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Salvation: The Bungsu Story

A couple of months ago I had the excellent satisfaction to fulfill Marcus Hammarberg personally, when he concerned my business’s workplace for a talk called ” The Bungsu Story” This is an inspiring discussion how nimble and lean concepts conserved a medical facility in Indonesia. The speech was based upon his experiences that are likewise covered in the book, that I’m now ready to evaluation: Redemption: The Bungsu Story

The book has 6 parts, 21 chapters and 326 pages. The subtitle is: ” How Lean and Kanban conserved a little health center in Indonesia. Two times. And can assist you improve operate in your business.”


” This book is not based upon a real story– it is a real story.”

We get in the story right after a significant catastrophe occurs to the health center. Throughout the rain duration the partially remodelled roofing system has actually fallen in. By all methods whatever is at threat from this minute on. Marcus and his little group from the Redemption Army steps up to the obstacle to assist the management group of the health center. However initially he digs in, actually, tidying up after the catastrophe with the roofing system. Theory of Constraints is utilized to enhance the procedure, when the pails are quit for rice bags (to eliminate the particles).

Part II is called ” The restore” Now the work begins to conserve the health center utilizing nimble and lean. Example of things that are presented:

  • The Not List (to keep focus throughout conversation)
  • Limitation WIP (reduce the variety of concurrent operate in the procedure to allow circulation)
  • 3 phases of training.
  • Meaning of Done -> > Provides typical understanding.

Things begin to relocate the best instructions, however not as swift as prepared for, however an inspiration speech (totally covered in chapter 5) looks after that!

” Step to discover– not penalize!”

In part III, called ” The backsliding” the momentum from the start winds up in the inescapable plateau or decrease. The war cry from mob shows: ” Show up the excellent” is among the tools utilized to press forward. At one point Marcus jokingly states: ” If just there was another emergency situation for us to manage. That would be excellent for spirits!” You need to beware with what you want …

Situations running a medical facility in Indonesia requires the management group to decrease the earnings at the exact same time as increasing the expense, it is time to come down to company once again for Marcus and his group.

” What is the tiniest action you can require to see if you’re relocating the best instructions?”

Visualizations are utilized throughout the entire story in Bungsu. Marcus suggestions is not to exaggerate the board, keep it easy to let the visualization progress gradually! Chapter 18 is called ” Trust, Openness, Responsibility”. Here the charming story of Ibu Elsye is informed (she is the General Supervisor of the health center, looking after whatever else however healthcare and financing at the health center). She is completely stressed over her scenario, however with some support and assistance she makes marvels …


I can completely suggest this book! Here are my primary reasons that:

  • This book is genuine (see the very first quote above), it reveals that lean and nimble concepts works even in a medical facility (a context beyond IT)!
  • This book is the ideal follow up to “Kanban in Action” (which Marcus co-wrote together with Joakim Sundén), which is more theoretical.
  • The chapter with the story of Ibu Elsye (that alone deserves the cash purchasing this book)!

I had the big honor to assist Marcus out as a beta reader for this book, and it was actually satisfying to review the text when 100% finished!

All the very best,
Tomas from TheAgileist


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