Barbara Lowell’s BEHIND THE BOOKCASE – Author Interview
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Barbara Lowell’s BEHIND THE BOOKCASE – Author Interview

Kid’s author Barbara Lowell goes back to the blog site to speak with us about her newest book, BEHIND THE BOOKCASE: Miep Gies, Anne Frank and the Concealing Location.

About Barbara

Barbara Lowell is the author of nonfiction and historic fiction image books, nonfiction early readers, and nonfiction academic market books. Her books consist of GEORGE FARRIS WHAT A WHEEL, DARING AMELIA, ALEXANDER HAMILTON AMERICAN HERO, MY MASTODON, and more books for kids.

Among her newest books, SPARKY & & SPIKE: CHARLES SCHULZ AND THE WILDEST, SMARTEST PET DOG EVER, is a Junior Guild Library Choice.

Prior to the interview, let’s discover more about Barbara’s brand-new book:

BEHIND THE BOOKCASE: Miep Gies, Anne Frank, and the Concealing Location by Barbara Lowell, highlighted by Valentina Toro

Release Date: September 01, 2020

Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing

Categories: Image Book, Nonfiction Bio


Plot Summary:

Anne Frank’s journal is a present to the world since of Miep Gies. Among the protectors of the Frank household, Miep recuperated the journal after the household was found by Nazis, and after that returned it to Otto Frank after The Second World War. Displaced from her own house as a kid throughout World War I, Miep had excellent compassion for Anne, and she discovered methods– like speaking about Hollywood chatter and style patterns– to engage her. The story of their relationship– and the upcoming threat to the household in hiding– unfolds in this distinct viewpoint of Anne Frank’s well-known story.

The Interview

Valerie Lawson: I’m so pleased you have actually gone back to the blog site for another interview! The last time you were here, your really first image book was coming out. Now you have actually simply commemorated the publication of your THIRTEENTH book!

CONGRATULATIONS! How have you altered as an author from that very first book, GEORGE FERRIS WHAT A WHEEL, to now? What have you discovered the publishing market that shocked you?

Barbara Lowell: Thank you, Valerie! And thank you for welcoming me on your blog site!

What shocked me about composing and releasing is that composing a brand-new book never ever gets much easier. You believe it would, however it does not. I actually didn’t have any expectations about dealing with an editor, however what I have actually discovered is that they are a pleasure to deal with. I have actually discovered a lot from every editor’s modification abilities and understanding of business.

I’m a more positive author now then I was at the start, however I constantly keep in mind that I have lots more to discover. It’s a pleasure to gain from numerous, numerous wonderful authors that have actually selected to compose for kids.

VL: Your latest image book, which came out on September first, BEHIND THE BOOKCASE: Miep Gies, Anne Frank and the Concealing Location, has actually been explained in an evaluation by Booklist as: “A traditionally precise however mild intro to the Holocaust for elementary-age readers.”

What else can you inform us about it?

BL: It’s the story of the girl, Miep Gies, who as an Austrian kid after World War I was sent out by her moms and dads to reside in the Netherlands. She was malnourished as an outcome of the war and may have passed away. Households in the Netherlands provided to take care of Austria’s kids.

Miep liked the Dutch lifestyle and selected to stick with her Dutch household. In 1933, she ended up being Otto Frank’s worker after he moved from Germany to Amsterdam to get away Nazi persecution. He is obviously, Anne Frank’s dad. Miep in addition to 4 other individuals, assisted to conceal the Frank household and their buddies throughout the Holocaust in the annex above their workplaces. She had a close relationship with Anne Frank and after Anne’s arrest, Miep discovered and conserved Anne’s journal. I believe it is essential that kids understand Miep’s story which she in addition to other brave individuals wanted to conceal and take care of an approximated 25,000 Jews in Amsterdam.

VL: You compose nonfiction and historic fiction image books, nonfiction early readers, and nonfiction academic market books for hesitant readers. What are the distinct obstacles for each category that you need to ensure you deal with as you develop each story?

BL: At present, I’m focusing on nonfiction and historic fiction image books. Whatever I have actually composed has actually needed research study. Thankfully, I enjoy investigating. I believe the obstacles are the exact same for each category and for every single author.

Composing is hard. Discovering the best focus and structure is the primary step and frequently the most challenging. Then comes composing the initial draft. I am so pleased when I total one since the next action, modifying, is my preferred. I enjoy the modification procedure specifically after I get feedback.

