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We welcome you to sign up with Victor Rich in his brand-new historical exploration committed to mystical Gothic! ⛪
⚱ There are 6 areas in the mission, duplicating in a circle.
⚱ In each area you require to finish jobs on the left side of the screen.
⚱ For finishing jobs you get products to bring back the exposition in the Historical Museum.
⚱ The Gothic exposition totally brought back and showed in the space will bring benefit benefits for 16 days.
⚱ You can get extra rewards for finishing benefit jobs.

Historical explorations last 9 days and are offered from level 15.

These are the guidelines:

There are 6 maps in overall in explorations. They duplicate constantly, however with each shift, they are upgraded– you can re-collect resources from them. This will assist you gather the essential products faster!

There are a variety of jobs on every map. When you finish the jobs, you get small fragments that you can utilize to bring back the museum displays in the Historical Museum.

The Historical Museum lies in your city and stays where you choose to put it. It will stay there after the conclusion of the explorations and will bring you earnings.

Gamers can just display 3 expositions in the Museum at the minute as there are 3 spaces offered in overall.

Now let’s discuss the standard guidelines once again.

In each area, you require to finish a series of jobs and eliminate lots of barriers. These barriers will assist you total jobs. You can discover the job you require to finish on the left side of the exploration screen.

These jobs will assist you accomplish the primary objective of the exploration. This objective is to get as lots of small fragments as possible and bring back the displays in the museum.

Exposition earnings depends upon the number of displays you have; the overall earnings of the museum depends upon the number of displays you showed and the number of displays there remain in each of them.

Likewise, for club activity in club excavations, you can get an artifact piece. This product enables you to invest less small fragments to bring back displays. Do not forget to click it to trigger it!

When you have actually finished all the jobs in the present area, you will go back to the location where you began the area from, and the following message will appear:

If you push the green button, you will be required to the next area of the exploration.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: After you have actually finished all the jobs in the area and left it, you will not have the ability to return there. You will just have the ability to gain access to this area once again after you have actually finished all the other areas initially!

Each area has the following structures:

Field Cooking Area

You can utilize the nuts and berries gathered at the area to produce exploration energy in the field kitchen area.

Mobile Stand

You can utilize the products you gather in the area to purchase more exploration energy.

If your Historical Museum has actually not yet been maxed out, you will likewise have the ability to acquire the following products from the Mobile Stand.

You will have the ability to use these products in the ‘Upgrades’ tab of your museum to open more halls.

The quantity of energy you can purchase in the stand is not restricted, and you can purchase just one upgrade product of each type per area. After you transfer to the next area, they will appear in the mobile stand once again.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: After you have actually finished all the jobs in the area and left it, you will not have the ability to return there. You will just have the ability to gain access to this area once again after you have actually finished all the other areas initially! So do not forget to purchase whatever you require in the Mobile Stand prior to you leave the area!

Interaction Van

This van will right away take you to your Historical Museum. Now you do not need to go back to your city to inspect your expositions! Simply click the van and the Historical Museum window will appear.


You have an opportunity to make an extra benefit in the exploration!

On the best side, you can see the icon of an extra job:

You require to gather all the displays of the exposition prior to completion of the exploration in order to get the reward. Bonus offers will drop from the reward within 16 days

Please keep in mind that the reward will not immediately be contributed to your stock after you have actually brought back the whole exposition! It will require to be gotten in the window that opens by clicking the benefit job icon on the right by clicking the Claim button.

City Herbalist’s Homes

Gather important discovers to get this reward (the icon for this mission is just noticeable when you remain in the exploration area). To get a benefit, you require to gather 2500 important finds Please keep in mind that the structure is not part of the exhibit at the Historical Museum and is optional.

This is a different structure that will bring you benefits. The City Herbalist’s Homes drop 3900 coins, 3-5 energy, 3-4 baubles, and 1 required product every 22 hours.

Club’s excavations

When you eliminate barriers from the map, you get points for the Club’s Excavation Strategy.

There are 2 tabs in the Club Excavation Strategy:

Club Goals: these are your club’s go for the whole exploration.

Excavation Strength: upgraded everyday jobs for investing energy by club members.

Club Goals: You require to be a club member and have a minimum of 10 indicate take part in Club Goals. The more points the individuals gather, the more rewards the club will get: exploration energy, seasonal currency, marathon cards, superbucks, and artifact pieces.

Club Excavation primary reward: Gothic Cobbler’s Workshop (drops 3600 coins, 1-5 energy, and 2-5 baubles every 22 hours)

Excavation Strength: You require to be a member of the club and invest exploration energy. The more exploration energy the individuals invest, the more benefit energy they will have the ability to get from the exploration.

— The quantity of energy that goes towards club objectives is restricted for each gamer. If you invest more energy, it will not count.

— The timer resets daily at 12:00 UTC (Collaborated Universal Time, 3 hours behind Moscow time)

— To get benefit energy, you require to click the Claim button, energy is not immediately credited to you!

Clubs’ Competition

By clearing barriers in the exploration, you likewise make club excavation points.

At the end of the competitors, members of the club with the most points will get banners that will bring benefits for 16 days.

Brand-new space in the museum: Mystical Gothic!

To gather the whole exposition, you require to utilize the pieces and bring back the displays of this exposition.

There are 7 in overall:

Brass Chandelier
Glamorous Harp
Gothic Stained-Glass Window
Decorated Chest
Plate armor
Mary Magdalene Statue
Gothic Cathedral

If you did not have sufficient time to gather the complete exposition in other spaces, you can do it now!

As quickly as you gather the whole exposition, it will start to bring you benefits for 16 days: do not forget to show it in among the museum spaces, as the timer will begin counting from the minute the last exhibition was brought back!

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