[Review] The Wicked King – Holly Black
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[Review] The Wicked King – Holly Black

 Book Title:  The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air # 02)

.  Author: Holly Black 
 Variety of pages:  336


After the jaw-dropping discovery that Oak is the beneficiary to Faerie, Jude needs to keep her more youthful sibling safe. To do so, she has actually bound the wicked king, Cardan, to her, and made herself the power behind the throne. Browsing the continuously moving political alliances of Faerie would be tough enough if Cardan were simple to manage. However he does whatever in his power to embarrass and weaken her even as his fascination with her remains undiminished.

When it ends up being all too clear that somebody near Jude suggests to betray her, threatening her own life and the lives of everybody she enjoys, Jude needs to reveal the traitor and combat her own complex sensations for Cardan to preserve control as a mortal in a Faerie world.

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Should this book be gotten? the tl; dr evaluation:

— The stakes in court drama and political intrigue are greater and more established; moving powers and old/new gamers make their relocation
— Setting displays brand-new environments however frequently does not have subtlety to support the modification in landscapes, the magic included, and vibrant images
— Love feels more sluggish burn now (however the previous love square is now a love triangle.)
— Some connection concerns in the composing from details. developed in the very first book that might simply have actually not been checked out instead of being an inconsistency (e.g. Jude’s lying, usage of mithridatism, usage of magic)

This evaluation has actually been a long period of time coming, and I do ask forgiveness since a great deal of it is going to be based upon my notes I composed months earlier. Spoiler level is low-moderate.

Disclaimer: I got an ARC of The Wicked King from Hachette at Book Exposition.


The Wicked King [unfortunately] does not start right away following Jude taking the reigns of her newly found power (which I would have significantly valued seeing Carden shirking duty in lieu of his ” year and one day” guarantee). Rather, it begins a couple of months after-the-fact, so we’re generally informed of Jude’s complaints browsing her function in politics and court drama as a voice for Cardan. In any occasion, the follow up looks into the political discontent of the kingdom now that Cardan has actually ended up being king.

For the many part, Wicked King is a tighter story than Cruel Prince in the sense that we have the ability to get rid of the intros and concentrate on the advancement of character and contending programs. A great deal of the previous focus was on the facility of Jude’s position maturing in this brand-new environment with the person who eliminated her moms and dads and the emerging powers that look for to tip the balance.

That being stated, a story still needs to align itself with its roots of outlining, dispute, and world structure. And this is where the shipment of Wicked King starts to lose its traction for me. The stakes are raised that much greater in this follow up however the narrative components in assistance appeared to not establish at the exact same rate as the Jude versus Everybody dispute continued to intensify.

I’ll describe per area listed below.


Here’s the important things: the reason that I personally discover nuggets of exposition in SF-F stories a worthwhile component to consist of is that things require to be discussed, even in the broadest of sense, to create clearness and fill in missing out on holes I am not stating I require paragraphs of exact breakdown however when it comes to Wicked King, something as little as Merfolk having tails/fins in one scene and after that minutes later on showing feet and toes is disconcerting at worst, doubtful at finest. Are they Animorphs? Are they utilizing magic? Are they simply using outfits? I do not understand, and because this follow up invests a fantastic piece of time broadening the scope of the world (which is terrific), finessing these information goes a long method for a more aesthetically wholesome experience.

Even More, there’s this one scene where Cardan goes complete Avatar Aang and it was the reason for curs from yours genuinely. Magic through glamour and geas? Sure, that kind of magic was discussed. Earth and water flexing with a wizard hat and bathrobes? Possible, yes, on the little scale since earth-related magic was revealed formerly, however in this case, it checks out like the most significant Deus ex Machina trope included. You’re informing me that Cardan, the more-apathetic-than-not King who consumes and has sexual awakenings all the time, out of no place declares badass elementalist capabilities and essentially displaces the whole fishing industry/ocean? C’mon now.

Likewise a throwaway remark however since these faeries are woodland-creature-esqe, I’m calling #TailWatch 2k19 on Cardan since I was underwhelmed by the reference of his tail in contrast to the requirement to explain Nicasia’s tail and Gnarbone’s tail, and everybody’s tail, sans Cardan conserve for like two-three times. It isn’t that stabilized yet to be forgotten.

