Here’s my independent and sponsor-free guide on how to examine any LED grow light. This video is NOT about pressing you towards a specific brand name or design however rather, offering you the understanding you require to make your own notified purchasing choices.I have actually consisted of some extra notes to supplement the video listed below. As constantly, any remarks or concerns welcome!00:35 00:48 PPFD measurements depend on range from source of light. Some rogue makers and resellers take PPFD unrealistically near the light and attempt to pass these off as “PAR” measurements.01:21 BPF is often called PBF by some makers (specifically, EYE Hortilux). PBAR meanings can differ a little.04:21 Arize L1000 600W First Generation Greenhouse Top light (PPR spectrum) produced by Present Lighting. United States Supplier: Hellion VS3 700W Variable Spectrum LED by Adjust-A-Wings

Hellion VS3 LEDs
06:46 Arize Aspect ML900 600W Business LED Phantom PHOTOBIO • TX 680W 100-277V S4 and 09:21 Maxibright Daytime 660W LED SANLight EVO 4 nanoLambda XL-500 nanoLambda XL-500A BLE TELOS MESH