The size of the engine and cutting width of a lawn mower depend on how large the garden is and personal preferences. This is the main difference between most models on the Irish market. The power is measured in cc’s, with higher numbers meaning more power and not necessarily a lighter mower. This is when there is a petrol engine. There are also electric varieties that are also measured in their power output. Cutting width refers to the distance travelled by blade in centimetres or inches. 

If you have a small lawn, with thin grass, an entry level mower option will work fine for you. However if you have thick and untamed types of grass and an extensive lawn, then you’ll need to pay more attention to the power of your mower. A more reliable engine with higher power will mean that the longer grass will not put too much pressure on the engine. This is the main factor for people replacing lawn mowers (the engine size was too small). 

Before buying, you should think about the size of your lawn – is a large or small mower necessary? 

This is just an example, but you may choose to take a narrower cut with a wider machine. Larger areas may require a more manoeuvrable machine.

One thing you may want to think about is the type of finish you want the lawn mowing machine to have. Some models can provide different effects on the grass and make your garden look a lot better. The famous “Wimbledon Stripes” are created with specific models. If you want this measured lawn finish, a professional mower with adjustable heights is very important, with rollers to add additional finishes.  

It’s always good to consider additional storage space. Do you have extensive space in your garden shed or does the mower get moved into the garage for the Irish winter.  Foldable handles on some models can save you space in your shed and make it easier to store for the winter months.