Meet ups for Aniridia Day 2022
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Meet ups for Aniridia Day 2022

5 events of individuals impacted by aniridia were held around the UK to commemorate this, Aniridia Day.

Grownups with aniridia hosted the parties. Fellow clients, moms and dads, kids, occurred to talk about life with our condition. Aniridia Network likewise purchased everybody a soda to invite them.

Child wearing glasss and headphones in the rear seat of car

It was a fantastic chance to fulfill brand-new individuals and share our experiences of aniridia with each other.


In Sheffield Katie was happy to have coffee with Amy and her child Lilly at Meadowhall.

Very first time Lilly has actually satisfied anybody with the exact same eye condition as herself.
It was a fantastic opportunity for Lilly to talk and ask concerns.


In Glasgow, Laura an her moms and dads were signed up with by Sean, Chloe, Linda and Robert at Tinderbox in Princes Square. This was just our 2nd ever occasion in Scotland. Thay had a fun time talking and are eager to duplicate it and remain in touch.

2 women and a man sitting and talking around a cafe table

On The Other Hand in London James set up a journey to Spitalfields City Farm for: Keith, Brook (& & bride-to-be Daniel), moms and dads, Simon & & Jena with kid Finlay and his sis, moms and dad Sarah & & Alex with neborn Otilia and 2 more kids. They delighted in discussing their experiences, visual help and methods of dealing with aniridia as they rubbed donkeys, goats, pigs and other charming animals.

This beautiful day was an ideal chance for us to get a much better understanding of aniridia and make connections for the future when our little woman matures. The farm was the best location to meet the kids. I anticipate the next conference.


Finlay stated he “absolutely wasn’t the only individual with shiners today!” Which I believe reveals the significance of these fulfill ups (even for a kid at the age of 6).
It was such a charming afternoon and a terrific chance for us to meet others from the aniridia neighborhood and gain and share details and experiences, so thank you!


On aniridia day itself we likewise held an online fulfill up. 7 individuals joined this and discused topics such as cornea illness, cataract surgical treatment and work.

It was fantastic to find out about what else is taking place in other places, in addition to to have had the opportunity to talk with everybody and to read more– especially about what to anticipate and what might occur in the future.

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About Aniridia Network

A charity support system for individuals with the hereditary visual disability aniridia and their households in the UK and Ireland. Our vision is that individuals with/associated with aniridia are enthusiastic, positive, supported and well notified concerning aniridia. Established in 2000. Very first signed up as a charity in 2011 and completely in 2018.

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