PART 2: Finding our Dream Home During the Pandemic - From Evija with Love
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PART 2: Finding our Dream Home During the Pandemic – From Evija with Love

This is the 2nd post on discovering our dream house journey throughout the pandemic! If you have actually simply joined us on this journey, do not forget to check out how we offered our home in 2015 and what followed next. In this post I will talk about in information the time line and how things advanced following our deal *. No requirement to scroll down, OUR DEAL GOT ACCEPTED!!!! Things obviously didn’t go efficiently and absolutely nothing was simple so I have actually set out a timeline on the entire procedure * and the obstacles we needed to conquer along the method.

* Please keep in mind the procedure of purchasing and offering a home is somewhat various in the UK and the Island of Guy.


We put our deal in the very same day as our considering as we didn’t wish to lose out on our dream house. We actually talked about things in the cars and truck simply outside your house and concurred I would call the estate representative with our deal. I didn’t wish to appear too excited so waited till the afternoon, however our deal was formally in!! We were great purchasers, we had actually offered our home currently in December so there was no chain, we had deposit and we were all set to take on all the concerns (even asbestos!). To ensure our deal was accepted, we enjoyed to handle any concerns to make seller’s life simpler (any furnishings, products, clear-out, thick garden, tree problem with the neighbour etc.). It was now time to wait …

Our estate representative did inform us that might individuals left as they believed that home required excessive work and as quickly as the word “asbestos” was pointed out, they run a mile. We didn’t! Purchasers dropped one by one as soon as they saw your house (not exactly sure if its a good idea. hmm)

To cut a long story short, our deal got accepted! YAY!!


We had a conference with the bank even prior to we discovered your house to see just how much we might obtain and so on. As our deal got accepted, we met the bank once again and went through the entire procedure of obtaining a home mortgage, which ultimately got authorized on the terms we desired. KEEP IN MIND to anybody who is obtaining a home mortgage. Talk to your home mortgage provider/financial consultant and pertain to an arrangement that you are both delighted with. Our preliminary home mortgage deal was declined on the terms we asked for, since computer system stated “no”. Nevertheless, in the end we handled to get the bank to settle on the terms we desired as we showed we might manage the payments and by doing this we knocked off 4 years from the deal they were going to offer us. I can not worry this enough, however ensure you have actually done your research study and just register for a deal you are genuinely delighted with!

Pandemic likewise went somewhat versus us when it concerned the entire home mortgage procedure, as Shaun could not work throughout the lockdowns and was getting MERA payments (which resembles furlough plan in the UK). This indicated that the payments were very little and far from his regular wage. This had a result on the bank computing our earnings and we needed to wait till Shaun was back at work and getting his normal wage as MERA payments didn’t count towards the estimations!

We advised our supporters for the purchase to do the conveyancing and scheduled the searches to be performed as we were waiting on the study to come back from the bank. As the lockdown had actually simply completed in the Island of Guy, banks were battling with the stockpile of studies, this indicated that the study took a little bit longer than normal.

As anticipated the bank study returned with numerous concerns and the assessment (in the existing state of your house) was ₤ 10,000 lower than our deal. The bank likewise desired even more skilled studies done– moist and wood, electrical and building/roofer to come in and supply a comprehensive concerns and expenses study, which indicated more expense for us! We set up these quite quickly and were offered with a total quote of ₤ 17,000+ for the preliminary matters to be corrected. The bright side existed was no increasing moist, the problem existed was absolutely woodworm and your house required a complete electrical rewire (which we had actually presumed).

It wasn’t all problem in the end as we utilized the studies as a bargaining chip and handled to get the suppliers to decrease the rate by more ₤ 12,000. This indicated that both, the bank and we enjoyed with the brand-new rate!

All systems go! Our supporter was waiting on the title files, appropriations on title and strategies. As we didn’t hear anything from the supplier’s supporters we understood there was some sort of problem.


As it ended up, your house remained in the very same household for a long time and has actually never ever been signed up with the Land Computer system registry which in itself isn’t a concern. Following evaluation of the title files it appeared the your house was still in the name of the supplier’s late hubby who unfortunately died in 2004. This indicated that the supplier wasn’t really able to offer your house till the home was moved into her name. This was not a significant problem however indicated we would be postponed by a couple of weeks as the supplier needed to make an application for a grant of probate to allow them to lawfully offer your house.


4 weeks had actually passed and we were still waiting, lastly the application was made in the start of July and having actually gotten report on the home, together with home mortgage files, inspecting the deeds and the agreement we were all set to go as quickly as the Probate was provided …

I kept inspecting the Probate Workplace site daily waiting on the probate to be provided. It was lastly approved at the end of July. Sadly, both Shaun and I got checked favorable for Covid 2 days previously. You might not make this up. This indicated that we would not have the ability to go to the bank to move the deposit and sign the documents and total for 2 weeks whilst we remained in seclusion. Fortunately, I talked to our supporter and moved the deposit in 3 different transfers (due to the day-to-day limitation on my account!)


Conclusion date was LASTLY concurred as being ( fortunate) Friday the 13th August! We were getting our dream house this month!!! The deposit, legal and registration costs were moved, home mortgage drawdown all set, documents signed and we were all set to lastly finish and get our secrets on Friday! Fingers crossed whatever goes efficiently and our brand-new experience can start.

We can not wait to begin the remodellings and turning ” your house with the Yellow Door” our dream house.

capacity trip and behind the scenes will be showing up this weekend!! Do not forget to follow me on Instagram to follow our journey on how we will be turning this home into our dream house!!

If you have any concerns concerning the procedure of purchasing a home, our brand-new experience or anything else, contact us!!

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