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Fire in the hole! – A Tale from the Borderlands

Jax’s ECHO Log entry # 2: They brought a knife to a gunfight.

We utilized among those terrible teleportation devices today and discovered ourselves at some sort of mining center. I practically didn’t make this log since we were so hectic, however the others are arguing over whether to open a door so it appears like a great time to take a minute.

Wait … I may need to open a door here …

Nope, someone is looking for traps. Anyhow, have you ever shot a skeleton prior to? That was a brand-new one for me today.

We had a lead on that wand and I handled to in fact manage being rather peaceful and not barge into anything. Discover some odd skeleton-looking things going over something about the advantages of experienced swordsmen. All the while standing over an entire stack of weapons.

I got ta hand it to the team here, they developed an excellent opening. That very first skelly didn’t understand what was what when that grenade got tossed in, and his pal that got a 6-foot slashing robotic tossed at him? Should be one hell of a method to go. I attempted our old fire-barrel technique, however obviously skeletons shake off being on fire a little much better than your typical outlaw. It was still a great deal of enjoyable!

There is something up with that other hunter, however. She entered blazing and the next thing you understand she’s off in the corner hiding by a loot chest. I indicate, loot’s fantastic and all, however … when the bullets are flying you ‘d believe your head would be on your gunsight. Something’s going on there.

Todd decreased throughout the tussle, however, I wasn’t happy with that. I saw them come right at him and there was absolutely nothing I might do. Absolutely nothing however survive for another shot. Survived we did! Even discovered some brand-new equipment. Going to provide it a shot and see what occurs.

Besides that odd encounter with some skeletons, primarily it’s simply been spooky. Moving down mining shafts into scary deserted spaces. Great deals of mining equipment simply left. Tools, bed mattress, you call it, simply lying around, like everyone removed. And a huge indication on this door in front of us.

Wait … fine, now I * am * going to be opening this door. I question what scared folks a lot? I’ll inform you quickly.

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