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Renaming Kentor.AuthServices Nuget packages to Sustainsys.Saml2

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In 2015 I left Kentor for brand-new experiences as an independent expert. I got the Kentor.AuthServices job with me, however obviously require to relabel it as it is not related to Kentor anymore. So how does one relabel a library and nuget packges with 100k+ downloads and users all over the world? Merely launching brand-new variations under the brand-new Sustainsys.Saml2 name will leave a great deal of users stagnant on the last variation with the old name. So what I did was to launch dummy bundles that starts the migration procedure.

The last release with performance in the Kentor.AuthServices name was 0.22.0. I then did a substantial relabeling operation and released brand-new bundles called Sustainsys.Saml2 with variation 0.23. Lastly I released dummy Kentor.AuthServices 0.23 bundles that generates the Sustainsys.Saml2 0.23 bundles and reveals a readme with migration directions.

I believe that this is the least invasive I can do, while still having individuals find that the library has actually been relabelled. Upgrading nuget referrals ought to become part of the advancement cycle, so I hope that individuals will discover this.

The migration directions are consisted of in a readme that will be instantly shown on setup.

Update: The readme is shown instantly in many cases, however not all of them. If doing a bulk upgrade in visual studio by examining several nuget bundles and choosing to upgrade them, the readme system isn’t utilized. It’s very little I can do about it and I hope that anybody coming across problems since of that will rely on google, discover this post and find out what requires to be done.

Job Relabelled to Sustainsys.Saml2

The Kentor.AuthServices job has actually been relabelled to Sustainsys.Saml2.
Anders Abel, the maintainer of the library has actually left Kentor and the library
has actually been moved to his brand-new business Sustainsys. It is still the
very same library, with the very same maintainer, simply with a brand-new name.

The upgraded brand-new bundles have actually been generated instantly for you, however some
modifications require to be done. If you rather wish to go back to the last
Kentor.AuthServices bundle and do not do the rename now, please see even more down.

Updates Needed in your Job

  • The namespace of whatever is now “Sustainsys.Saml2”, so usings requirement to be upgraded.
  • The setup component in web.config is now called sustainsys.saml2.
    • Update the config area statement to << area name=" sustainsys.saml2" type=" Sustainsys.Saml2.Configuration.SustainsysSaml2Section, Sustainsys.Saml2"/>>
    • Relabel the << kentor.authservices>> tag to << sustainsys.saml2>>
  • The default ModulePath is now "Saml2". This will break current setup
    of Identity Suppliers. If you depend on the default worth and have actually configured it
    with identity service providers, set it to "AuthServices":.
    • If utilizing web.config, set modulePath=" AuthServices" in the << sustainsys.saml2>> opening tag.
    • If utilizing the Mvc bundle, likewise established a customized path for the Saml2Controller in your path setup: routes.MapRoute(" AuthServices", "/ AuthServices/ {action} ", brand-new {Controller="Saml2"} );
    • If utilizing code based setup, set spOptions.ModulePath="/ AuthServices"
  • In the owin bundle, the setup API has actually got streamlined names. All those long KentorAuthServicesSomething are now just called Saml2Something:.
    • Saml2AuthenticationOptions (formerly KentorAuthServicesAuthenticationOptions)
    • App.UseSaml2Authentication() (formerly app.UseKentorAuthServicesAuthentication())
    • Saml2AuthenticationMiddleware (formerly KentorAuthServicesAuthenticationMiddleware)
  • Get Rid Of all Kentor.AuthServices. * bundles from your service.

Going Back to Kentor.AuthServices

If you rather wish to go back to the most recent Kentor.AuthServices release and not upgrade to the brand-new library today, follow these directions. Keep in mind nevertheless that there will be no updates/patches/security repairs to the Kentor.AuthServices bundle so you ought to truly move forward with altering to the brand-new bundles.

To go back:

  • Preferred method: Usage source control to reverse modifications.
  • Manual method: Reduce to Kentor.AuthServices 0.22.0 and get rid of referrals to all Sustainsys. * bundles.

To produce the nuget bundles, I composed brand-new nuspec files, that I loaded with nuget pack This is the primary Kentor.AuthServices bundle. It includes a manual referral to the brand-new Sustainsys.Saml2 bundle and a referral to the readme.txt that is instantly revealed by Visual Studio.