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Guide for buying blue topaz rings | is topaz expensive?

Are you trying to find a guide for purchasing blue topaz rings? Intrigued to understand is blue topaz pricey and what the existing rate per carat blue topaz? Then you have actually concerned the ideal location.

Blue topaz rings are exceptionally popular. They are bought for lots of factors. Some purchase blue topaz rings as an engagement ring for a marital relationship proposition. Though custom puts diamond rings on a pedestal, current patterns are pointing individuals in a various instructions. Individuals are now selecting other jewels beyond diamonds.

Others purchase this birthstone for somebody on her wedding– her birthday or Mom’s Day for instance.

Despite your factor, blue topaz rings are among the very best choices to choose. What follows below is our guide for purchasing blue topaz rings.

However what makes blue topaz a deserving option? Is topaz pricey? And more significantly, how do you purchase blue topaz rings? What are the crucial aspects you require to think about?

Continue reading listed below our blue topaz ring purchasing guide.


Guide for purchasing blue topaz rings

There is a special appeal to blue topaz rings that make them stick out from the rest. Additionally, blue topaz represents lots of qualities that put it way up high amongst engagement ring choices.

For beginners, blue topaz releases a tranquil and serene ambiance. Additionally, it represents commitment and long lasting love. Providing this to your loved one sends out the message that you remain in it for the long run.

PICTURE 1:: It’s tough not to enjoy the tranquil and serene ambiance of blue topaz rings. In our guide for purchasing blue topaz rings we advise either a rhodium plated 925 silver or a white gold setting for the gems. Picture above is of a blue topaz halo ring from Luxuria.[SOURCE:  Luxuria Diamonds]


Likewise, topaz birthstones represent other fascinating significances. Individuals think that topaz likewise represents recovery and security. Therefore, individuals provide topaz to somebody who terribly requires soothing and recovery.

Among the primary factors behind the blue topaz’s revival is its price.

Naturally happening blue topaz is uncommon. A lot of natural stones are gently coloured. As our Guide for purchasing blue topaz rings explain listed below Topaz is relatively typical. The biggest Topaz manufacturer is Brazil. Other sources remain in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, China, Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Madagascar, Namibia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mexico, and the U.S. (California, Utah, and New Hampshire).

Take a look at the blue topaz color

In its pure type, topaz is colorless. Nevertheless, pollutants discover their method into these gems, developing myriad tones. Given that colors play a huge function in the total visual of the ring, make certain to take a look at the color prior to you purchase one.

When it comes to the blue topaz, makers established a method to produce various colors of blue. They utilize heat treatment and irradiation to attain different tones of blue.

The good idea about this procedure is that it leads to a steady and long-term color. Frequently, you will discover it tough to find if the blue shade is an outcome of the treatment or if it originated from nature.

How much is topaz, photo of blue topaz gemstone ring

PICTURE 2: Is topaz pricey? Just how much is topaz? Blue topaz is a fairly economical gems. The rate which can vary from US$ 3 to $20 per carat depending upon the shade and consistency of color. Picture above of a blue topaz and diamond ring which integrates sky blue topaz with natural diamond.


Depending upon the depth of the color, a blue topaz might be referred to as London Blue (a deep, dark color), Swiss Blue (dynamic light blue) and Sky Blue (a light aqua color).

Among the more popular tones is London Blue. This color releases a dark blue shade with some tips of green.

Another preferred choice is Sky Blue. As the name indicates, Sky Blues reveal pale blue colors and might rather look like aquamarines in shade and tone.

There is likewise Swiss Blue, which is extremely saturated greenish blue.

Examine the gems clearness

Another essential element to think about is the clearness of the blue topaz. A lot of topaz stones fall under Type II. This indicates the stones feature other additions like liquids, glasses, and crystals.

These additions add to the kind of clearness that you will get. However when it comes to blue topaz, it falls under the Type I classification. Stones that fall under this classification are most likely to not have additions that you can see with the naked eye.

When responding to the concern just how much is topaz, note that any eye-visible additions will diminish the stone’s worth. If you see a blue topaz with noticeable additions, anticipate these acnes to drag down the rate of the stone. Given that you wish to get the very best worth for your cash, it is smart to choose a ring that does not included any noticeable pollutants.

Comprehend the cut matters!

The cut of the blue topaz stone is another crucial element to check out. Given that blue topaz is among the most dazzling stones out there, specific topaz cuts assist highlight this specific quality.

Thus, the most popular cuts that work best with topaz are princess, round, and modern-day cuts. However if you desire the color and clearness to stick out, stay with cuts with open aspects. These are the Asscher and emerald cuts.

Buying blue topaz rings guide - LUXURIA Jewellery brand
PICTURE 3: According to GIA, topaz is cut in a variety of shapes and cutting designs. Production consists of all the basic gem shapes such as ovals, pears, rounds, cushions, triangles, marquise, and emerald cuts in addition to designer-inspired dream shapes. Picture above of a blue topaz December birthstone ring. [SOURCE:  Luxuria Diamonds & the Gemological Institute of America]


Other choices consist of the dream cut. This cut includes big structure aspects that feature grooves matching throughout the structure.

