I like to Call Regional Coin Shops and Silver Bullion Dealers all over the U.S. and see what their Silver Cost is … What do they Spend For Silver Coins and Silver Round … what do they offer things like Silver Eagles and 90% Scrap Silver? In this video, I review some remarks from my newest video where I called around various Coin Shops and Silver Bullion dealerships around the U.S. to attempt and offer my $100 Stated value bag of 90% Silver Quarters! I respond to why I do the calls that method that I do, and why I do not expose the name and area of the stores along with masking their voice! Here’s a Link to that video! ▶ Wish to Assistance the Channel? —————————————————- ▶ End Up Being a Channel Member! – Channel Memberships consist of amazing advantages for supporting the channel, so make sure to click and examine them out!s Get your Silver and Gold Coin Ping Tester! ▶ * This is an affiliate link, so purchasing a Ping Tester through this link supports the channel! Curious about the devices I utilize for my videos? Go to this link to discover what I utilize in my setup! ▶ Take a look at these Legendary Hyperlinks Below! _________________________________. ▶ SUBSCRIBE! ▶ INSTAGRAM! ▶ DISCORD! ▶ My Site: ▶ My Patreon! ▶ Disclaimer: ________________________________. Credits:. Silver Dealership & Coin Shops Sales Call … This is WHY I Do This! #SilverPrice #SilverBullion #Coinstore