We’re Back! Coverage of New Hip Hop Albums from Mark Battles & Jon Connor
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We’re Back! Coverage of New Hip Hop Albums from Mark Battles & Jon Connor

It ‘s been a couple of months because we have actually published on the website, and ever since some things took place. 3 months earlier, I chose to take an action back from the Lyrically Rap blog site and social networks accounts. I was going through some things at the time. I was seeming like an imposter, like somebody who didn’t belong in the rap culture. We were so concentrated on social networks development, and getting more clicks and grow the brand name, that I lost focus of what we were truly doing here at Lyrically Rap. I was digging for brand-new chatter stories, sharing things that was significant. I was attempting to copy what other websites were doing, and in doing so, the social grind took control of and it simply wasn’t enjoyable any longer. Social network was impacting my psychological health.

That all altered the other day after checking out a fantastic remark from among our men, lyrical rap artist Nite Owl. He advised me that we did assist a great deal of the underground artists in our area. It advised me that we are valued which our preliminary objective to assist Lyrically Rap be heard once again. Today, I chose to come back. I missed out on composing and missed out on producing the graphics to support my posts. I missed out on talking with a few of our favorites hip hop artists, remaining taken part in their lives. My focus now is simply to have a good time.

I’m back, and I hope this run is more favorable to my psychological health then the last go round. I’m not going to be as worried about our fan count or our readers clicks to the site. We have an excellent group of fans and artists that have actually supported us as much as this point, and I more than happy with that. If we grow, that’s terrific. If we do not, whatever, I simply wish to continue to have a good time with this and reveal love to the artists we like in the Lyrical rap category. No more drama, click baiting post!

If you still with us and reading this post, I simply wish to state thank you for existing. Your assistance and remarks imply a lot to us and keep us going. We might not be publishing frequently as much, however we prepare to remain involved and continue this Lyrically Rap blog site if we can. Your ideas imply a lot to us, and if you have any concepts or things you want to see, simply let us understand.

In this short article, I wished to cover 2 albums that have actually launched because I have actually been gone. Mark Battles’ “Metaphorically Speaking” and Jon Connor’s “Delirium”.

Mark Fights newest album “Metaphorically Speaking”

Stream Mark Battles | Listen to Metaphorically Speaking playlist online for  free on SoundCloud

It’s a little late for us to cover the release of Mark Battles’ album “Metaphorically Speaking”, however much better late than never ever. It was the last album I listened to prior to I chose to go back. I had actually prepared to compose a story at the time of releases, however like mentioned above, some shit decreased. Mark Battles is the king of hip hop in our house state of Indiana, and we wish to promote him as much as possible. Indiana is a difficult state for the video game, the marketplace simply isn’t there, however Battles has actually advanced and went far for himself in nationwide spotlight.

Ideally, you have actually currently had the possibility to listen through the album. If you have not, you require to get on it. “Metaphorically Speaking” naturally has a great deal of Mark Battles signature circulation, however the messaging within the tunes truly protrudes for me. We have actually been talking back and forth with Fights for about a year now, and he’s constantly been cool to us, however we felt we never ever truly was familiar with the genuine Fights. Through messages, Mark appears like an extremely safeguarded individual, so it was difficult to translucent the fractures. This newest album enables us to break through and truly learn more about the individual behind the music.

Fights’ sets out his life, a bare all type of album. He discusses his difficulties, his household, and objectives for future. The track “Lost” is among my favorites on the whole album. If you truly would like to know what Fights is going through, listen to this tune.

The production worth of the album truly protrudes to me too. Every tune has actually a dope linked to it, and they slap hard. There’s a lot manufacturers on the album according to Spotify’s credits. A few of the names are: J. Cuse, Counted by Chris, Beretta, Joey French & & there’s even a track produced by Warren G!

” Metaphorically Speaking” has plenty of bangers so prepare yourself to be blown away!

Jon Connor’s “Finest on the planet: Delirium” Album

Best In The World: Delirium Mixtape by Jon Connor

Jon Connor likewise launched an album while I have actually been away, “Delirium” over SoundCloud. I do not believe this album is a main release from Connor, as he’s mentioned that’s its simply a taste prior to SOS 2 comes out. That’s most likely why he just launched on SoundCloud.

Jon has actually been a substantial motivation to us since we began this blog site. The guy simply depicts positivity and inspiration on his social feeds daily. A lot so that I have actually frequently wished to connect to him and ask how he remains so levelheaded and favorable in a world that is sustained by negativeness.

In his music, he offers other artists a real check out the hip hop music market and attempts to assist other artists make the best relocations. He’s attempting to raise others up, a concept that was absolutely alien back when he was attempting to go into the hip hop scene. At that time, it was everybody on their own. Where today, everybody is interacting, and we’re seeing all those remarkable collabs coming. It’s been terrific for us fans.

If you follow Jon Connor on Instagram, you understand he likes Expert Fumbling. He even appears to have some close relationship with expert wrestlers from Flint. I would not be shocked if we ultimately saw Connor in the WWE tossing down Powerbombs, however thankfully for us fans he’s still launching music. Anyways, his love for battling truly crosses over in this newest album, particularly with the repeating of “I am the very best on the planet at what I do” on every track. Its extremely clear simply be listening to him rap, that he is among the best.

Even if “Delirium” isn’t the main album coming out, its still terrific. Its loaded with remixes, dope beats, and Connor’s words of knowledge. There truly isn’t a lot of artists out there that can hold a flame to Jon Connor’s circulation and wordsmithing. Man is the genuine offer. However on a last idea, what do you believe he battling name should be?


It feels excellent to be composing once again and ideally I can continue promoting the artists we like here at Lyrically Rap. Mark Battles and Jon Connor’s are 2 of the biggest artists we follow, and I truly wished to return and have something on the website for them. I hope you delight in the albums and the short article. Eagerly anticipate more quickly! Let’s continue having a good time with it.

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