The day I completed the narrative was the day the Queen passed, so I do describe her in today tense and not the past.Queen Elizabeth II liked Jewellery and enjoyed to show off the treasures from her individual collection in addition to the main crown treasury.Which is your favourite?Included in this video … The 5th Wedding Event Anniversary Bracelet Diamond Maple Leaf Brooch Queen Alexandra’s Wedding event Parure The Baring Ruby Locket Diamond Maple Leaf Brooch Diamond Night Watch Richmond Brooch The County of Cornwall Bracelet The badge of the Coldstream Guards, Pearl Night Watch The Multi-Colour Floral Spray Brooch Queen Mary’s Russian Brooch Brazil Parure George VI Victorian Suite Welsh Guards Badge The Round Cambridge Emerald Brooch Sapphire and Ruby Crowning Rings Sapphire Cluster Ring Queen Mary’s Pearl and Diamond Floral Bracelet The Wedding Event Present Bracelet The 5th Wedding Event Anniversary Bracelet The Duchy of Lancaster Badge The Delhi Durbar Bracelet Royal Program of Scotland Badge The Diamond Quatrefoil Bracelet The Royal Program of Canadian Weapons Jubilee Badge The Pearl Triangle Brooch Queen Mary’s Diamond Bar Choker Bracelet The Multi-Colour Pendant Brooch The Red Flower Posy Brooch The Tudor Rose Brooch Queen Victoria’s Crown Ruby Earrings and Locket The Sapphire Tassel Demi-Parure The Baguette and Brilliant Bracelet Queen Mary’s Pearl Bracelet The Kent Amethyst Demi-Parure The Ruby and Gold Flower Brooch The Sapphire and Diamond 18th Birthday Bracelet The Malta Aquamarine Brooch The Diamond Chandelier Drop Demi-Parure Engagement and Wedding Event Rings The Australian Hibiscus Brooch The Queen Mom’s Cartier Bracelet Quintet The Diamond and Gold Cuff Demi-Parure The Duke of Lancaster’s Program Badge The Emerald Tassel Parure Queen Victoria’s Bracelet The Lead Rose Brooch Grenadier Guards Badge The Qatar Pearl and Diamond Demi-Parure The HMS Ocean Brooch The Queen Mom’s Ruby and Diamond Arrangement BroochPart 1 Part 3 Part 4 TBAThank you for seeing If you enjoyed this video click the like button to provide it a thumbs up and subscribe, end up being a history enthusiast!If you wish to make a one off contribution cent I get will go towards research study product for future jobs. Thank you.orPlease reveal your assistance and end up being a patreon not purchase me a coffee pinterest page My twitter page #Jewellery #Royaljewels #Queenelizabeth