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Erection denial cont….

I un derstand some individuals do not check out the remarks as there is no threshold minute to understand when to check out discuss any specific post, on the basis they have actually all lastly been made. I for that reason supply a couple listed below that might be of interest.

A remark, and my response

The Remark

I have a tip Girlfriend Scarlett. If he is so desperate to get his hands on an erect penis, possibly you might let him jerk a huge sensible dildo rather. If he held it simply above his cage and jerked it then possibly it would restore memories of when he might have fun with himself. I can just hypothesize as whether this would be enjoyable, or heartbreakingly discouraging.

My Response

Well I currently carry out a torture of him I quite delight in, including him using a strap-on however with me, wanking it, then drawing it, then having it permeate me. The activity is called the cooking area collage torture. (I explain in great information a celebration of utilizing it in my Volume 20 of my journals in the journal entry entitled: 23 August 2022: Predicaments of torturing choices)

I love causing this torture as it actually, actually upsets him. He is so near real tears throughout. Each phase is even worse for him than the previous phase, however he is currently absolutely distressed simply at phase 1. My duplicated tip to him that he is restricted for the rest of his life from these things, make it a lot even worse for him. And for the last 5 months the addition of him being erection-free all the time is the icing on the cake

A wonderful Remark from Girlfriend Christine!

Yes, I concur with you absolutely. David’s predicament has actually increased significantly given that I prohibited erections. Because November 2021, David has actually had simply one erection. That was for a couple of minutes at the majority of, when he drew a release in September 2022.
For me too it is the very best rush I have actually ever had, and I like that David continuously pleads his outright requirement for having erections. It is entertaining to note he asks to put up, not to orgasm; validating the magnitude of his desire to put up.
David even asks to be permitted an erection and after that be teased and edged mercilessly, prior to being rejected and locked back up. I utilized to do this regularly; and it actually drove him wild, shouting with annoyed desire. He would even shed tears it was so extremely discouraging.
I have actually pointed out previously, he explained this as the most extreme, bittersweet abuse, the sweet part being popular erection he had. His flaw was ever so bigger, and it was actually as stiff as a steel bar. It jerked and jerked about like it had life of its own. I enjoyed to see this, however regretfully for him, no erections is ever a lot more enjoyable for me. He now continuously experiences the most extremely bitter abuse, with the most bitter element amplified immensely. In his words it is a thousand times even worse!

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