Austria 2021 
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Austria 2021 

Fall 2021. In theory we might take a trip to other continents, however locations we wanted such as Japan or the UK were difficult to prepare ahead. Rather we arranged a rail journey to Eastern Europe, taking a trip to Berlin, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Karlovy Vary, Pilsen, Bratislava, Poprad, Vienna, Linz and Salzburg By taking a trip to Germany, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Austria, we check out a location which remained in the (not too far-off) previous bonded together by the Holy Roman Empire of the German Country and by Austria-Hungary

Flags of Austria, Salzburg (Land) and the European Union.

If Berlin was leg 1 of our 2021 Rail Trip of Imperial Europe, Poland leg 2, Czechia leg 3 and Slovakia leg 4, then Austria– consisting of Freilassing simply over the border in the German Free State of Bavaria— was leg 5.

As we finished with other leg wrap-ups, time for some impressions.

Modification of rate

2021 is some thirty years after the official end of the East-West divide in Europe, yet you still notice distinctions. After some 2 weeks in the ‘East’, with Gdańsk, Wrocław, Karlovy Vary, Pilsen, Bratislava and Poprad, Vienna used a completely various ambiance. More impulses. And yes, Vienna wás soothe.

However how individuals act, respond. What they use. How teenagers and trainees act. We can’t put our finger on it clinically, however it feels various. Heritage is simply various.


Now. Well. Austria was really various on matters of coronavirus countermeasures. In October 2021, you just required to use a face and nose covering mask on public transportation and in stores in Austria. That consisted of museums. However not simply any mask: an FFP2 mask Timothy got sent out away at Schönbrunn Fortunately the present store offered FFP2 masks for the reasonable cost of 1.20 euros. However otherwise Austria was really open. We did require to reveal evidence of vaccination, current screening or current healing. We were both totally immunized so that was no problem.

At the very same time, in 2021, in Belgium there was a lot grumbling about the ‘ pasjesmaatschappij‘, ‘pass society’. What time squandering argument. It worked and works.


We saw more crowds. Individuals headed out later on in Austria than in Poland, Czechia and Slovakia. We saw more partying. In Linz college student were taking pleasure in Feierabend— complimentary night prior to a day of rest. Beinig intoxicated and some on the verge of combating.

In Salzburg we saw lots of (other) travelers. We had not seen such crowds given that shopping days in Melbourne and Sydney 2020

Pretty weather condition

We were fortunate to have actually great weather condition to end our trip, which certainly assists the experience. So yes, Austria was a great and sweet dessert to our journey in ‘royal Europe’.

Blue sky over Salzburg.

Previous experiences in Austria

2021 Rail Trip of Imperial Europe

  1. POTSDAM 2021|Schloss Sanssouci.
  2. 1945 Potsdam Conference’s Cecilienhof Palace.
  3. Potsdam 2021.
  4. EVALUATION|InterContinental Berlin.
  5. BERLIN 2021|Pergamon, ‘Das Panorama’.
  6. BERLIN 2021|Humboldt Online Forum in the Berlin Palace.
  7. BERLIN 2021|The Bundestag in the Reichstag.
  8. Berlin 2021.
  9. By train from Berlin to Gdansk by means of Szczecin.
  10. Stopover in Szczecin.
  11. EVALUATION|Restauracja Ritz in Gdańsk.
  12. EVALUATION|Vacation Inn Gdansk.
  13. GDAŃSK|Museum of the 2nd World War.
  14. GDAŃSK|European Uniformity Centre or Europejskie Centrum Solidarności.
  15. A walk through Gdańsk.
  16. Gdańsk 2021.
  17. POLAND|PKP Intercity Gdansk to Wroclaw by means of Warsaw.
  18. Wrocław Museum of Architecture.
  19. The Dwarfs of Wrocław.
  20. Wrocław.
  21. Poland 2021.
  22. By train from Wroclaw to Karlovy Vary.
  23. Karlovy Vary.
  24. EVALUATION|Hotel Imperial Karlovy Vary.
  25. Czechia’s Great Medspa Town of Europe Františkovy Lázně.
  26. CZECHIA|Pilsen Historic Underground Tunnels.
  27. CZECHIA|Pilsner Urquell Brewery Trip.
  28. CZECHIA|Pilsen.
  29. CZECHIA 2021|Cheb and its castle.
  30. Hotel space for one.
  31. By train from Karlovy Vary to Prague by means of Pilsen.
  32. Czechia 2021.
  33. RegioJet from Prague to Bratislava.
  34. Bratislava Castle.
  35. EVALUATION|Crowne Plaza Bratislava.
  36. Bratislava on a rainy Monday.
  37. ZSSK Quick Train Tatran from Bratislava to Strba.
  38. The Tatra rack and electrical Train from Strba by means of Strbske Pleso to Poprad tatry.
  39. SLOVAKIA|AquaCity Poprad.
  40. EVALUATION|Hotel Seasons AquaCity Poprad.
  41. Slovakia 2021.
  42. Poprad– Bratislava– Vienna with ZSSK’s intercity train.
  43. VIENNA|Dining establishment Steirereck.
  44. EVALUATION|InterContinental Wien.
  45. VIENNA|High-end Sisi’s in Schönbrunn Palace.
  46. The Hofburg in Vienna.
  47. Vienna’s Furnishings Museum.
  48. Vienna 2021.
  49. Pöstlingberg & & Grottenbahn in Linz.
  50. EVALUATION|Motel One Linz.
  51. Linz.
  52. AUSTRIA|ÖBB RailJet from Linz to Salzburg.
  53. BAVARIA|Lokwelt– Engine World in Freilassing.
  54. EVALUATION|Hotel Sacher Salzburg.
  55. SALZBURG|Mirabell Palace and the Mozart House.
  56. SALZBURG|Hohensalzburg Fortress.
  57. Salzburg Cathedral + Salzburg Residenz = DomQuartier museums.
  58. SALZBURG|Formula 1 vehicles and the Flying Bulls at Red Bull’s Hangar-7.
  59. AUSTRIA|Salzburg 2021.

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