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2022 Volunteer Awards

We rely entirely on the fantastic individuals who utilize their extra time and abilities to run our charity.

We are so happy for the efforts of all our volunteers and for this reason what they get provided for our recipients.

To aknowledge specific people’ amazing work, we produced a yearly award plan. Each winner gets a certificate and a ₤ 20 shopping coupon

Exceptional Contribution Awards

Lyn Buller, the winner of this acolade in 2015, revealed these brand-new recepients.

Trustee James Buller revealed the winners of this

We thanked previous trustsee Dave McKay for vigilantly arranging conferences (from 2018 to 2021, consisting of the sixth European Aniridia Conference, and more) that were interesting, instructional and community-building. These are our flagship offerings and benefit individuals all around all UK and far beyond too.

Keith Spink

We likewise thanked Keith Spink for handling and establishing the charity’s important Salesforce database of contacts given that 2011. Utilizing his expert knowledge Keith has actually supplied the facilities allowing us to grow and interact with everybody thinking about aniridia.

Volunteer of the Year Awards

Trustee James Buller revealed individuals who have actually stuck out just recently as worthwhile of unique acknowledgment.

Nikki Hall

We thanked Nikki Hall for wrangling speakers and collectively composing the effective grant application for the fifth European Aniridia Conference. Without her medical know-how and administrative assistance we would have did not have the cash and star speakers to place on such a wonderful occasion.

Glen Turner

Lastly we thanked Glen Turner for social networks and video production, particularly connecting to occasions. Glen posts on our Facebook and twitter accounts. He likewise records and modifies talks at conferences and other products, such as for Rare/Aniridia Days. All of it enormously assists to notify and inspire our fans.

Get included

Come and sign up with Dave, Keith, Nikki and Glen and the rest of the fantastic Aniridia Network group so we can do much more together. We aspire to utilize the abilities you currently have and supply the chance to establish more, through training and experience. Take a look at all the methods we are searching for volunteers to assist and contact us.

About Aniridia Network

A charity support system for individuals with the hereditary visual problems aniridia and their households in the UK and Ireland. Our vision is that individuals with/associated with aniridia are enthusiastic, positive, supported and well notified concerning aniridia. Established in 2000. Very first signed up as a charity in 2011 and totally in 2018.

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