Be additional mindful when taking a look at the cuts. Poorly-cut blue topaz stones will reveal “windowing.” This is a washed-out area that you will see on the structure. The blue topaz rate guide can be greatly affected by this. Other gems such as Amethyst can likewise experience this.

Another indication of bad cutting is “termination.” This relates to dark spots that do not return any light. To look for windowing, raise the stone to the eye level and wave any item behind it.

If the item appears plainly, your topaz stone has windowing.

The Designs and Metals Count

If you purchase your blue topaz ring from industrial sources, anticipate it to come in various designs. Since blue topaz stones are big, they use more space for custom-made cuts.

A lot of blue topaz stone are embeded in 925 sterling silver believed white gold is another popular however more pricey option. Either silver or white gold matches the tidy and peaceful ambiance of the blue topaz. We do not typically advise yellow or increased gold settings, particularly with lighter blue stones. This is since the setting and band can sidetrack instead of improve the main gems.

If yellow or increased gold is your thing then London Blue or Swiss Blue topaz would be much better options.

Cost Guide for purchasing blue topaz rings

No guide for purchasing blue topaz rings would be total without going over rates.

With regard to the gems itself, according to GIA, when it was initially presented to the marketplace, dealt with blue topaz cost $20 to $40 per carat. However oversupply resulted in substantial drops in wholesale rates. Today, rates for faceted blue topaz is generally down to less than US$ 10 per carat.

Pricing guide for faceted blue topaz gemstone
TABLE 1: How is the Cost per carat blue topaz? No guide for purchasing blue topaz rings would be total without going over rates. The above table is faceted gems (just) with common retail rates revealed in United States dollars. Wholesale rates is considerably less. [SOURCE: The International Gem Society “IGS Gem Price Guide”, Accessed Sept 2020]


As seen in table 1 above if you have an interest in darker tones of blue, anticipate the rates to increase. All things being equivalent, a London Blue topaz ring will be more pricey than a sky blue topaz ring. However remember that rates for each blue will show the gems quality.

Guide for purchasing blue topaz rings– Typical Concerns

Just how much do blue topaz gems cost?

Just like all gems rates shows quality. For faceted stones London blue topaz is US$ 10 – – $27 per carat, Swiss blue topaz is – US$ 7 –$ 17 per carat and Sky blue topaz is – US$ 3 –$ 18 per carat. These rates are common United States retail. Bear in mind that a considerable part of the gems expense is not the stone itself however the labour that features the cutting procedure.

Which shade of blue topaz is the most important?

London Blue is a present market preferred and is the most important shade of blue topaz. Faceted rates for the gems itself vary from US$ 10 to US$ 27 for 0.5 to 1 carat weight and US$ 15 to US$ 25 per carat for higher than 1 carat weight. While being the most important shade of blue topaz, London Blue is just a little more pricey than Swiss blue topaz.

Is blue topaz a great option for an engagement ring?

Yes! Blue topaz is a difficult stone, being an 8/10 on the Mohs Firmness Scale and for that reason a great engagement ring choice. In our Ultimate Guide for Purchasing Blue Topaz Rings we detail how color, cut, clearness and setting all require to be examined. Blue topaz whether it is Sky Blue, Swiss Blue or London Blue is a cost effective gems and when coupled with a natural diamond halo produces a popular option to the standard solitaire diamond engagement ring.

Eventually, the rate of a gem is what one prepared purchaser and one prepared seller can really concur upon. Even more, if you want to personalize the cuts, the rates will increase even more. Bear in mind that the majority of the stone’s worth does not come within the stone. Rather, it is from the labour that features the cutting procedure.

In spite of reputable grading systems for color, clearness, and cut, any examination of these homes is naturally subjective. Even gemologists and appraisers might disagree about the quality of a particular blue topaz stone, so arguments concerning gem rates do take place.


In case you’re on a tight spending plan, a great choice is a sterling silver blue topaz ring. An excellent quality 2 carat sky blue topaz ring embeded in 925 silver will generally retail for less than US$ 100.

However if you want to go full-blown with the engagement ring, choose one that is set with diamonds. Blue topaz coupled with a natural diamond or a simulated diamond halo produce a really appealing engagement ring.

Blue topaz engagement rings buying guide - LUXURIA Diamonds
PICTURE 4: No guide for purchasing blue topaz rings would be total without talking about how perfectly blue topaz couple with natural mined diamond as seen above in the above the above Blue topaz diamond ring [SOURCE:  Luxuria Diamonds]

Blue topaz ring purchasing guide – – Conclusion

Purchasing blue topaz rings is an interesting endeavour. And now that you have actually read our Guide for purchasing blue topaz rings you ought to understand crucial factors to consider. However if you do not have the spending plan at the minute, then you pertained to the ideal location.

Topaz is a cost effective gems with the rate per carat blue topaz being reasonably economical. In industrial precious jewelry, blue topazes normally appear in easy however traditional pendants, rings, and earrings, set with diamonds or cubic zirconia (CZ) in sterling silver or gold.

Luxuria ® Diamonds provides top quality simulant engagement rings at budget friendly rates. Our choice of stand-in rings will bring a smile to your fiancée’s face and function as an ideal placeholder up until the genuine offer shows up.

Get in touch with us and let’s get you that engagement ring, today!

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