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What Happens When You Die? | Becky Prater

Hi, cousin Becky,

For my social research studies job for school, I needed to create a huge concern that will take me on a mission for a response. My huge concern is: What does paradise appear like? This concern originated from another concern I had, which was: What occurs when we pass away?

Well, Cato and whoever may be interested …

Fantastic Concern and thanks for asking. I have a sense of this due to the fact that I deal with individuals who are passing away and hesitate. Great deals of individuals hesitate.

When somebody dies their soul hovers over their body for a time (less time when nobody is around, more time when liked ones exist.) When the soul leaves the body, it takes about 12 hours for the body’s functions to stop.

The soul either is directed by other liked ones who have actually passed previously, or they hang out and attempt to determine what to do. When Cousin Elly and Uncle Rick passed, for example, Grandmother Boddicker’s soul and likely, Uncle Tim, existed to assist direct them over. Many people have actually liked ones to direct them.

When I am associated with a death, I inform the soul what to anticipate. I assist them launch the important things they do not wish to bring into this next phase of their soul’s advancement. Basically, I assist individuals forgive themselves. I guarantee them that they have actually done their task on this world and it is okay for them to leave.

I constantly guarantee individuals if they wish to remain and recover their body, they can. They can go whenever they are prepared. Numerous are not prepared when I deal with them, however they more than happy to discover what to anticipate when they are prepared.

If an individual chooses to pass over and it is not their time, they normally have somebody on the other side that informs them it is not their time which they require to return to complete what they pertained to the world to do. There are great deals of stories about these “near-death experiences.” A great one is from a lady, Anita Moorjani. She blogs about it in her book, Passing away to Be Me.

Life Evaluation

The majority of us have actually become aware of “the light” and have the sense to, “approach the light.” Some souls hesitate to due to the fact that they seem like sinners which they will go to hell. I do not think there is a hell, except the one grouchy individuals develop on their own right here on earth. Many people simply approach the light. When you get to the opposite, you are provided what I call a “life evaluation.” Some spiritual individuals call it “responding to for your sins” or “judgment day.” In my experience, it is neither of those things.

In my viewpoint, sin is … not discovering your lessons, doing something you understand is incorrect. The amusing thing is that you are continually provided the very same lesson over and over till you discover it, so the nature of the law of domino effect develops that what you do will lead to a repercussion. That repercussion is developed to teach you the lesson of whether to continue the habits. Hence, sin is an adversely charged and all to typical word utilized for the procedure of discovering life’s lessons.

Back to the life evaluation, due to the fact that you have actually left your body, which is a psychological detection system, you no longer feel the feelings that were connected to the experiences, options, or habits. You see how all the important things you carried out in your life lined up to satisfy you pertained to this earth to serve. You see how what you did triggered other individuals to do things. The appeal of it is that you see how you are a special and vital thread in the tapestry of life You see that you served your distinct function every day of your life. Individuals that have actually done bad things likewise see what occurred as an outcome. At this moment, without feeling to develop it as bad or excellent, it ends up being details that assists specify the next experience of the soul.


Relating to paradise, I think the soul transfers to a world of love, rest, remediation, recovery, knowing, processing, and preparation. It remains there as long as required. When an individual dies they are beyond time and area. People specify time. When you run out your body, there is no such thing as time. When the soul discovers what they require to and heals totally, they are provided an opportunity to come back and do it once again with a brand-new strategy, based upon their previous strategies and what they feel they did not achieve. This is frequently described as reincarnation.


In ancient Jewish and Christian works, along with the Bible, we discover reincarnation as a typical belief, although today it is primarily disregarded. In this quote, the historian Josephus states, “Do ye not bear in mind that all pure spirits when they leave out of this life get a most sanctuary in paradise, from whence in the transformation of ages, they are once again sent out into pure bodies?” ( Jewish War, Schedule 3, chapter 8, no. 5)

Here is another intriguing quote: “The sages of fact remark that Adam includes the preliminary letters of Adam, David, and Messiah (Jesus); for after Adam sinned his soul entered David, and the latter having likewise sinned, it entered the Messiah (Jesus).” ( Nishmat Chaim, fol. 152, col. 2) This declaration mentions the concept that Jesus was the reincarnation of Adam and David. This appears in numerous ancient works. Here is a link to all sorts of referrals to reincarnation in ancient texts and the Bible:

Pre-Incarnation Preparation

It is quite cool to think of. The concept that your soul returns for a brand-new task and with a brand-new strategy, suggests that you pertained to this life having actually crafted the prepare for your life. You produced a strategy based upon what you experienced and discovered or did not find out in the previous lives of your soul. We call this pre-incarnation preparation. The principle of pre-incarnation preparation develops that you thoroughly crafted this life according to what you understand based upon your previous versions and what you wish to achieve. You selected the moms and dads, brother or sisters (or not), household, pals, characteristic, strengths, weak points, areas, and experiences that will more than likely allow you to meet your life’s objective.

Keep In Mind, when you are beyond your body, you do not have the psychological control system to identify what experiences are going to feel bad and excellent. You feel in one’s bones that they will lead you to achieve your life’s objective, or supreme function. That is why bad things can occur to excellent individuals. The best modification originates from scenarios that feel bad to us. If we require to move our habits or relocation in a various instructions, we are going to begin getting favorable tips leading us in the brand-new instructions. If we do not react to the delighted messages, ultimately we are provided significantly more impactful signs that we require to alter and move, in some cases that injures.

In summary, when you pass away, your soul leaves the body, you examine your life, gain from it, recover, rest, and make a brand-new, educated prepare for the next one. This entire life and death scenario is remarkable to me. I understand that we serve our function every day of our lives, even if we do not understand it. We are all here for a crucial function or lots of functions. We move and support each other every day through our interactions. It is necessary that we do the very best we can. We are constantly on a journey of knowing and growing and there is no state of excellence. Simply do the very best you can with the details and resources you have, understanding that your soul put all that in location to guarantee you achieve your life objective.

There it is … Death and Paradise, according to Cousin Becky.

That was enjoyable. Thanks for asking.

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