This post will assist you choose what kind of silver bar to purchase in 2022. You’ll discover whatever you require to understand when purchasing silver bars consisting of:

  • When to pick silver bars over silver coins
  • What size silver bar to purchase
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various silver bar sizes
  • What’s the most typically acquired silver bar size
  • Various brand names of silver bars
  • Cast bars vs minted bars

So after taking a look at all the factors regarding why to purchase silver, you have actually pertained to the conclusion now is the time to purchase. You have actually likewise identified what portion of gold and silver you must have in your portfolio.

Now you’ll require to choose what kind of silver to purchase. The very first choice to make is in between purchasing silver coins and silver bars.

Why Buy Silver Bars?

There are 2 crucial factors to think about picking silver bars over silver coins.

1. Silver Bars Are More Affordable Than Silver Coins

Purchasing silver? The very first option is in between silver bars and silver coins.

Silver coins take more effort and time to produce in contrast to silver bars. A lot of silver bars are put or cast. Which while labour extensive, is still less expensive to produce than minting or striking a coin.

It is for this factor that silver bars typically have a lower premium or increase above the area rate of silver.

This distinction in markup in between coins and bars is much more visible in silver compared to gold.

Due to the fact that gold is typically purchased in a 1 ounce size. So the differential in between a 1 ounce gold coin and a 1 ounce gold bar is not so excellent. Perhaps around 2-4%.

Nevertheless silver is presently simply over 80 times less expensive per ounce than gold. So to purchase the equivalent of a 1 ounce gold coin would need simply over 80 silver coins.

Today let’s compare purchasing 100 x 1 ounce silver coins with a single 100 ounce silver bar:

100 x 1 ounce silver maple coins = $4,619

1 x 100 ounce silver bar = $3,839.90

So bars are plainly less costly to purchase than coins. Or put another method, for the exact same quantity of cash invested you will get more silver when purchasing bars over coins.

2. Silver Bars Are Easier and Cheaper to Shop than Silver Coins

Silver Maple Monster Box - for trading in a currency collapse
Silver coins use up more area than the comparable weight in silver bars due to their shape and product packaging.

The 2nd significant benefit of silver bars is that they are much easier, and if purchasing a great deal of silver, less expensive to keep than silver coins.


Due to the fact that the shape of the coins, together with the product packaging indicates silver coins use up more volume than the comparable weight of silver in bars.

For that reason more area corresponds to greater expense to keep if spending for silver storage.

However there are likewise excellent factors some individuals pick to own some coins also. To find out more about picking in between silver bars and silver coins see: NZ Gold Coins (and Silver Coins) or NZ Gold Bars (and Silver Bars): Which Should I Purchase?

What Size Silver Bar Should I Purchase?

So now that you’ve chosen to purchase silver bars, the next choice to make is what size silver buy should you purchase in 2022?

The brief response is that the biggest bar provides the tiniest premium. This is typically real as a comparable quantity of work enters into putting a bar no matter its size. So the net expense of producing a big bar is rather comparable to producing a little bar.

Nevertheless the response is not always as easy as larger is much better.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Various Silver Bar Sizes

While a 1000 oz silver bar is the most affordable method of purchasing silver. It is not always the very best choice for everybody. The premium above the area rate is definitely the most affordable.

Nevertheless big bar sizes can have their drawbacks. Unless you are purchasing 1000’s and 1000’s of ounces of silver, a 1000 oz bar might not be the very best choice.

Divisibility — You can’t quickly divide a bigger bar into smaller sized pieces and offer them off independently. Whereas, if you rather purchase a variety of 100 oz silver bars, or the somewhat smaller sized 1 kg silver bars, these are quickly sold in tranches.

Ease of Resale — With 1000 oz bars, your choices might be restricted when the time concerns offer. As there will be less possible purchasers than with little bars. It might be just rare-earth element refiners who will purchase the 1000oz bar from you. As less individuals can pay for to purchase 1000 oz silver bars.

Assaying — When you offer your 1000 oz silver bars you might likewise be needed to have them assayed to validate their pureness. So this will produce a slower sale and will likewise include an additional expense.

What Weight Silver Bar is Finest?

