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Building a Data Mesh Architecture in Azure – Part 16 – Dead or Alive?

Is the Information Fit together dead or have we been utilizing it without understanding?

The Gartner Buzz Cycle for Data Management 2022 curve (revealed listed below) is now a popular image in specific circles of the information neighborhood. It appears the giants like to explain the fairly low position that Data Mesh has on this curve and the red cross crucial recommending: Outdated prior to plateau.

This view then gets accompanied by posts declaring the “Data Mesh is dead; it simply does not understand it yet”.


For this reason, I seemed like including my viewpoint to the dispute, as follows.

In opening … You fools!

The Information Fit together is far from dead.

In truth, you have actually currently been utilizing such an architecture with terrific success for several years.

Tip, its behind you!

Yes, lets disregard the buzz and understand the fruits of a de-centralised platform.

What platform am I speaking about?

What ‘information mesh’ like architecture have we been utilizing currently?

The web.


The very best example of a de-centralised platform.

Actually arranged into domains.

Websites as information items.

All offered through a ‘mesh guidance airplane’ that we understand as our preferred online search engine. Google in my case.

Inquiry this de-centralised mesh of understanding and details that is the web through this frontend tool (Google), with assistance natural language, and question/answer intent.

Information search abilities offered in numerous types and distilled as details offered by human user interface gadgets such as Alexa!

Perhaps we might even state the typical web internet browser is the supreme mesh frontend tool.

Data/information/knowledge all offered to non-technical person users. Like my Grandad!

Federated governance in the type of TCP/IP. DNS. HTTP. SSL. FTP. REST. and so on and so on

The Information Fit together isn’t dead.

We have actually currently produced it for international public datasets and details sharing.

Simply a couple of icons to make the point. Yours may differ

So …

What next?

Let’s develop it for our personal, closed datasets that sustain our organizations.

Google and Alexa for your business datasets. Offered to everybody in the business to self-serve.

Apologies, this post ended up being a bit more of a tirade than I was meaning. Ideally, you can excuse this as a reflection of the enthusiasm I have for what I do daily and eventually share my perspective. Or a minimum of can concur the information mesh isn’t dead.

It’s difficult to provide. However that does not make it dead.

Lots of thanks for reading.

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