I was likewise ready to grumble about the abundance of balls and events (4 in overall, iirc), however I’ll chalk it approximately the faes liking to celebration and shit instead of it being dull outlining. This is the one Leave Prison Free card.

There’s likewise a reference of an anime throughout the course of this story with a fella who’s an ice skater which is simply a beautiful sight.


Speaking With the political and civil discontent in the Kingdom of Elfhame, the stakes are a lot greater now that Cardan is the sitting King. This is where this story skyrockets. It’s intriguing to witness Jude battle to keep hold of this power that isn’t truly hers; to need to meddle a little bit of whatever and to require to speak with as numerous people as possible. The discussions produce a well-paced page-turner chock loaded with quips from Cardan and her chin-up shipment of tactics to ease the courts picture of a human acting upon the ‘King’s behalf’.


Let’s discuss connection and the story being without utilizing its subplots as they concern associate with the huge photo product s. So mithridatism we understand it as the procedure where Jude believes everybody’s going to murder her so she distills toxin into herself to construct tolerance ( paraphrased) It was an important plot point in Cruel Prince. In Wicked King, Jude [allegedly] continues taking dosages of these toxins[every day] This is routinely informed to us. Fine. However then Jude even states her body as “adapted” to it, yearns for stated toxins, and her body would be sicker without it. So what takes place? Jude gets recorded for a prolonged duration and would not technically have vials of liquid death. So …

2 things enter your mind: 1) she would be off inoculating herself with toxins, and 2) her body yearns for toxins and if she’s off her dependency, I would envision she might regression. While she does feel off-kilter in some bits, she didn’t appear to experience, in a real sense, a sensation of an absence of capability or agitation regarding the elimination of drug. Even more, with limited-to-no access to these toxins, ought to her tolerance to toxins not grow weaker?And then as soon as we bring Toxin Plotpoint # 2 into this follow up, I need to question the effectiveness in how she had the ability to fend it off with such ease.

Another element to the storytelling I have issues about is how Jude, for as clever as she remains in remaining on top of things, does not appear to act upon her one biggest ability. And I think I’m simply uncertain why not? Throughout Wicked King, Jude advises herself more than a half-dozen times that “ somebody you trust has actually currently betrayed you“. It is well developed that fae can not lie however human beings can (e.g. Jude). Jude understands this. Faes understand this. So the ball is constantly in her court to require a character-driven story; to have firm and check out the harsh objectives of others to safeguard her own position in court. And as much as external hazards exist and Jude continues to reduce those hazards, the composing makes it feel as though she’s being controlled.

Do not get me incorrect. The dispute is still really palpable however it might be a lot more powerful and the stakes, while greater, might be much more so to raise the story to more risky heights if she took those actions than being reactive to all the shit that she winds up needing to go through.


Speaking with the characters and relationships, the Wicked King spins more webs linking the relationships and checks out Jude’s underground mercenaries in Ghost, Roach, and Bomb, in addition to how her network of spies affects her surface area level choices with the court and Cardan.

I valued that due to the developing dispute with the Undersea, the story advances the advancement of Nicasia and Queen Orlagh, both of whom had shallow advancement in the very first book (e.g. suggest lady + mean ladies mommy with a fin), so that’s swell.

However let’s discuss Cardan. Simply joking, there’s absolutely nothing to truly discuss because he’s the exact same Cardan you understand and enjoy from the very first book up until the fires of dispute force his hand to act– to be the fucking Avatar. (I sigh). Jude, on the other hand, continues to transport ass in keeping everybody essential to her alive and keeping the power within her grasp. Her lying, computing, and battle expertise is all there– truly, she seems like a more “matured” variation of her Cruel Prince self (even if just months separate the 2).

In regards to the love, Wicked King showcases what I believe the Cruel Prince fizzled on. Her advancement with Cardan should have actually played out as a sluggish burn throughout the series, and in this follow up, we get tones of chemistry and stress that feels a lot more natural than their “sad-story-capture-cardan-make-out” outlining.


I understand the majority of this evaluation checks out extremely unfavorable however I really did delight in Wicked King much better than in the very first book. The ranking plainly does not show this since of all of the ragging I have actually done. Anyways, the majority of this book centers around Jude and Cardan, and a lot of I feel are here for them anyways, so this installation will not dissatisfy.

I’m likewise quite an outlier on this series up until now so perhaps do not listen to me at all.


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