100 ounce silver bar versus 10 x 10 oz silver bars
Larger silver bars are less expensive however there are likewise benefits to smaller sized silver bars

Just how much you are investing in general on silver is a huge factor to consider in choosing the size and weight of silver bar you acquire.

Are you purchasing a hundred ounces? Then 10 oz silver bars might be an excellent purchase.

Whereas if you have actually purchasing a couple of thousand ounces, the 100 oz silver bars or 1 kg bars might be an excellent choice.

( Note: 100 troy ounces = 3.11035 kgs)

What is one of the most Typical Silver Bar Size That is Purchased?

The most typical silver bar we offer is the 1kg silver bar.

Probably since 1 kg supplies the very best mix of divisibility with a lower premium.

You might wish to include some 10 oz bars for more divisibility.

Lots of people likewise like some silver coins as the supreme kind of monetary insurance coverage. See: What Usage Will Silver Coins remain in New Zealand in a Currency Collapse?

Various Brand Names of Silver Bars

There is a big series of readily available brand names to choose from when picking silver bars.

These consist of in your area fine-tuned New Zealand brand names, along with abroad brand names such as:

You must think about the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing in your area fine-tuned silver bars versus overseas produced or imported silver bars. To find out more about this see: PAMP Suisse Gold/ Silver vs Regional NZ Gold/ Silver: Which should I purchase?

The above brand names are all popular and relied on worldwide. So purchasing any of these from a recognized dealership ought to suggest you will not go too far incorrect. However no matter what silver bar you pick, there are a couple of things you must anticipate to see on it:

  1. The refiners trademark must be cast or marked into the silver bar.
  2. Likewise plainly noticeable must be the pureness of the bar. Normally this will be 999 pureness or 99.9% pure. (Nevertheless the odd coin such as the silver Krugerrand coin does not have any pureness markings).
  3. Lastly the weight in either grams, ounces, or kgs must be marked into each bar.

Some brand names and sizes might likewise be cast or minted with a distinct identification number and ship with accreditation. (e.g. the 1 Kg ABC Bullion Silver Cast Bar and the 100oz ABC Bullion Silver Cast Bar) Normally you will likewise pay more for these kinds of bars.

No GST on Silver Over 99.9% Pure

Silver bars and coins that are less than 99.9% pure great silver draw in GST in New Zealand. Nevertheless this point is typically not of issue when purchasing silver bars as nearly all are 999 or 99.9% pure.

For more on this see: GST on Gold and Silver Bullion: Might the NZ Federal Government Start Including GST to Gold and Silver Bullion?

Cast Bars vs Minted Bars

What is a Silver Cast Bar?

A cast bar merely indicates the silver has actually been melted and after that put into a cast or mould. This cast will have the refiners trademark marked into it together with the weight and pureness. A cast bar might likewise be described as a moulded bar, put bar or a silver ingot. The word ingot and bar are frequently utilized interchangeably.

What is a Silver Minted Bar?

Whereas a minted bar is produced in a comparable method to a coin. There are numerous actions included. There is still a casting procedure to produce a bar of a particular size. However then the bar is made through a striking procedure. A device strikes the bar– efficiently marking it with a style similar to a coin is. As there is more “work” needed to produce a minted bar they are generally more pricey than cast bars of the exact same size.

Minted silver bars are most typically produced in 1 ounce or 10 ounce weight. So these are substantially more pricey than bigger bar sizes. So they are not a popular purchase. Financiers typically choose 1 oz coins rather as these are generally less expensive than 1 oz minted silver bars.

Last Ideas on Picking Which Kind Of Silver Bar in Late 2022

As you’ll see there are a great deal of kinds of silver bars to pick from. Our individual choice, instead of attempting to choose one, is rather to have a choice. You can get some 100oz or 1kg bars to get the very best prices and most silver for your cash. Then likewise get some 10oz and 5oz silver bars for divisibility and ease of resale. Now is a great time to think about these smaller sized choices. When it comes to the very first time in numerous months we have actually in your area fine-tuned 10oz and 5 oz silver bars readily available to buy once again. The anticipated dispatch date for these is likewise now to around 2 weeks too.

Take a look at the complete series of silver bars readily available today: Purchase silver bars.

Editors Note: This post was very first released on 26 June 2018. Last upgraded 23 November 2022 to consist of brand-new links to different items and upgraded rate contrasts.

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