VL: I enjoy the method you discover the most incredible quotes and distinct littles historic information for your stories. Speak about your extensive research study procedure and how you discover all of these excellent gems– if you do not mind sharing your tricks!

BL: My concepts mainly originated from checking out adult nonfiction however some have actually originated from going to websites. When I checked out the Anne Frank Home in Amsterdam, I understood I required to get more information about Miep Gies. After reading her autobiography, I chose to compose BEHIND THE BOOKCASE.

The concept for GEORGE FERRIS WHAT A WHEEL originated from Erik Larson’s book Devil in the White City I discovered that 2,160 individuals might ride George Ferris’s Ferris Wheel, a structural engineering marvel, at the exact same time. I search for concepts that intrigue me and ones I believe kids will discover fascinating too.

When investigating a concept, I look for as numerous main and secondary sources as possible. When investigating DARING AMELIA, I discovered a book by Amelia Earhart’s sibling which offered me the line “It’s similar to flying,” in recommendation to Amelia leaping up after crashing her homemade roller rollercoaster. I search for as numerous sources as possible and dig till I make certain my research study is right.

With SPARKY & & SPIKE, I checked out whatever that Charles Schulz discussed his life, and every interview with him that I might discover although the book has to do with his youth and his canine Spike, the motivation for Snoopy. My sibling offered me a concept just recently. I purchased an autobiography by the subject and discovered numerous other concepts in the very first chapter. I think it has to do with taking note. I enjoy to discover so great deals of things interest me.

VL: For you, what makes a fantastic topic for a nonfiction or historic fiction image book. What or who influences you?

BL: It’s generally somebody who has actually stood firm in spite of chances and hasn’t quit their dream. What I enjoy most is discussing kids who have actually done something uncommon, something that kids will discover appealing.

I’m motivated by excellent individuals doing brave things without regard for their own wellness. That’s why it was necessary for me to discuss Miep Gies in BEHIND THE BOOKCASE. She is a hero to me.

Barbara at book finalizing for SPARKY AND SPIKE.

VL: I definitely loved your book SPARKY & & SPIKE: Charles Schultz and the Wildest, Smartest Pet Ever, about Charles Schultz and his own canine that motivated his character of Snoopy. Not just was the story wonderful, however likewise the comics design illustrations were incredible. Speak about your experience producing and releasing the book.

BL: First, I believe the outright finest illustrator for the book did the art. As if by magic, he had actually a letter composed by Charles Schulz with an illustration of Snoopy. Dan Andreasen had actually composed to Schulz when he was a kid requesting recommendations about drawing. The letter remains in the book.

The very first manuscript I composed had to do with Charles Schulz’s youth through the very first look of Peanuts on October 1, 1950. A freelance editor recommended that I compose just about Charles as a kid and his canine Spike. I took her recommendations and composed a 2nd manuscript. SPARKY & & SPIKE is in fact a mix of both manuscripts. A lot of the earlier spreads were drawn from my initial manuscript.

VL: What drew you to inform the story of Anne Frank from a various viewpoint?

BL: It is essential for authors to discover a brand-new method of informing a familiar story. And I wished to inform Miep’s story too, not simply Anne’s. Miep was an incredibly kind lady who dealt with hardship and risked her life in effort to conserve the lives of others. Anne Frank depend on Miep when she concealed in the annex. She shared her battles with Miep when she could not with her household. Miep brought the fact of what was occurring in the outdoors world to the hiders however she likewise brought pleasure to them. That’s why I informed the story of the red high heels Miep provided to Anne.

VL: I understand you enjoy to take a trip, what are the most uncommon locations you’ve ever gone to? And have any of your travel experiences ever motivated a story concept?

BL: The most uncommon locations were: Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia, a more remote part of the islands. Pitcairn Island of Mutiny on the Bounty popularity, although we didn’t leave the ship, the islanders cruised to us. And circling around Easter Island numerous times since the ship wasn’t able to get in the port securely.

I have one concept from taking a trip. I checked out a fantastic museum in Sweden and chose to compose a story about what I saw there. However I have not found out the very best method to inform the story.

VL: What’s next for you? Can you show us any jobs you are presently dealing with or anything that might be coming out quickly?

BL: I have a brand-new nonfiction image book that will be launched in Fall 2021. I want I might inform you the title and more about it, however it hasn’t been revealed. However– it’s a story about the boy of an extremely well-known American. I dealing with more image books both nonfiction and historic fiction and have one manuscript all set for submission.

We will watch out for your approaching book! Thank you a lot for joining us, today, Barbara. It’s been an enjoyment talking with you!

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