Lead time curve with rainbow colours
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Forecasting Cards

Those who satisfied me at conferences in the last 2 years (some customers, too) have actually most likely seen these Forecasting Cards. They’re simple to acknowledge by their rainbow colours. I produced them to begin discussions about lead time and to interact the associated concepts and findings (such as from this popular post: Inside a Preparation Circulation).

These cards and the discussions we had while taking a look at them encouraged some individuals to begin determining their time to market and to comprehend the probabilistic nature of shipment procedures they’re attempting to handle in their expert service business.

I upgraded the cards numerous times and included some descriptions based upon the feedback, however I have not made such modifications just recently. So, I’m going to share the existing variation of the Forecasting Cards as a simple download. This will likely be their last modification.


In the meantime, I have actually begun dealing with the next set of cards, which will interact some insights about threat taking and fat-tailed circulations.


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