Ed Fred and Ida Lena – Detjen’s from New Wells
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Ed Fred and Ida Lena – Detjen’s from New Wells

When I hear the name, Detjen, I immediately believe it is a name from Farrar. That’s because when I was a trainee at Concordia, Seward, a Detjen was a trainee there who was from Farrar. Now that I have actually hung out looking into names in this location, I understand that there was another set of Detjens that have actually traditionally been discovered around New Wells. When I see that a Detjen wed a Roth, when again, I believe the story most likely focused around Farrar, however I confess that I forgot that there were likewise Roth’s around New Wells. Roth’s are discovered all over the location around here.

Edward Friedrich Detjen was born upon January 16, 1898, so today he would be commemorating an unique 125th birthday. I do not believe I have actually ever encountered an individual who had the mix of Edward and Friedrich as very first and middle names. I have no concept if this guy was ever called Ed Fred, however I can not get those comparable names out of my head. They simply kinda roll straight off my tongue. Edward was the child of Heinrich and Clara (Mirly) Detjen. He was kid # 4 out of 5 born into his household. The earliest kid passed away as a young kid a couple of years prior to Edward was born. Edward was baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Wells. A picture of his baptism record from that church’s books is envisioned here.

Edward Detjen baptism record– Immanuel, New Wells, MO

Edward was simply 2 years of ages when he appeared in his very first census in 1900. His daddy was a farmer in the Shawnee Town.

1900 census– Shawnee Town, MO

Next, we discover Edward in the 1910 census at the age of 12. We see all 4 Detjen kids who lived to the adult years in this entry.

1910 census– Shawnee Town, MO

In some later plat maps, we can see Henry Detjen’s farm situated not far from New Wells. Near that farm, you likewise see William Mirly’s land. William was Edward’s uncle from the Mirly side of his household.

Henry Detjen land map– 1930

In 1918, Edward had a World War I draft registration finished. His address on this type was provided as Shawneetown. There is no indicator that Edward was called into service throughout that war.

Edward Detjen– WWI draft registration

I was not able to discover Edward in the 1920 census. Then, not long after that census was taken, Edward got wed, so let’s turn our attention to the female who would become his bride-to-be. Her name was Ida Lena Roth who was born upon July 18, 1898. Ida Lena is another among the first-and-middle name mixes that simply rolls off my tongue. Ida was the child of August and Pauline (Hoffmann) Roth. According to our German Ancestral Tree, Ida was # 7 of 8 kids in this Roth household. Like her future hubby, Ida was baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Wells. We can have a look at her baptism record from that parish’s books. I believed her record may be on the exact same page as that of Edward since they were born in the exact same year, however Ida was the 15th baptism in 1898 at that church while Edwards was the first, so Ida is discovered on the other side of Edward’s page.

Ida Roth baptism record– Immanuel, New Wells, MO

Ida is discovered in the 1900 census at the age of 1. Her daddy was a farmer in the Apple Creek Town.

1900 census– Apple Creek Town, MO

In 1910, we discover Ida at the age of 11. An extra child had actually been contributed to this Roth household throughout the very first years of the 20th century.

1910 census– Apple Creek Town, MO

I likewise believed that Edward and Ida may have remained in the exact same verification class, however that was not the case. First off, Edward was validated in 1911 and Ida in 1912. Likewise, however the time of Ida’s verification, the Roth household had actually entered of Trinity Lutheran Church in Shawneetown, simply down the roadway from New Wells.

In 1914, a wedding event happened in Altenburg. That marital relationship was comprised of a partner, Ernst Stueve, and a spouse, Ida Weber, both of which survived on The Ridge in Perry County. Ida Roth remained in the wedding event celebration, and a picture was taken. Ida is 3rd from the left in the back row, right behind the groom, in this photo. I did not put in the time to determine why Ida would be a witness at this wedding event of another Ida, although I’m fairly sure that our museum’s pal, Diane Anderson, might describe it to me since she comes down from this couple.

Stueve/Weber wedding event celebration– 1914

The 1920 census reveals Ida in her 20’s and still coping with her moms and dads.

1920 census– Apple Creek Town, MO

Edward Detjen wed Ida Roth on April 3, 1921 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Shawneetown. Their wedding event was the only one to occur in 1921 at that parish. We can have a look at the church record for this occasion.

Detjen/Roth marital relationship record– Trinity, Shawneetown, MO

The marital relationship license for this wedding event can likewise be seen.

Detjen/Roth marital relationship license

The German Ancestral tree notes 3 kids born to Edward and Ida, one kid sandwiched in between 2 ladies. All 3 were born in the 1920’s, and all 3 were baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Wells. The 1930 census reveals all 3 kids in the Detjen family. Edward was a farmer in the Apple Creek Town.

1930 census– Apple Creek Town, MO

Next, we discover the Detjen’s in the 1940 census, however this time, they were residing in the Shawnee Town.

1940 census– Shawnee Town, MO

In 1942, Edward had a The second world war draft card submitted. It offers New Wells as his address.

Edward Detjen– WWII draft card

The last census we can see consisting of Edward and Ida was the one taken in 1950. Their child, Amanda, had actually wed Willard Steffens in 1947, which couple was coping with Edward and Ida in the Apple Creek Town.

1950 census– Apple Creek Town, MO

Later on in their lives, this couple transferred to Jackson, Missouri and entered of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church because city. Both Edward and Ida passed away in the 1980’s. Edward passed away in 1980 at the age of 82; Ida passed away in 1987 at the age of 88. I just situated an obituary for Ida.

Ida Detjen obituary

Ed Fred and Ida Lena are buried together in the Russell Heights Cemetery in Jackson.

Edward and Ida Detjen gravestone– Russell Heights, Jackson, MO

It’s a quite normal story for this blog site. The couple in this couple invested their entire lives in northern Cape Girardeau County. They were members of regional Lutheran churches and raised their household within the Lutheran environment. Their 2 children wed a Stueve and a Steffens, likewise from regional Lutheran churches. Frequently, regional farming couples would transfer to among the close-by cities upon retirement because they might no longer physically stay up to date with the rigors of farm life, however even there, they preserved their Lutheran identity This most likely will not be the last post on this blog site that follows this plot.

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