes to life on the very first piece of Morgan Garrett’s Extreme Dream, “Fall & & Stroll. “Leaking artificial mercury rots in the resonant gorges below his desolate voice and skittering balanced turmoil. He wails, “Figured: excessive systems, believed it ‘d do today,” prior to universal guitar riffs rupture through the lost din, and whatever enters into overdrive. Full-fueled beats blast open great voids into the bedrock, Garrett scratching and clawing every last ounce of sweat from the terror-soaked squall. It’s wonderfully excessive. “Feel the walk it knocks you,” he shrieks prior to the power’s cut, and we’re delegated our own gadgets in the void.

” Fall & & Stroll” appears on Extreme Dream, out by means of Orange Milk Records on March 3 Pre-order HERE.

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