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Time to Update the STATIK A3

I developed the so-called “STATIK canvas” numerous years earlier. Numerous individuals from distant nations have actually asked me about it just recently. I’m grateful they are utilizing this paper or some variations of it.

STATIK A3– Print on 11 × 17.

STATIK means the System Thinking Technique To Presenting Kanban. You use this technique to design and comprehend business environment in which some service is provided to consumers (which might be an item advancement or a task workflow, to be clear) and to develop and present a Kanban system with the intent to promote this service to enhance.

Mike Burrows, who composed a great guide to STATIK, which is Part III of his book, Kanban from the Within, called it Kanban’s covert gem in his conference speeches. I have actually constantly preserved that the STATIK A3 need to then resemble a low-cost plastic container for the gem. It is still helpful and it still works, however.

Now that I see individuals utilize this paper, I wish to make some modifications to it and to much better interact my intent for it. Which is what this post has to do with.

Initially, I wish to stop calling this thing a “canvas.” It was a bad option of a word on my part. The word “canvas” has actually just recently ended up being useless as individuals produced notepads partitioned into locations to record details and call them canvases, after the popular Company Design Canvas. Well business Design Canvas is a canvas, and it specifies the word, in my view. It represents the most carefully linked components, such as client sections and sales channels to reach them, as areas surrounding each other. It utilizes geometry efficiently to aesthetically enhance the coherence of a service design. Such reasoning is missing out on from the majority of other “canvases.” With my STATIK paper it wasn’t even the objective.

( P.S. I have actually reviewed my initial 2015 post presenting this STATIK paper and discovered it still mainly appropriate. Other than for the annoying word “canvas.”)

2nd, I think there are much better factors to call this paper an A3. Technically, it fits the A3 size paper (or 11-by-17 inch for North Americans). There are much deeper factors, obviously. There was a time in my profession when I studied and practiced A3 Believing seriously. It was my part of my search to end up being more efficient coach and expert. I got excellent mentoring in A3 and check out initial literature on it. I recognized there were various designs of A3, however they all had 2 things in typical. They were all efficient at withstanding the natural human propensity to leap to conclusions, such as to alter something in the bothersome procedure while thinking their action would fix that issue. However even if we were to use some purposeful analytical technique, that would still leave us exposed to another propensity: thinking which issues were the most worth fixing at the minute and leaning on familiar, possibly inefficient methods to frame them. I discovered how the excellent A3 styles worked at withstanding “leaping to issues” also.

One natural predisposition we can observe in the Kanban technique is obviously how individuals hurry to draw visual Kanban boards imagining some procedure. They hurry it without comprehending all the style options they’re making implicitly along the method or why they’re making them. This is the “leaping to conclusions” that STATIK counters which I absolutely desire the STATIK A3 to withstand aesthetically. The STATIK A3 likewise counters the “leaping to issues” predisposition. 2 essential fields happen in the leading inch of the paper. One asks you to specify the service you’re attempting to enhance. If you “collected my group to do STATIK” it might stop you right there. Another one asks, who is the supervisor here taking obligation for providing services to consumers? Is this individual in the space?

The remainder of the STATIK A3 design has rather odd percentages that enhance comparable messages. For instance, the Workflow Mapping area enables catching several variations of workflows for various work product types. When individuals utilize STATIK A3 in numerous geographical and market contexts, they may discover various percentages and designs to be more efficient for the exact same intent. The intent is, obviously, not to leap to services and not to leap to issues. Rather, examine thoroughly what is going on in the service procedure, what the provider and consumers wish to enhance in it, and how that notifies numerous Kanban system style options. And just then a few of those options will make it onto the blurred two-dimensional forecast we call the visual Kanban board.


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