I Love Lucy S02 E15 - Ricky and Lucy baby photos
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I Love Lucy S02 E15 – Lucy Becomes a Sculptress

Original Air Date: January 12, 1953

This is my last post of 2016, which felt actually great to type. I had actually thought of doing one last post on Friday 12/30, to end with a bang. (The next episode is “Lucy Goes to the Health center”– among the very first telecasted stories of its kind, and Desi’s preferred episode. It’s going to be fantastic.)

However you understand what? You can wait till 2017 for it, due to the fact that this year has actually drawn overall butt and does not deserve it. It hasn’t made a single advantage.

Let the electoral college vote, and if they choose to bring this year something worth commemorating, I’ll publish it. Otherwise, Prince is simply as dead, Trump is simply as chosen, and I’m simply as fucking done.

We open on Lucy taking a look at a picture album of her and Ricky’s infant images. They utilize their genuine images:

It feels unusual publishing these without the alternative of you liking or favoriting them.

Ricky can be found in worried she’s up so late, however Lucy has actually been thinking of what their infant would appear like.

Luckily the web has actually fixed this issue for us:


Lucy + Ricky, or Licky, is a depressed Irish lady (however I duplicate myself)

Lucy likewise discovered a picture of her great-grandfather, who was an artist. Lucy’s thrilled to bring the cultural paradise that was 1953 to her brand-new kid:

Lucy: He wishes to be an artist, you can teach him. He wishes to be an artist … hi, who are we going to get to teach him about art?

That’s the very first time a moms and dad ever fretted about their kid not ending up being an artist, and a generation of flower-power peacenik hippie commie residue later on, it’s clear why moms and dads do not state such things any longer.

Lucy: Our kid’s creative and cultural future is at stake.

Lucy, offer it sixty years and your little artist will be contracted out to Kardashian selfies. The kid’s creative and cultural future is currently dead.

Lucy chooses to end up being an artist. Unsure that’s any of Ricky’s organization, however he appears to believe so:

Ricky: Well, I think it will not harm if you meddle some watercolors for a while, however do not get too included. You have not got much time prior to the infant gets here.

In reality, she has 3 weeks. 3 weeks to end up being an excellent artist. Or you can simply use up photography. Evaluating from my Facebook feed, that’s a thing individuals believe they have actually mastered in 3 weeks.

She goes to an art supply shop and the sales representative informs her she has the hands of a carver. He is an apparent bilker who takes advantage of young hopeful artists in order to benefit from them to benefit himself. So he’s likewise the brand-new head of the National Endowment for the Arts. (2016, did I discuss you can do not hesitate to off yourself early?)

Lucy succumbs to the flattery. Totally. She shapes something, and he contacts his manager Mr. Abbott, a popular art lover, who’s consumed with it, too.

It appears like a huge swelling of poo, which nowadays I would acquire myself and title, “Existing Worldwide Circumstance.”

Mr. Abbott: The world is calling!
Lucy: Me? Oh, well I ‘d much better respond to.

They encourage her to purchase 50 pounds of clay, inform her they’ll personally manage her very first exhibition, and she provides a blank check because– once again– dumb.

Then she leaves and they toss out the clay.

It’s nearly like the clay is a metaphor for project pledges however I can’t dig even more due to the fact that I’m too depressed/drunk.

Ricky comes house to discover Lucy tough at work in a brand-new smock. She is really pleased with her production, and in fact it’s not the worst. THIS is the worst:

Ugly Lucy Statue

Ricky can’t inform what it is, so then Ethel can be found in and Lucy informs her to set Ricky straight:

Lucy: Now inform Ricky what this is. Proceed, it’s as plain as the nose on your face.
Ethel: Oh yeah! … Is it the nose on someone’s face?

Lucy grumbles the issue is she does not have a design. However she might simply swallow all her repression, apathy, and underutilized skill. That’s what the rest people do.

She requires somebody she can control into modeling for her. Somebody with an ego issue who’s incredibly simple to flatter … however who could that be …?

I Love Lucy S02 E15 Fred poses as model for Lucy in underwear

He gets stuck in that position and chooses to go bowling. He likewise gets live audience applause, so his vulnerable male ego resembles WORTH IT!

After Fred bails, Lucy chooses she requires a expert design, however Ricky describes they do not actually have the cash. He’s going to have problem as it is covering all the infant expenses. That is exceptionally sensible, IMHO. Well done, Ricky, for describing the scenario without being a jackass. Lucy, nevertheless:

Ricky: Oh, now, honey you understand I do.

LUCY GET YOUR HEAD IN THE VIDEO GAME– 3 weeks from now there’ll just be space for one infant because home.

He states if he thought she had skill, he would purchase it. He provides to raise an excellent art critic to take a look at her work, and if that critic likes it, she can have whatever she desires.

So she chooses to go all in:

Lucy: I’m going to make a bust of myself.
Ethel: I believed you ‘d currently done that (hehe)

I Love Lucy S02 E15 Lucy gives look of death

Poor Ethel simply attempted to make a joke. I Love Lucy is actually about how tough it is to keep female relationships when one side is a manic-depressive narcissist.

Ricky brings house the lead art critic for the Times OMG, this man simply roams around town taking a look at homemakers’ arts and crafts jobs? No surprise journalism is passing away.

However Lucy fabricates them out by putting her head through a table and pretending to be a bust of herself.

The critic informs Ricky he’s wed to a genius. And he’s so thrilled to be there for the launch of a profession, he wishes to purchase it.

Umm …

I Love Lucy S02 E15 Lucy as sculpture

Ricky will not offer Lucy’s bust without her there, however then the critic provides $500, and Ricky chooses “Approval? Whatever that is, it sounds overrated!”

Ethel attempts to mess up the sculpture by moving its (Lucy’s) deal with around. However lastly the critic pays and gets Lucy’s head to take it.

I Love Lucy S02 E15 Lucy as sculpture 2

Surprise! Shock! Humiliation! Lucy!

It occurred to me at the end of this episode, Lucy invested nearly every scene in either a big smock or under a table. This whole episode was developed so we didn’t see how pregnant she was.

I do not understand whether to be unfortunate that pregnant females were thought about so unseemly and questionable at the time, or pleased with how well the authors handled that constraint.

Making due with an exceptionally unjustified, disturbing, misogynist scenario triggered by forces much higher than yourself? You understand, perhaps this was in fact the ideal episode to end 2016 …

Join me next time for S02 E16: Lucy Goes to the Health center. New posts on Fridays!

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